Announcing APDL - Version 7.1

Announcing version 7.1 -- a significant update to APDL - The FAR 117 Airline Pilot Logbook for Apple iOS devices running iOS 8.1 and later. In the past two and a half months the APDL team enhanced APDL with over 230 enhancements with just some of them highlighted below. Customer feedback has been outstanding and we appreciate your communications offering amazing new ideas and suggestions for improvement. Continue to keep the feedback coming and please use the community forums for your questions and suggestions so others may participate and learn from your questions. Some of the highlights of this release are as follows:

Revised Legality


As pictured above the legality view is overhauled with an initial presentation of graphical information for your specific trip and date. View where you are within available limits using intuitive color coding as well as important numbers such as your cumulative limits and remaining limits. Tap the top row to drill down into legality detail with all of the information relevant to the trip. Tap the cumulative limits rows to change the related chart detail.

Legality Detail

New Dynamic and Shareable PDF Legality Reports

Trip Sheet Report

You'll find a new "paper" icon in the Trip Sheet as shown below and when tapped APDL will dynamically generate a PDF presentation of your legality for the trip which can be exported and shared, i.e. saved or emailed as desired.

Trip Sheet

Trip Sheet Report

Legality Report

When drilled down into the Legality Detail for a trip a "paper" icon will appear in the upper right. Tap the button to generate extensive detail about the legality of this trip which can be saved or shared such as emailed to any respective party needing detail about a legality situation which will provide great detail into the legality equation. View embedded charts of cumulative limits and other handy information.

Legality Report

Enhanced Status Board - New Widgets

Enhanced Status Board

The status board can be your hub of outstanding information interactive where tapping various rows will take you to related information such as updating a leg, viewing legality, etc. Tap the Edit button on the upper right to add/remove widgets for each of the three available duty phases. The previous "earliest report time" widget is revised to "Available for Duty" to show when you can pickup a duty period. New FAA Alerts widgets show FAA delay and stop info and will color code to yellow for delays and red for ground stops. Tap at any time to view airport status information such as downstream delays as well.

Revised Color Coding with new Projected Mode

You may see "orange" in the app now which will represent when APDL is in "projected mode" for your legality based on current delays. We all know things rarely go on time so how does a delay ripple throughout your day for legality computations? APDL will automatically detect this situation and give you updated values to help you with your legality equation.

Other Improvements

  • Native ARM64 support - 64 bit devices will now perform to the max with the new 64-bit architecture. iPhones: 5S, 6, 6 Plus and iPads: Air/Air 2 and Retina Mini's
  • New AutoFill Now in the Leg editor when eligible allowing you to on command pull in cloud data for your leg. You can use this as a quick schedule importer as well by entering your flight number, departure and destination and APDL will fill in the rest automatically!
  • AutoNight support during Schedule Import
  • Updated Timezones for airports in localities with recent changes to timezone and daylight savings time (i.e. Mexico)
  • Calendar Sync improvements
  • Much faster data-everywhere Sync
  • Integrated progress bars in legality detail on cumulative limits rows showing you the progress towards max allowed
  • New and revised Notifications and Alerts with each level represented in the menu from severe to caution and informational
  • Hotel dialog revised to allow tapping on phone numbers for shuttle, limo, etc. as available
  • Many many more improvements and bug fixes - download your update ASAP to enjoy

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