Logbook Pro Newsletter - November 2003 Edition


Palm OS 5 is Here!!!


.: New Release - Logbook Pro 1.9.5 Available Now

We've done it again!  Bringing you yet another FREE update to all of our registered customers dedicated to bringing you the finest software since 1998!  Logbook Pro 1.9.5 continues to improve on an already rock solid product, adding new enhancements from our customer feedback and updating the core to work with the new Palm OS 5 and Windows Mobile portable devices.  Don't have 1.9.5 yet?  Click here to go to our download center and download your FREE update today.  Slow connection?  No problem, click here and order your Software CD today containing the latest versions of all of our products at a very low cost.

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.: Palm OS 5 Support

You waited, we delivered, Palm OS 5 is now available for Logbook Pro at no additional cost.  Download Logbook Pro 1.9.5 which contains the new PDA installations supporting Palm OS 5 products such as Tungsten, Zire, etc.  Also in this build is the new Pocket PC installation containing the FREE license version of Booster, the runtime engine for Logbook Pro on the PDA.  Download 1.9.5 today or order the Software CD to get your update.

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.: Full Support for Microsoft Windows Mobile OS

We are proud to announce you made the right choice choosing Logbook Pro!  We are the only product on the market supporting a complete PC/PDA solution supporting the new Windows Mobile (Pocket PC 2003) Operating System.  Continue using your Logbook Pro software on the new devices taking advantage of clearer screens, sharper colors, higher performance processors, and WiFi integration.  Supporting the full spectrum for Palm and Pocket PC, you made the right choice with Logbook Pro!

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.: What's new in Logbook Pro 1.9.5

Did you know we have a Revision History forum that details each and every update to our software so you can see exactly what's new and improved?  View our Revision History forum today and learn the details of what's fixed, what's added, and what's improved with the new release.  Also, take advantage of the notification system by Subscribing to the Revision History forum.  By doing so, anytime a new revision is posted, you will be immediately e-mailed by our forum system informing you of the new post and instant notification of the new release.  A great way to stay informed and keep your software updated.

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.: ActiveSync 3.7.1 Issues

We have received reports of people using the latest ActiveSync (3.7.1) are having synchronization problems.  There appears to be a bug in the Pocket Access portion of ActiveSync for some users.  We at NC Software have been using 3.7.1 since release with no problems, however, if you are having a problem with synchronization of your Pocket PC device, please read this thread for possible solutions.

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.: Easily Import from FlightLevel

We get requests daily on importing from FlightLevel and we are happy to say YES, you CAN import your data from FlightLevel.  We have customers that have imported from version as far back as FlightLevel 2.5 with no problems.  It's easy getting your data to Microsoft Excel which you can then import right into Logbook Pro using the powerful Import Wizard - importing ANY comma (CSV) or tab delimited data file.  Click here to read more on how others imported their data into Logbook Pro.

Take the step today and move your hard earned flight data to the leader in electronic aviation logbooks - 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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.: MGOent. Full-Sized Binder Clearance Sale - Only $45 !!!

Only 12 left in stock, take advantage of MGOent's clearance sale taking $65.00 of their full-sized fine leather binder.  Sale runs until December 31st!!!

MGOEnt. is a company that provides practical items for pilots that are designed for their quality, endurance & craftsmanship. MGOEnt., with the help of professional pilots, has produced several superior Leather Pilots Logbooks. These logbooks have been designed to make the books easy to use and professional appearance for any occasion. Research by MGOEnt. ensures these books have the features pilots are looking for to log all their flights while meeting the requirements of FAA Regulations. The MGOEnt. Leather Logbooks are finely crafted to last a lifetime. Logbook Pro has custom report outputs designed specifically for the MGOent. binder series. Perfect for keep sake or for that dream job, at your best with the most professional logbook available.

Naturally Embossed Lettering
Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 11", 1" Rings

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.: Registration Recall Center Open

We know things happen, and for one reason or the other, you just can't find that registration code to install Logbook Pro on your brand new high speed computer.  If your order was placed after August 14th, 2003 when we opened our new e-commerce store, you can simply login to your account (click My Account) and review your orders and view the registration information retained with each order.  However, if your ordered Logbook Pro years ago, proof of purchase was required to regenerate key codes.  We've taken the extra steps to help you and prevent repeat purchases of Logbook Pro by creating our new Registration Recall Center (RCC).  Enter your e-mail address, click submit and all orders under the registered e-mail address will have keys instantly generated and e-mailed to the e-mail address entered.  Please refer to our updated policies for more information.

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.: New Electronic Refer-a-Friend Program

One of the highest requested items over the years has been to move to an electronic referral system as the system of printing out referrals was too cumbersome and for the "I want it now" Internet delivery system, the delay in the ordering process was not acceptable.  We've listened and we are proud to announce our new high-tech refer-a-friend system.

Available only to registered customers, from within Logbook Pro 1.9.5 and later you will now see a Refer-a-Friend button on the toolbar, as well as available from other menus from within the software.  If registered, you will be taken to a page where you can sign-up to receive your promotion code.  It's that easy!  Once your code is e-mailed to you, which is instantaneous on registration, you can then e-mail your friends, put it on our Logbook Pro Brochure, etc. and upon checkout, your friends will see a Promotional Code box on the payment screen where they can enter the code you provided.  At checkout your account will be immediately credited with a referral and at the end of the month, be paid for all referrals for the month.  It's that easy, click, get code, send out, make money!  You asked, we listened, we acted!  We hope you enjoy the new system and it makes it easier for you to spread the word on this great logbook solution.

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.: Use Efficient Data Entry Available in PDA's

For those proficient in Logbook Pro on the PC, you are well aware there are numerous features to help make logging flights quick and painless.  Features such as double-click auto-entry, autofill, saving recently used items in selected logbook fields, auto-duration calculations, and much more.

We've built in the same powerful data entry tools to help make flight logging on your PDA just as easy, if not easier.  Auto-duration calculations based on Takeoff to Landing or Out to In (as configured in Tools...Options), Autofill -- a system where depending on the TYPE selected, when the Duration changes, configured fields will automatically be entered with the duration, custom fields entered as specified.  There is yet another powerful feature we call "single-click" or "single-tap" more appropriately, data entry.  Enter the Duration value by either typing in the value or using the up/down arrows, then any other field that you tap into will automatically have the Duration value entered.  Tap in the Approach fields and a 1 will be automatically entered for that approach.  No need to page through numerous screens to find one field that requires an entry, use the Go To... page navigator and only go to the necessary pages, enter your flight data and click the save icon!  It's just that easy!  Now don't be logging your flights while taxiing! :)

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.: How to give Logbook Pro as a Gift

Want to give one of the products from our online store as a gift?  It's easy!  When selecting a product, Logbook Pro for example, you will see the option to enter a Registration Name.  If left blank, the software will be registered and key code provided for use by the billing name.  However, if you enter another name in the Registration field, you will be issued a key code registered in this specific name.  For example, if John Doe wants to buy his wife Jane Doe a Logbook Pro Professional Edition, he would go to the store and view the Professional Edition product here.  Enter "Jane Doe" in the Registration Name box then click Add to Cart.  That's it, that software product will be custom registered for the gift recipient.  Want to buy multiple Logbook Pro copies, all registered in different names?  Follow the same steps, each time you Add to Cart that specific registration information will be associated with the product added.  Give the perfect gift for your aviation friends, help them take the pain out of flight logging.

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.: Purchase Gift Certificates Online

We now sell Gift Certificates on our Online Store.  Purchase Gift Certificates for your spouse, friends, flight instructor, whomever and allow them to pick what they want for the holiday season.  Choose from our logbook products, binder products, media catalogers, and more.  Take the worry out of shopping this holiday season, buy now.

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.: Tell us what YOU think about Logbook Pro

We love to hear what you think of Logbook Pro, our leading logbook solution since 1998.  Share your thoughts about Logbook Pro and how it's helped you in your aviation experience.  Did you use Logbook Pro to help prepare insurance forms, interviews, or simply the dreaded FAA 8710?  Tell us how you use Logbook Pro and we'll share your comments on our testimonials page.  Click here to add your testimonial now.  To view other testimonials, click here.

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.: Help Spread the Word - Share our Brochures

Show the Logbook Pro Spirit and help spread the word.  We've put together a nice two-sided brochure for you to pin up at your local FBO's, Flying Lounges, and link to your aviation web sites.  Click here to download the brochure, use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

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