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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter September 2006 Edition

In this Newsletter:

Why version 1 after so many years?

What's in a version number?  There are differing theories among software developers as to how to version their product.  Should we skip version 1 and get to version 2 ASAP for fear people won't buy a version 1 product?  Should it be "Logbook Pro 2007", go sequential, jump versions based on the number of years, just how do you version a product?  These are often questions among software developers, how do you pick what you want to call your product?  This certainly is a tough question with Logbook Pro version "next" now in development, but I will at least explain why 9 years and running we are still on version 1!

The first and foremost reason, to keep it FREE!  Our policies state that all "minor" updates are free, such as 1.1 to 1.2, etc.  But when we have a "major" version change, which is when the first number changes, we will charge an upgrade fee.  How much?  We don't know, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Typically the upgrade fee for software is a 35% discount of the new product price. 

Over the years in Logbook Pro's history we have had several major changes, tons of new features, 2-3 major user-interface overhauls, and certainly plenty of justification to increment the major version from 1 to 2 to 3, etc.  Some companies do this every 12-18 months for the sole reason of rotating revenues, keeping customers paying without much change to the software.  Our goal was (and still is) first and foremost, establish a solid, stable, reliable, and feature rich logbook solution.  When we achieve that goal, we'll consider moving to a new version number when the time is right and a new software update warrants this change.  In fact, now selling Logbook Pro over 9 years and sold by Sporty's Pilot Shop as their exclusive software logbook, we continue to grow at record paces.  You would think at this point we would have reached some sort of limit to our customer base, but we continue to grow more and more every month!  Was it a marketing mistake not to increment to a new version?  Maybe!  However, maybe the fact we don't think of our customers as dollar signs is the underlying reason for our success, along with (of course) our top notch customer service in answering our customers as fast as we possible can, typically inside of just a few minutes.

Logbook Pro and APDL are now at their most stable, feature complete state ever!  Support is at an all time low with sales increasing steadily.  What does this mean?  We have reached a point where our software is what we deem "rock solid" and we have begun development of Logbook Pro version "next" which we hope to have out next spring or summer.  Many of you know our company policy is NOT to release dates, time frames, etc. as for some reason, it is a curse!  We say a date, we WILL miss it!  I certainly hope letting the cat out of the bag for our next version of Logbook Pro is now due mid-2007, but we'll see how well we meet our projection.

In summary, the "text" on the version information may show version 1, but for those of you that have been with us all these years, this product has changed drastically.  You can see our original interface in the Logbook Pro Video Training series.  The core fundamentals are the same so we see no reason to re-tape all of those handy tutorials, but it shows where Logbook Pro was, and where it is today.

Thanks to all of you who stuck with us all these years.  And also thanks to those returned that may have taken a little detour then made a u-turn down that path and came back with all of the improvements over the years.  Many of you were instrumental in making Logbook Pro change into what it is today.  Logbook Pro is what it is today solely from outstanding customer feedback.  You speak, we listen, we develop and return to you your ideas as requested, integrated into yet another free update of Logbook Pro and APDL!

New Services - Happy Customers

Last month we announced our new service offerings:  Data Entry Service and Turn-key printing service.  I have to admit, we were not prepared for such interest so soon.  Typically it takes time for people to see how it goes, does it work, what do others have to say.  Our Data Entry staff have been working around the clock getting logbooks converted to Logbook Pro and helping those of you preparing for interviews get your professional binder solutions ready to be set apart from the rest. 

If you're one of those that has been thinking about Logbook Pro but just can't bring yourself to re-entering all of your handwritten logbooks, you're in luck! We'll do it for you.  Just send us your Logbooks, we'll return them to you just a few weeks later with a complete Logbook Pro data file ready for you to use from this point forward.  You can now print, backup, keep a copy in a safe deposit box, and never fear losing your only record of your aviation experience again.  If you're interested in either of our service offerings, shoot us an e-mail via our help desk and we'll get you all the details.  We schedule each data entry service project due to the staff workloads, so if this is something that interest you, inquire immediately so we can get you on the calendar.  Click here to inquire.

APDL Schedule Importer 6.1.5 Released

Thank you for the great inputs on new schedule formats, request to support your airline or new trip formats, and feedback on things not working quite right on imports.  Every 45 days we release an update to the schedule importer software, both our free Windows edition as well as our Web based importer on the APDL portal.  Be sure to update your schedule importer software today and easily import your airline schedule/bids into APDL then sync APDL to Logbook Pro once the flight is flown. 

Here is a list of our currently supported airlines and trip formats:

  1. Generic Crewtrac Bidlines (PDF & FLICA)
  2. Generic CrewTrac Modified Pairings
  3. Generic CrewTrac Modified Pairings (Overnight by Leg)
  4. Generic CrewTrac Sabre System
  5. AeroMexico (screen capture)
  6. AirCanada Mainline (PDF)
  7. AirCanada Crewsware
  8. AirCanada Crewline KRUZ (PDF)
  9. AirCanada Jazz (PDF)
  10. Air Midwest (Modified Pairings)
  11. Air Wisconsin (ALPA)
  12. Air Wisconsin (FLICA)
  13. AirTran (FLICA)
  14. AirTran (Modified Pairing)
  15. Alaska (Modified Pairing)
  16. Alaska (PDF)
  17. Allegany (PDF)
  18. Allegiant Air
  19. Aloha
  20. America West
  21. American (APA Website - CSV Format) Palm Only
  22. American/American Eagle (DECS)
  23. American Eagle (PDF)
  24. ASA (FLICA)
  25. ATA (Bidlines)
  26. ATA (Company Website)
  27. Atlas Air
  28. Big Sky Airlines (Bidline)
  29. British Airways (Diary Format) Palm Only
  30. Caribbean Sun (Modified Pairing)
  31. Chautauqua (Bidlines)
  32. Chautauqua (Modified Pairing)
  33. Champion Air
  34. Colgan Air (Bidlines)
  35. Colgan Air (Modified Pairing)
  36. Comair (PDF)
  37. Comair (compuserve - epic *old format)
  38. Continental
  39. Continental Web CCS Format
  40. Continental Express (Bid Package)
  41. Continental Express Web CCS Format
  42. Delta (Bidpackage)
  43. DHL/AStar (Web Site)
  44. Emirates
  45. FedEx (Trip Recap New Format)
  46. FedEx (vips Trip Recap)
  47. FedEx (vips Flt-Ops format)
  48. Frontier (FLICA)
  49. Gemini (Modified Pairing)
  50. Hawaiian Airlines
  51. Horizon Air
  52. jetBlue (FLICA)
  53. jetBlue (BidBackage)
  54. JetsGo
  55. Lan Airlines (Monthly Format)
  56. Lufthansa Cityline (Netline Crew) Palm Only
  57. MALÉV Hungarian Airlines Palm Only
  58. MESA (PDF)
  59. MESA (Modified Pairing)
  60. Mesaba (PDF)
  61. Mesaba (Modified Pairing)
  62. Miami Air (bidpackage)
  63. Midwest Airlines (FLICA)
  64. Mid Atlantic (PDF)
  65. MyTravel
  66. North American Airlines (PDF)
  67. Northwest
  68. Piedmont (PDF)
  69. PSA (PDF)
  70. Pinnacle Airlines (PTS)
  71. Pinnacle Airlines (Modified Pairing)
  72. Pinnacle Airlines (Modified Pairing - Continuous Duty)
  73. Pinnacle Airlines (PDF)
  74. Pinnacle Airlines (Company Format)
  75. Qantas Airways LTD
  76. Qatar Airways (Trip Format)
  77. Republic Airlines (Bidline)
  78. RyanAir (Monthly)
  79. Shuttle America (Modified Pairing)
  80. Shuttle America (PDF)
  81. Skyway (PDF)
  82. Skywest
  83. Southwest (Moostro)
  84. Southwest (WBID)
  85. Spirit (Modified Pairing)
  86. Spirit (PDF)
  87. TransStates (PDF)
  88. United (Bid Lines)
  89. UPS (IPA Pairing Format)
  90. UPS (Bid Lines)
  91. UPS (Flightops Pairing)
  92. US Airways
  93. US Airways (WinBid)
  94. USA3000
  95. WestJet
  96. WestJet (PDF)

Click here to download the latest version or visit the APDL Portal to use our free web based importer.

Interviews on the rise - Are you ready?

We are selling Cirrus Elite Binders like crazy!  I think those of you coming up for an interview realize the interviewers are now familiar with top notch logbooks created by Logbook Pro and have come to expect their interviewees to come prepared, well organized, and with a professional logbook presentation.  No, it's not required, but if you are going to any job interview, don't you want to have every feather in your cap that you possibly can? 

There is nothing more important than appearance, first impressions, and having your "stuff" together, i.e. well organized and presentable.  It shows on your face when you are prepared and if you are unprepared, it's like a neon light on the window of your favorite pub!  Imagine how your competitor at the same interview appears when he/she has a nice leather binder and you have sloppy handwritten logs that look like you are still at your private pilot stage of your flying career?  It's like having a brief case versus a backpack. 

We are here to help you make the perfect first impression, in fact, we'll print your Logbook Pro data file for you.  Take advantage of our turn-key printing service by simply e-mailing us your Logbook Pro backup and we'll FedEx you a professional binder complete with your flying career within, and if needed, we can get it to you next day!  Interviews are serious, put everything you can into it, get hired!!!  Interviews are obviously picking up, don't get caught off guard.  I cannot tell you how many times we get the binder orders with the special instructions "need it yesterday, please hurry!"  We can arrange expedited shipping for additional fees, so give us the chance to help you, you don't know if you don't ask!

Airline pilot's or "airline pilot's to be" here is what you need.  As you typically have quite a bit of flying time at this stage in your aviation career, you'll need our largest binder.  Click the image below to learn more.  If you're interested in our data entry services or turn-key printing services, shoot us an e-mail via our help desk and we'll get you the paper work and price quotes.


Convert or Import into Logbook Pro

If you have logbook data in an electronic format such as Microsoft Excel or Access, or any spreadsheet style layout, there is a very good chance you can import it into Logbook Pro using Logbook Pro's included Import Wizard.  The Import Wizard, functional even in Logbook Pro's evaluation mode, allows you to parse/import any comma or tab delimited data file.  There are two requirements:  1) The first row must contain column headings, all additional rows beneath must be data, and 2) You must have the minimum required columns of Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM).  The rest is easy!

If you are considering moving from another logbook software product, chances are 99% that we can import the data for you!  We've seen just about all of them and we can typically extract your flight log data and provide you a file to use with Logbook Pro's import wizard!  We'll even do this for you FREE!  We do require that you are a Logbook Pro customer, however, send us your data and we'll tell you whether or not we can extract the information, if so, send us your order number and typically within 1-2 business days you are off and running with all of your prior data entered!  Contact us today for assistance in moving from your existing software logbook solution to Logbook Pro.

Logbook Pro & APDL Version Reference

Product Version
Logbook Pro PC Edition 1.10.25
Logbook Pro Palm Companion 1.10.0
Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion 1.10.16
APDL-Palm OS 6.0.4
APDL-Pocket PC 6.0.5
APDL Schedule Importer 6.1.5

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