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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter August 2008 Edition
~~~Sale thru September 30th~~~
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Logbook Pro 1.10.36 Released - FREE update
NC Software announces the immediate availability of Logbook Pro 1.10.36 PC edition - a FREE update for all registered customers of any prior Logbook Pro PC edition. Please read the revision history below and installation instructions for those upgrading from a prior version.  ALL Logbook Pro users are strongly encouraged to update at your earliest opportunity.

Revisions in this release:
  • 100% Windows Vista Compliant including full support for User Account Control (UAC)
  • Supports both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) operating systems
  • Added "Binder Transitions" to the Split-Report system for those printing reports that exceed the capacity of a single binder. Binder transitions insert blank pages at user-specified intervals to transition from one binder to the next. The binder transition is only available if your page count exceeds the capacity of the respective binder series for which the report is being run and is triggered from the combined tab toolbar button for inserting a blank start page, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where a rare condition could prevent the blank lines from being generated on the last page of a report run to fill a partial page of flight information
  • Added File...Import Schedule system to one-click import Airline Schedule Importer generated Trip (.trp) files from the Export for Logbook Pro area
  • Added Help...Activate and Help...Deactivate menus to allow better control of licensing and transferring licenses to new computers
  • Data files now default to the newly created folder for Vista and XP security enhancements with working files now going into /Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 (My Documents on XP). Users wishing to re-enable Vista's UAC should move their data files into this folder if data files reside in the Program Files folder
  • Import Wizard Step 2 now defaults the checkbox to checked as most of the time the first row of imported data does contain column headings
  • Fixed an issue with the custom report template system for both binder styles where "Flight Simulator" and "Instr Appch" columns would not print correctly nor could they be updated in the report designer
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 is no longer required for Logbook Pro Pocket PC companion sync operations
  • Logbook Pro properly detects Professional Edition clone files and prevents PDA data push as clones cannot be sync'd with Logbook Pro PDA Companions
  • Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion data refresh takes significantly less time now when closing Logbook Pro
  • Backup to CD-ROM now throws a warning as Logbook Pro does not support backup to optical media
  • File menu has two new options: File..Backup and File..Restore to bring the backup/restore system to a more visible position. Users are not backing up enough and this may be due to the File..Archive..Backup menu being too deep. The File..Archive menu remains
  • Changed "File..Rename Logbook As" to "File...Move Logbook To" to clarify the use of this menu action
  • Better handling of bad registration information during the activation process preventing the Subscript Out of Range Error 9 message
  • Enhanced data structure update to avoid stalled launches from older versions of Logbook Pro
  • Detection of data corruption for troubleshooting
  • Changing the A/C Type no longer changes the entered Ident (N-Number) for those that need to modify types after a PDA import, etc.
  • You can now press " T " to enter the current date in any date column of the History area
  • Fixed a scrolling issue in the Events grid of the Options...History area
  • Graph by Hours charts would render incorrectly if Aircraft Type configurations had the Simulator checkbox checked
  • Progress/Wait indicator improved to better indicate report processing for larger report runs in the split-reports system
  • Installer is completely rewritten using the latest InstallShield technologies for more reliable installations and Windows Vista security enhancements (UAC)
  • Import Wizard now handles custom yes/no column source data more flexibly be parsing Yes/No, True/False, and 0/1 incoming data properly
  • Significant performance improvements throughout
Installation Instructions:
  1. Backup your Logbook Pro data file (File..Archive..Backup)
  2. Uninstall Logbook Pro for Windows from the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area (Programs & Features for Vista users)
  3. Rename C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro to C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro-OLD if it remains after uninstall (which is fine)
  4. Click here to download the 1.10.36 release
  5. Install and resume use of Logbook Pro
Vista Users that wish to re-enable User Account Control (UAC):

In Logbook Pro click Help...About Logbook Pro. At the bottom of the dialog you'll see the location of your data file. If your data file resides in the "C:\Program Files" folder then UAC will not be happy with you! In Logbook Pro 1.10.36 click the File...Move logbook to... option and move your Logbook Pro data file to the newly created /Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 folder. Once this is accomplished you can now turn on UAC from the Windows Control Panel User Accounts area, reboot, then use Logbook Pro normally.

Prior Turn-Key Printing Service Customers:

As Logbook Pro 1.10.36 now adds a new system to transition across multiple binders we are offering a 25% discount to have your turn-key print job completely reprinted! Please contact to inquire about having your turn-key print job reprinted at a significant discount.

This release marks yet another free release in over 10 years of Logbook Pro's service to the aviation community. We hope you enjoy Logbook Pro and it answers your call for modern day flight log keeping.


Neal Culiner
President, NC Software, Inc.
APDL Pocket PC Edition 6.1.4 Released - FREE update
NC Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of APDL Pocket PC edition 6.1.4. This update is a free update for all APDL Pocket PC 6.x customers.

Revision History:
  • Calendar integration: (Requires Windows Mobile 5 or later) Trips are now added to your Pocket PC's calendar (datebook) if optioned to do so in the new Preferences...General area (disabled in Windows Mobile 2003 devices). Trips will have a 2 hour reminder set if the "Use Reminders" option is set, otherwise your Calendar's default reminder alert time will be used.
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5 is now part of the installation but does not have to be reinstalled if already on your Pocket PC
  • Schedule Importer users can now take the multi-trip ZIP files and copy the ZIP file to /My Documents/APDL/ScheduleImporter and APDL will process the ZIP file automatically. You no longer have to extract the ZIP file on your PC and then send the XML files to the PPC. Just copy the ZIP file to your device, go to the Options Menu and Schedule Importer option to process trips
  • Single-trip files from the Airline Schedule Importer are now ZIP files and not XML files. Do NOT extract the ZIP files to your PC, you now copy the ZIP files to your /My Documents/APDL/ScheduleImporter folder
  • Airport/CONUS field limitations fixed
  • Aircraft/Pay field limitations fixed
  • Position Category: you can now rename the first item in the list as this is the default pay category for new log pages and legs
  • Various other enhancements and performance improvements
Installation Instructions:
  • Uninstall Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook Pocket PC edition from your PC *and* your Pocket PC. Note: Your data and preferences are unaffected by uninstalling the software application and will remain on your PPC unless manually deleted
  • Download the APDL 6.1.4 Installer to your PC - install to your PC while your PPC is cradled and connected. (If .NET Compact Framework 3.5 is already installed on your device you do not have to reinstall)
  • Run "AirlineLogbook" on your device and enjoy the new features.
We hope you enjoy the leading FAR 121 airline logbook solution for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. In our dedication to quality and customer service this is another FREE update available to our version 6 customers. For those that need a license you can purchase one instantly online from our secure online store.
Airline Schedule Importer 7.3.1 Update

We're continuing to update our FREE Airline Schedule Importer portal keeping our trip filters updated, adding new trip support, and we just published the latest update to the web site - version 7.3.1.  This update keeps up with the new features in Logbook Pro 1.10.36 and APDL Pocket PC edition 6.1.4 with the new trip data downloads in ZIP format. 


The Airline Schedule Importer now downloads ALL Pocket PC trip data as zip whether single trips (right side of trip row) or using the All Trips Zip feature at the bottom.  No longer do you have to painstakingly extract XML documents out of the ZIP file and then transfer these individual XML files to your device.  Simply import your trip data to the web portal and then download the zip file and copy all of your zip files to /My Documents/APDL/ScheduleImporter.  When APDL Pocket PC edition starts OR when the Import Schedule menu from the Options menu is tapped the ZIP files will be extracted, processed, and removed.  It's now fully automated! 


For those taking schedule data directly to Logbook Pro we've made that process much easier for you as well.  The Export for Logbook Pro option now downloads .trp files which Logbook Pro can read by a few clicks of the mouse.  Click File...Import Schedule in Logbook Pro 1.10.36 and select your .trp file and that's it - done!  Your trip data is imported right into Logbook Pro.

Video: New Feature - Binder Transitions

Play Video
Play Video


Logbook Pro 1.10.36 introduces a new feature "Binder Transitions" to help you print out a flight log report that will fit in multiple binders including blank cover pages and proper layout for complete flight entry viewing.  Watch this video and/or read the documentation to learn more about this powerful new feature providing you the best printing solution of any electronic logbook ever.  As we say "it's one thing to get data in but it's an entirely different thing to get data out."  With Logbook Pro your data is not held hostage by a logbook solution that has inadequate printing capabilities, we arm you with the tools to accurately enter information and professionally print your accomplishments all in one package!

Turn-Key Printing Customers - Discount Offer for Reprint

I'd like to offer a special discount to everyone who purchased our turn-key printing service prior to August 28, 2008.  As Logbook Pro 1.10.36 offers a new system called "Binder Transitions" to span a print job across more than one binder.  I'd like to invite you back for a complete reprint of your Logbook Pro up-to-date data.  This should only apply to customers that require more than one binder to hold your entire logbook printout.  If this applies to you then please e-mail and ask for your 25% discount and we'll completely reprint your turn-key job for you including any new data since the time of your printing.  We'll get your latest data file and print everything for you once again and use the new binder transition system to give you a better presentation of your flying career.

AVCataloger 3.9 Released (Price Slashed 50%)

Buy Now  Download AVCataloger


For those enjoying our Logbook Pro & APDL aviation products you may be interested in one of our other fun products called AVCataloger.  AV is short for "Audio-Visual" as AVCataloger is a handy application for cataloging your music collection, video library, books, and software such as your Logbook Pro & APDL registration codes.   Everything we create comes from something we needed ourselves; AVCataloger was something we developed to keep from buying the same music album twice which "may" have happened a time or two! :)  It is simply an application for keeping track of all that information we just can't keep in our heads like registration codes for software, books we loan to friends and forget to ever get back, etc.  AVCataloger is on sale for only $29.95 and is available for download by clicking here.  Give it a try, you may like it and find it useful in seeing all the great music albums you have, come up with a way of indexing them to actually find them when you want, etc.

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Get the latest versions of your software on CD-ROM for only $9.95!  Click the Buy Now button above an order your new CD-ROM today and keep a hard copy backup of your software purchase.  Interested in getting more out of Logbook Pro?  Get the Video Training CD-ROM and learn from over 3-1/2 hours of demonstrations showing you the core features of Logbook Pro's leading aviation flight log software.

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