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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter January 2009 Edition
Happy New Year - A Look at 2009 Ahead!

Happy 2009 to all!  I hope all of our readers had a wonderful and safe holiday and you were able to spend time with family, take some time off, relax, etc.  We took a little time to catch our breath here which is a good thing as we have a very busy year ahead!  We're hard at work on the next version of Logbook Pro which is sure to be one of the most exciting and complete pilot record keeping solutions ever offered.  We are also planning to offer very unique services and capabilities to cater to our traveling community, corporate and enterprise customers, and expanding our PDA services to a broader range of platforms.  It is sure to be an exciting time ahead!  For those that have been with us watching Logbook Pro version 1 grow over the last 10+ years, and especially those that gave us great feedback for future versions, we are certain you will be happy with what we have coming.


There is no doubt everyone is feeling the impact of the economy!  Not only here in the United States but also worldwide and more and more pilots are finding themselves looking for a job that never imagined having to look for a job again.  Our data entry staff are busy transposing paper logs into Logbook Pro for our airline community going through very challenging times!  We can gauge the interviews on the rise with our binder sales and as of late we have been selling a lot of binders!  We hope our users are finding great success in their interviewing process and Logbook Pro is helping you with your applications, presentation, and getting hired!


I wish all of our users a happy and safe 2009 ahead!  I look forward to chatting with you using our live support system, corresponding with you via the help desk or community forums, and listening to your outstanding feedback to help improve our products to better serve you.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us and give us the opportunity to assist you.  Thank you all for your business and for choosing our flight logbook software - Logbook Pro!




Neal Culiner

President, Owner, and Founder - NC Software, Inc. 

Video Tip:  Creating Currencies with History Events

Play Video
Play Video


This month's video tip reviews how to use "History Events" such as medicals, flight evaluations, etc. when creating currencies.  Click the play button above to watch now.  Enjoy!

Bracing for the Economy - Are you Marketable?

In today's economy and competition in the aviation job market it has never been more important to ensure you have every advantage possible for your interview and stand out from your peers.  Most people interviewing will obviously have the minimum "numbers" to get to the interview but what will set you above the rest when it comes to first impression, showing responsibility and preparation, desire to be hired, accountability, and attention to detail?  We published a newsletter article in February 2007 dedicated to those facing the hiring challenge, click here to review the article and absorb some of the helpful tips we provided for you.  We are here to assist you in any way we can and hope we'll hear back with your success story. 


To further assist you in this process we offer professional turn-key printing services, high quality leather binders, and of course our Logbook Pro software to help you slice and dice your data to fill out those complicated applications that are practically impossible to accurately complete without Logbook Pro and the powerful Analyzer feature.


We wish you the best of luck in the hiring process.  Rest assured that Logbook Pro is proven and well known among those conducting your interview and those hired before you have set the standard with their Logbook Pro printouts, leather binders, and professional presentation.

Data Entry Service - How it Works...

There is no doubt about it, it's painful any way you look at it when it comes to entering years of data into any computer program.  However, the benefits are well worth the effort providing you an electronic record, an indestructible record, a permanent record of your hard earned and very expensive aviation career.  Additionally, you'll have data analysis capabilities like you've never imagined such as when using Logbook Pro's "Analyzer" pivot-table system with advanced filtering capability.  I'd like to take this opportunity to explain our data entry service, our hassle free system of helping you get those paper logbooks into Logbook Pro with the greatest of ease.


About two years ago we started this service to help people who didn't have the desire or time to transfer years of paper logbook information into Logbook Pro.  In addition, with the post 9/11 aviation downsizing it also allowed us to flow through money to pilots in need.  NC Software does not profit from the data entry service, we are simply a conduit between the customer and a group of United States based pilots volunteering their time and efforts to do the work for you.  They are all Logbook Pro customers that we've come to know over the years and who spend a lot of time for a little hard earned money to handle the daunting task as described above.


The process starts by first contacting us and inquiring about the data entry service.  You can see the introduction of the service on the bottom of the Logbook Pro Home Page, but the real information comes after contacting us.  We'll send you the information about our services and include a contract for your review and signature.  You'll then send us your logbooks or photo-copies of your logs, the signed contract, and a deposit check for $200 (which can also be paid by credit card if desired).  Your logbooks remain in the United States, we do not "offshore" this work.  You'll be contacted when your shipment arrives and we'll inform you how long until we can begin the job if we haven't already coordinated that prior to the shipment.  We handle jobs on a first come first serve basis unless the expedited service option is paid upon which expedited jobs bump non-expedited jobs in priority.  We'll keep you posted as the job progresses as each staff reports progress 1-2 times a week into our task tracker and we'll notify you as well.


The concern most have is obviously shipping their logbooks.  99% of the time people ship their actual logbooks, however, we do get a few that photo-copy their logs and send us the copies instead.  We only request that when sending in photo-copies that you attach the left and rights so that the staff can read across a complete row at a time and not have any chance of misaligning left and right sheets causing inaccurate data.  Regarding shipping actual logs, we use FedEx and suggest you do as well, of course UPS is fine also, and indicate signature required so your shipment is signed for upon receipt and not left unattended.  We'll ship it to you in return the same way unless you indicate otherwise on the contract.  It is also suggested, and you should do this regardless, to place your address in the front cover of all of your logbooks in the extremely rare event the box were to come open the logbook could then be returned to the owner.  So please be sure to place owner information either in the logbook itself or on a paper clipped or taped to the logbook during shipping.


So far we have had no problems and the system has been working great.  It is certainly a simple way for those that have not yet gone electronic with their logbooks to do so and also help out pilots in need at the same time.  If you're interested in our data entry services please inquire today and we'll get you started.

Submit your requests for Logbook Pro's next version

We're hard at work on the next version of Logbook Pro but it's never too late to provide us your input.  We've listened to many of your requests as provided on the Logbook Pro Wish List Forum and also submitted to us via e-mail.  We take information from these inputs and document them on our task tracker used by the development team so we typically don't respond to the submissions on the forum but we do transpose them to our task tracker and requirements documentation internally. 


We continue to invite your feedback and encourage your suggestions.  There are many creative minds out there but most importantly we need to know what the software needs to do (functionality) that it currently isn't doing to satisfy your flight logging needs around the global user base.  We need to focus these feature requests on software capabilities, not hardware support.  For example, we know people want iPhone and BlackBerry support, and we hope to provide that in the not too distant future, but for now we need to know what you need Logbook Pro itself to accomplish for you.  Are there reports you need?  Data analysis capabilities not yet met with the Analyzer?  Airline Schedule Importer integration and features, etc.  Better PDA synchronization recommendations, etc.


As you come across any ideas, please use our Logbook Pro Wish List forum as the primary conduit for your feature requests.  If it is something you want to keep private or you have examples of something you want to share, please submit a help desk ticket and send us your information that way.  Any way you can communicate with us is fine, we'll take the inputs so we can better serve you when the new product releases.  Don't wait and see if it's going to have what's on your mind, please tell us now so we can be sure to meet your needs prior to the final release.

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