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NC Software Special Announcement

New Affiliate Program
Earn Commissions

Dear NC Software Readers, Customers, Friends:

We are happy to announce a new opportunity for all of you to earn commissions on anyone you refer to our online store.  NC Software announces a brand new affiliate system replacing our limited "Refer-a-Friend" program which was previously only available to registered customers.

Our new affiliate system is available to anyone willing to refer potential customers to NC Software.  We'll pay you commissions on any and every qualifying sale made by your referrals with commissions up to 20% of the referral purchase!  To join, read the terms and conditions then follow the link to join, it's that easy!

With the new affiliate program, once your application is approved you can sign into the affiliate console to get banner ads to display on your web site, text links to e-mail to friends, and a number of options to help direct people to the NC Software web site.  When they follow a link you provide a cookie will be stored on their computer for 30 days.  If this referred person purchases from our online store within 30 days of following your lead, YOU will receive a commission on their purchase!  No longer do your referrals have to remember a promotional code to enter on the payment page, all they have to do is follow your link, click your banner graphic, etc.  You'll be e-mailed of every sale in which you earn commissions and you can even see click thru activity of your marketing efforts.

The starting commission rate is 10% of the sale.  However, if you refer 10 sales within a month, your commission rate jumps to 15% for all remaining sales in that same month.  If you exceed 25 sales within the same month, we'll pay you 20% of each subsequent sale!  As you can see, you will be rewarded increasingly for your marketing efforts.

With our new affiliate program, not only can you earn commissions on sales, but you can refer others to join our affiliate program.  By following the instructions within the affiliate console on how to refer others to our affiliate program, when someone joins by following your lead, YOU will get a commission for their referrals as well!  That's right, when people you refer to join the affiliate program and then refer people to buy from our store, YOU earn money!  This is called Tier 2 commissions.  The commission system will track up to 5 Tiers!  So not only will you earn from people that buy from our store, but as you refer others to become affiliates, you continue to earn money from their success!

We invite you to visit our NC Software Affiliate Terms & Conditions page to read the details and sign up immediately.  Build your referral links from a plethora of graphics and text links, or create your own and start earning money today!  If you have any questions regarding this program, feel free to e-mail us any questions you may have.  Just in time for the holidays, thank you for your efforts to invite shoppers to our online store.


Neal Culiner
President, NC Software, Inc.