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Logbook Pro 1.11.2 released
NC Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of Logbook Pro PC edition 1.11.2 - a FREE update for all of our version 1.x customers. We are committed to providing you the absolute best pilot logbook software on the market along with our unrivaled rapid response 24x7x365 customer service. We appreciate your continued loyalty and enjoyment of Logbook Pro pilot logbook software and we are happy to offer you this update FREE as all others have been the past 13+ years.

We are always working hard to ensure Logbook Pro continues to be the most reliable, accurate, and trusted electronic logbook solution bar none.  You MUST have a logbook you can trust - you made the right choice, the only choice; Logbook Pro!

  • Faster startup, shutdown, and PDA Wizard operations
  • Improved Enterprise Edition functionality
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts as outlined here.
  • Added a new keyboard shortcut for on demand cloud sync: CTRL + SHIFT + S
Installation/Upgrade Instructions:
  • Backup your data by clicking File..Archive..Backup within Logbook Pro
  • If you are using Logbook Pro 1.10.43 or later simply click Help...Check for Updates to download and install your update
  • If you are using ANY version of Logbook Pro PC edition you can simply uninstall Logbook Pro from the Windows Control Panel and then click here and download the latest version and install it. Your data and registrations are unaffected by replacing the software.
If you have any questions about this update feel free to contact us via our help desk. We also welcome you to join our affiliate program and refer your friends and coworkers to Logbook Pro or any of our products and services and earn commissions on your referrals. To learn more click here.

Using another logbook product and want to switch to the most reliable, accurate, and trusted logbook solution available? Click here for our data conversion options where we'll convert your existing logbook data for you absolutely FREE! Send your existing logbook's data file today and get converted now.
Logbook Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad version 2.2.2 released

Since our last newsletter we released two updates to our popular iPhone and iPad universal app which has just crossed a new milestone of 12,000 users!  We have absolutely loved every minute of developing for the Apple iPhone and iPad as I'm sure you enjoy using your device just as much.  If you just got your brand new iPad 2 be sure to download your free Logbook Pro app by clicking here

To update your app go to the App Store on your device directly and then tap UPDATES.  Your device will automatically check for any and all app updates and allow you to immediately download updates.  I cannot recommend more to check for updates daily and keep all of your apps updated.  Developers are constantly working to improve their apps and keep up with Apple's iOS updates.  This past Friday Apple released another iOS update - 4.3.1 is now available.

Version 2.2.2
  • Resolved an issue for users using iOS 3.0 or 3.1
  • Returns two-finger vertical swipe to most areas of the app, i.e. screens other than the Home Screen
  • Default for new installs for Sync on Start is OFF for a faster app startup
  • Significant optimizations to improve stability and performance of the app
  • Version number of the app is now displayed on the bottom of the Home Screen
Version 2.2.1
  • Bypass Calendar is now persisted to the database so any further edits will remember this setting, you no longer have to check this option each time you edit an entry
  • Added enhancements to Schedule Importer for upcoming web update
  • When tapping the Calc button in the Flight Log and there are no OOOI times entered, i.e. nothing to calculate, you'll get better feedback if your device supports vibrate
  • Added a new error logging mechanism for quality control that records any problems experienced and will be attached with bug reports submitted from the app
  • User preferences are now included in bug reports submitted with the app to allow tech support to better assist you in setup and troubleshooting of your app
  • As iOS 4.3 no longer supports two finger vertical swipe we added "double-tap to sync". Double-tap in blank/gray areas or areas where there is no data and a sync will be commanded
  • Resolved an issue where editing an entry would lose reference to the related calendar appointment
  • Resolved an issue with data persistence particularly after syncing
Are you managing your suspended apps?  Be sure to read this article to keep your iOS 4 device running fast by keeping unneeded suspended apps cleared.

If you posted a review in iTunes we welcome your updated review based on the new release and if you haven't yet posted a review we invite you to do so.  You can update your product reviews each time an app update is released. 

For a complete review of the changes be sure to review the product documentation at If you have any questions or require any assistance feel free to submit an inquiry from the About area of the app directly or from our help desk.
Airline Schedule Importer 8.3 released: Time zones, persistent settings, and more...
NC Software is thrilled to announce one of the most significant updates to the schedule importer in years; version 8.3.  This exciting update adds time zone integration allowing you to import times in Local or UTC

The NC Software Airline Schedule Importer is the most flexible, complete, and accurate trip conversion system available.  With our web based schedule importer you are not constrained to product updates to get a schedule import issue resolved.  We can update the schedule importer within minutes of a problem report such as a trip format change and you're back in business without the stress of waiting for an entire application update.  And with our new export options to CSV and TAB data, you can use our schedule importer to generate formatted data for any need.

Schedule Importer Time Zone Integration

When you visit the new schedule importer you'll see a new setting as shown above.  If your schedule data is in local time select Local, otherwise select UTC.  While UTC is the preferred format, if available, we can now convert your trip data to UTC which we use for our integrations and iCalendar export for proper conversions such as calendar integration, etc.   Our new system will check every fix, both departure and destination, on the actual date or your trip and convert the local time to UTC (Zulu) and even account for Daylight Savings Time (DST). 

The sample trip import below shows how the new conversion system works.  In 2011 Daylight Savings Time started on March 13th so we'll import a trip that starts the day prior and goes for four days so we'll cross the DST changeover.  We'll use RIC (Richmond, VA) which is Eastern time for this example so focus on the green highlighted fix.  Day 1 of the trip (highlighted in blue) occurs the day prior to the DST changeover so notice how the LOCAL to UTC is 5 hours apart.  UTC is 4 hours from local with 1 hour for DST.

Now let's go to Day 4, also highlighted in blue, which would be March 15th and after the DST changeover.  Go to the green highlighted RIC in Leg 6 and you'll see the IN Local and UTC times are now 4 hours different.  DST changeover has been accounted for in your trip import.

Schedule Importer Time Zone example

How does this change affect integrations?
  • APDL is not affected by this change as APDL manages time zones internally.  Exporting files for use with APDL is unchanged
  • Logbook Pro PC edition:  When importing schedules directly using the File..Import Schedule menu option, OOOI times will be in UTC so they can be used for duration calculations should you need to update the times.  Keeping OOOI times in the same time zone is required for duration calcs.
  • Logbook Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad:  As your data is now fixed in UTC for the export calendar integration can now be used for pilots using local trip source data.  Re-enable calendar integration for schedule importing and enjoy having your trip data on your device calendar.
  • Export to CSV or TAB:  UTC times will be used just like Logbook Pro PC import as described above
  • iCalendar:  No longer does iCalendar require you to supply UTC data.  Now with the new version you can download iCalendar (.ics) files to import into any calendar.  When importing an iCalendar file your calendar will know how to convert to the calendar time zone as we mark the iCalendar events to be in the UTC time zone.
  • FFDO:  No change in FFDO, the times will be presented as supplied.  If you supply local trip data then those times will be used, no conversion occurs.  Be sure to set the proper time zone based on your trip data in the FFDO portal.
We've made other improvements to the schedule importer system as well.  As each subscriber has their own personal cloud storage we now persist each setting on the schedule importer portal such as your time zone setting, calendar reminder interval, FFDO deadhead option, Export CSV/TAB preferences.  When you return to use the schedule importer next time all of your settings will be preset for you.

Version 8 of our schedule importer uses a completely new architecture which has allowed us to take this system to new levels and create new integrations for our future applications.  While some have been resistant to the new subscription model, hopefully you can now see the value of this service and the return on your investment.  We are committed to providing you the best possible software and services and this release demonstrates our commitment to this service.

For more information about our Airline Schedule Importer click here.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we'll gladly assist you with your inquiry.
View your Airline Schedule in any app or calendar (Android, Windows Phone, Gmail, Yahoo, ...)
iCalendar Export

Many of you have Android devices [believe me, I know! :)], BlackBerry's, some are getting the new Windows Phone devices, and some don't have a smart phone at all but do have a personal organizer or an e-mail account such as Google's Gmail, Yahoo, etc.  Did you know you can use the Airline Schedule Importer and get your trips into just about any modern calendar or even a device's calendar? 

If you have an active schedule importer subscription, once you import your trip data the information is saved to your personal cloud storage for use in exports and other integrations.  One export option, as shown above, is iCalendar export.  If you want a reminder before your trips set the Appointment Reminder option.  Click "Download iCalendar" and your browser will prompt to save a file named "MyTrips.ics".  Most modern calendars can import .ics files.  You can also try e-mailing this file to yourself if you want this to appear on your device calendar and your device's e-mail application may open the .ics file and add the calendar data for you.  Most Android users have a linked Gmail account, therefore, you could import the .ics file into your Gmail calendar and it will then appear in your Android calendar.  Experiment with the .ics file to find a solution that works for your use.  iCalendar is a common format for transporting calendar appointment data.  Google it for more information if desired.
Do you have a disaster plan?
Logbook Pro Online Backup Service

Logbook Pro Online Backup
Buy Now

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the recent tragedy in Japan!!!  Disaster can strike without notice and the tragedy in Japan offers each and every one of us a life lesson in so many ways!  The question is - are you prepared? 

While the risk of a tsunami may be slim; an earth quake, fire, theft, you name it, can affect any of us at any time!  As Spring is trying hard to move in this means thunderstorms which means lightning which is not friendly to anything that becomes the target of Mother Nature.

So run through a few what-if's in your life and make sure you have a plan - NOW!  When is the last time you backed up Logbook Pro?  It's just a quick click of File..Backup but you'd be surprised how many times we hear people that have NEVER backed up.

Over the past few years we invested tens of thousands of dollars into a cutting edge network preparing for our now active cloud and storage services.  We have multiple terabyte storage arrays and multiple backup systems allowing us to offer you an Online Backup service to store your Logbook Pro data files on our servers for a very low annual fee.  Check out our Logbook Pro Online Backup service and sign up today!  Your subscription activates instantly and then you can click File...Online Backup and you'll be taken to the backup portal.  Sign-in with your NC Software web site login information and then click the Browse button and select the .BAK file you just created.  Click UPLOAD and you're done!  You now have your Logbook Pro entire flight log backed up on our servers.

We offer three tiers of services: 1-File, 5-File, and 10-File.  I recommend at least the 5-file service so you can not just keep one file but a history of backups off site.  While rare, there could be a problem with your file or a computer virus could corrupt things on your computer.  If your recent backup is affected having a history of backups would allow you to step back to the next most recent backup and restore it for use.  Our online backup portal does all the work for you, you do not have to delete old backups.  Just upload your new backup and the system is smart to add a new backup if you have slots available or remove the oldest backup of you don't have any more storage slots.

Always think disaster preparedness and it affects more than just your Logbook Pro data.  Be prepared and don't let disaster make matters any worse than need be.
Product Spotlight: Cirrus Elite Commander Series Binder
Cirrus Elite Commander Series Binder
Buy Now

Many of you are finally getting the great opportunity to pursue your dream, get hired, and get paid to fly!  Some of you are returning to the skies after an unfortunate hiatus.  Interviews are alive and we have been selling record numbers of binders, doing turn-key print jobs regularly, and our data entry staff are working around the clock cranking out job after job. 

There is no shortage of information on preparing for an interview from what to wear to what to say.  One thing is common sense though - make a great first impression that speaks volumes about your ability to perform well.  Some think presenting a nostalgic logbook complete with white out, lined through numbers, great stories of flying to X, Y, and Z for a great burger in the remarks is what an interviewer wants to see.  Handing an interviewer your 20 year old logbook with a broken spine including tape to keep the pages together has to be a great first impression, right?  It couldn't be farther from the truth.  What makes a great impression is your attention to detail, numbers an interviewer can trust, detailed information about your flying career such as percentage of total time that's instrument, night, etc.  You want a presentation that shows you have your act together. 

Cirrus Elite produced the Commander series binder working closely with NC Software to provide a solution for career pilots using Logbook Pro.  The Commander series binder is the largest of the binders offered on our web site with a capacity of approximately 250 physical pages.  With Logbook Pro's front/back (duplex) printing you can see up to page 500 in your flight log printout and it should hold your logbook.  This is the most cost effective solution as well as the most efficient by not having to carry a bag full of logbooks to your interview.

Word to the wise:  Don't wait until you hear you have an interview until you 1) print your logbook, and 2) purchase your binder.  This month alone we had story after story of trying to print "the morning of" and "need a binder TODAY" (seriously!!).  While we learned about FedEx and UPS's "same day" services a little planning can sure save you a lot of money and stress as well as not losing an interview opportunity because you simply weren't prepared.  If you are interviewing "this year" then consider printing your logbook NOW and ordering your binder SOON.  We offer turn-key printing services if you want us to print for you, while not required as you can print on your own, we do have professional color laser printers and the knowledge to get the job done right.

Let me say "Congratulations" in advance as we know this year IS your year!  We are here to help you and we can overnight pretty much anything and even offer same day solutions for those in a real bind.  If you have any questions drop us an e-mail to and we'll gladly assist you with any questions you may have.  Now go get hired! :)
Join our affiliate program and earn extra cash - it's free!

Many of you refer people to us and we thank you.  We want to pay you for your referrals!  We'll provide you access to our private affiliate portal to get banner ads for your web site, Facebook wall, or for those without a web site you can create custom links to e-mail out or put in your online signatures, etc.  Send messages out to your twitter followers or post to your Facebook wall and earn money in no time.  All it takes is one click of your link and if the person makes a purchase within 30 days you will get paid.

Click here to join today.  It's free, easy, and you can start making money immediately.  You not only cover the cost of your Logbook Pro purchase but you can make money in the process.  You do not have to be a current customer to join.  Read the details and join the program today.
NC Software is Hiring - Full Time .NET Developers Wanted
NC Software is seeking experienced and highly motivated .NET developers for Windows, Web, and Mobile application development.  Job seeker must be experienced in VB.NET primary, C#, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010 (.NET 4), and ASP.NET with proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Developer will play a key role in the success of a rapidly growing small business through innovation, problem solving, analytics, and a high attention to detail and commitment to quality.  Developer will be responsible for the complete lifecycle of software development from design, development, testing, documentation, and production.

Developer must be a self-starter, have a passion for learning and keeping up with new technology, great communication skills, and work well in small teams.  Qualifications include but not limited to:
  • College degree in a technical field, preferably computer science, software engineering, or technology related industry
  • 3+ years experience with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET emphasis in Windows Forms
  • 3+ years experience with ASP.NET web development
  • Highly experienced with database development (SQL Server)
  • Highly experienced with web services (ASMX/WCF)
Compensation based on experience and skills.  Developer will work in our Glen Allen, VA office; company paid relocation not available.  Interested parties please submit resume to  Be a part of our small business and make a huge difference.  Enjoy a small business casual environment with flexible hours and benefits.  Enjoy the work you do without the red tape. 
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Logbook Pro PC Edition 1.11.2
Logbook Pro Universal App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad 2.2.2
Logbook Pro Palm Companion 1.10.5
Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion 1.10.16
Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - Palm OS 6.0.4
Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - Pocket PC 6.1.4
FlightCentral Route Browser 2.2
Airline Schedule Importer 8.3
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