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Logbook Pro for iPhone/iPad 4.1 & Android 2.0.2 Released

The work never stops at NC Software and we are committed to keeping your products as near perfect as humanly possible.  We are obsessed with the quality of our software and when something needs a few tweaks, we make it happen.  While the software is free your cloud sync subscription funds continuous development and that is exactly what we have been providing, continuous updates and the highest quality logbook products on the market bar none.

Logbook Pro for Android 2.0.2 was released adding Android OS 4.1 "Jelly Bean" support and a few tweaks for Barnes & Noble's new NOOK HD tablets.  There are no known issues as of the 2.0.2 release.  Click the link for the Android app store you wish to download 2.0.2 from:  Google Play, Amazon, Barnes & Noble (for NOOK only)

Logbook Pro for iPhone 4.1 released with a few fixes related to new functionality in iOS 6, mainly the new permissions architecture for an app to access Calendar, Contacts, etc.  You will be prompted once to allow Logbook Pro to use your calendar to enable calendar integration, you can control access in your device's Settings/Privacy/Calendar area.  Logbook Pro should be ON to enable calendar integration.

We now use iCloud in the iOS apps to make setting up your multiple devices easier.  Set up just one device and all others that use iCloud will be setup for you automatically.  We will continue to expand the use of Apple's iCloud for more device synchronization capabilities in the future.

A new interface for Sky View was released in Logbook Pro for iPhone/iPad 4.1 as shown above.  No longer do you have to tap the magnifying glass for a popup input box to enter airport codes.  Now you can enter them in the top area and quickly change airports with ease.  A new button exists just to the right of the airport code input box which allows you to tap and show the nearest airfield to your current location.  You can hide the input bar by tapping the word "Sky View" at the top of the screen, tap again to show it.

Additional minor tweaks such as disabling gestures that may trigger synchronization in screens that have other gesture capabilities or need gestures disabled for other reasons.  Lastly a new system was put in place for network detection to resolve a problem some users experienced with Sync on START enabled.  For those running iOS 6 or later you can get the free update from the Apple App Store.

Thank you for your outstanding feedback, special thanks to our outstanding beta testers that keep us to the high standards of software you expect, and we are happy to bring you free updates to Logbook Pro Desktop for 15 years now!  We are continuing to work hard to bring you great tools to help you as a pilot and we have great things to come in the near term and long term.
How to use Cloud Backup to make using two computers easier
Do you have two PC's you'd like to use with Logbook Pro such as a Home computer and a Laptop computer (or Home and Office)?  Logbook Pro Professional Edition allows a pilot to use two PC's whereas the Standard Edition is a single PC license.  If you have two PC's and only a Standard Edition license you can upgrade your license for $39 by clicking here and enjoy the use of both computers and the process below is going to show you how with ease.

In the past you would use the PC-to-PC Sync Wizard enabled in Logbook Pro Professional Edition.  It is a great synchronization system which is really designed for two people working at the same time entering data and then sync their changes later.  As most pilots are not going to use two computer's simultaneously there is no need to use the Master/Clone system and Clone data files cannot sync with the cloud as they are not fully structured databases (getting a little technical here, let's move forward).  We also offer a KB article on tips using the Professional Edition which adopted a backup and restore system, i.e. use a computer, back it up, restore the backup on your other computer and continue using it there.  This was an alternative to the somewhat complicated master/clone sync concept.  There is a better way now with Cloud Backup for Logbook Pro Desktop.

If you have an active Cloud Backup subscription you can make this process as easy as it can get.  Use your primary computer, for example, then when done just click File...Backup to Cloud.  Your backup is now available in the cloud.  Go to your other computer and click File...Restore from Cloud.  Voila!  You've just restored the cloud copy of your latest data for use on your secondary computer.  When done with the secondary computer follow the same process.  1) Click File...Backup to Cloud, 2) Go to your primary computer and click File...Restore from Cloud.

We love the cloud!  We built a fantastic architecture over the years for these capabilities and we're not stopping here.  We are fully embracing the cloud and we have more great use of the cloud in the works.

If you have any questions on the use of Cloud Backup click here for the documentation.  If you would like to subscribe to enable the Cloud Backup service click here to order now.
NC Software Update - News and Development
I like keeping you all "in the know" and informed as part of our team.  It's nice for you all to know we are hard at work developing exciting things but also know when and why things don't happen as fast as you or I would like.  So here is the latest update as to what's going on at NC Software.

First and foremost, exciting news for us is we are moving to our new downtown Richmond, VA office on November 15th.  We are doubling the size of our office and securing a longer lease in a great location on Main street!  It is a fantastic office space and we are excited to continue to grow our business.  As a result of this somewhat unexpected opportunity (current landlord letting us out of our current space) and all of the work required to make a business transition some of our work is slipping a little later than expected.

Logbook Pro and Schedule Importer API:

We had hoped to release our Logbook Pro and Schedule Importer API's in October.  We had to take time away from that effort for the iOS work to squash the calendar bug and then Barnes & Noble asked us to fix an issue for NOOK HD certification.  Then with the office move we are now in November and this coming week is a wash.  So when will it be done?  We are hereby never announcing a release date again! :)  It is the kiss of death in development, SOOOO, we will keep you informed via our forums and subsequent newsletters, but hopefully we'll have the public beta out before the next newsletter comes out. 

APDL v7 for iOS:

The team is moving along great and we've added a number of beta testers to our call list.  Thank you for all those that sent us the request to be on the APDL beta team.  We do not need any additional beta testers at this time, we will call for more people only if needed.  We have an APDL summit planned the end of this month for a review of the app and preparation for beta making sure we have met our goals, determine where our efforts need to be focused, etc.  We are putting all of our mobile experts on the APDL team until product release as it is now priority 1 in the mobile division.  We are almost there people and airline pilots will soon get the most incredible airline app ever produced exceeding even what we offered in the past with the Palm and Pocket PC apps.

Logbook Pro Desktop vNext:

We are still full steam ahead on this project and continue to work on this massive new logbook system we've been working on for years.  Obviously this project has been moved down in priority due to our existing rock solid Logbook Pro v1 Desktop application and the mobile efforts we've been prioritizing with the barrage of devices and mobile operating systems coming to life over the past few years.  This is a super exciting project and offers capabilities beyond your imagination, we just have to be patient a little while longer while we build the platform that is the baseline for all future Logbook Pro work to come.  This work is more than just Logbook Pro Desktop, this work involves a complete infrastructure for cloud, web, mobile, and desktop.

Logbook Pro for Windows Surface and Windows Phone 8:

This is still TBD simply based on resources available.  We are looking hard at adding support for the new platforms just released by Microsoft.  They are getting great reviews, the new phones are coming to market now and we hope to get our hands on one as well.  We will support this as time permits but we are just too small to handle everything we want to handle.  We are continuing to hire outstanding software developers to grow our team to keep up with the demand and growing technology spectrum we want to support.

Route Browser Update:

It's just about complete but we have a few finishing touches to wrap up.  Mainly fixes for Windows Vista/7/8 UAC compatibility and other improvements since we acquired the product from FlightCentral.

That's about it for the what's new at NC Software update.  We are gearing up for an extremely busy holiday season.  2013 is rapidly approaching and we are excited to see NC Software continue to grow and our customer base continue to expand at a great pace.  We have such a high expectation of quality within our work and desire to get you answers quickly around the clock that our customers come to appreciate what NC Software stands for.  Thank you all for being a part of our family and team.
Learn about our Data Entry Service

Keeping up with a current logbook in Logbook Pro is a breeze and it takes all of 10 seconds or less to log a flight.  However, entering years of data is a different story.  No one wants to do this but it is something that needs to be done.  Trying to fill out any form or coming up with any accurate totals is futile without an electronic logbook.  Student pilots should be encouraged to go electronic immediately, for our "seasoned" pilots, you have to bite the bullet, lock yourself in a room, and peck away at your trusty keyboard.  There are great features in Logbook Pro to help make data entry easier such as our innovative Auto-Fill feature and double-click auto-entry (double-click any cell and the duration will be entered for you).  You can also do a mass carry-over from paper to electronic per this KB article but you are carrying forward your errors and missing the great features of the electronic logbook in breaking your times down like you will most certainly need in the future.  And then you'll be pressed for time and be in a pickle.

Years ago we enlisted a volunteer pilot force to do the dirty work.  NC Software does not profit from this service, we created this for pilots in need and to help those that can't bring themselves to do the transition from paper to digital.  All money is passed through to the pilots assigned to do the dirty work.  We are just a coordinator and manage the jobs, oversee quality and assist in support after the job is completed.  We do not "off-shore" any of these jobs, they are all US based pilots, many of which are airline pilots that have a lot of experience and the desire to make extra money for their families.

You can send photo-copies of your logbooks or the actual logs.  Most send their actual logs, use a signature required delivery method such as UPS or FedEx.  Contact us first and we'll inform you of the availability of data entry slots and then you can pay the deposit online.  We complete your job and refund any balance due back or invoice for funds due.  We provide a Logbook Pro file for you to continue using and it's a breeze from there to keep your logs up to date.  You can enjoy our free iPhone/iPad/Android/Kindle Fire/NOOK apps to use with Logbook Pro Desktop and log your flights on the spot, sync via the cloud, and Logbook Pro is constantly updated while you play with the kids or go golfing instead of spending your time off fiddling with a computer.

Don't put off going digital.  We get far too many frantic "need it yesterday" jobs for both data entry and turn-key printing, people didn't expect to get called for an interview, etc.  Go digital and if you want to help a fellow pilot we have volunteers willing to do the painful work. 

Click here to learn more about our data entry service which includes an estimator where you can enter the approximate number of lines to be entered and get an instant price estimate for your job.
Windows 8 is here!

Microsoft released Windows 8 and now you can update to the latest and greatest Microsoft operating system at a fraction of the cost of what we used to pay for OS updates.  Following Apple's lead on affordable OS updates, Microsoft is only charging $39.99 to upgrade your Windows license from as far back as Windows XP to Windows 8.  Click here to get your Windows 8 upgrade downloaded now.

Windows 7, in my opinion, was Microsoft's best operating system prior to Windows 8 and Windows 8 is essentially "Windows 7 Enhanced" with the addition of a new start screen and a new style of apps (a user-interface formerly called Metro).  You do NOT have to use the start screen although you'll come to like it when you add your favorite apps, web sites, etc. into groups for quick launch.  Just press your Windows Key + D to go to the Desktop, among many other ways of getting there and you're right back to where you were with Windows 7.  The START button is gone but there are utilities out there such as one called Start8 if you must have it back.  I have grown to like Windows 8, as with anything new there is a learning curve and we are all still learning but in the end, it's a fantastic operating system. 

For our Mac community, this is also a great way to get your Windows license updated affordably to use with your VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop to run Logbook Pro on your Mac's just like any other application you run.
Great time to join our Affiliate program - Holidays approaching
We greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about our products and services.  Many of our customers come to us after hearing about from friends or coworkers - thank you!  Now did you know that you could actually make money by referring your friends/coworkers?  We will pay you for any referral you make that results in a purchase from our web site.  The commissions are good and the amount of effort on your part is minimal. 

Click here to join our affiliate program, it's free, and gives you access to the affiliate portal - that's all it does!  Once you get into the affiliate portal you can get a special link that is tagged with your affiliate ID that will tell the system to credit you with any sale made within 30 days of someone following your link.  You can e-mail your links to friends, put in the signature of any aviation forums you participate in, and if you have a web page you can take any of our banner ads and place them on your site.  We also support Facebook integration so you can post any of the banners from the affiliate portal to your Facebook page.  If you're using our iPhone/iPad app you can enter your affiliate ID in the Settings area and then when you post your flight to Facebook or Twitter a special link will be included.  If anyone clicks it to see what you used to log your flight they will get recorded in the system and any purchase they make within 30 days you'll get commission!

The holidays are approaching and this is a great time to join as people will be looking for gifts for their pilot friends/relatives/coworkers.  This is our peak sales season and we want to reward you for your efforts as well.  Click here, join today, and start earning money immediately. 
How to get all of our Facebook posts - Don't miss our special sales

We enjoy keeping you informed with tips on using our products and other related news and announcements.  We also run specials from time to time on our social networking channels (Facebook and Twitter) and you may not realize there is one going on right NOW!  Click here to visit our Facebook page and find out about our current special offer expiring November 15th.

Since Facebook went public (NASDAQ:FB) a while ago they have been trying new ways to generate revenue.  One way is by limiting a company's reach such as when posting a message to a company's Facebook page.  Only a small portion of those that LIKE a company's Facebook page receive the message unless a company pays to "promote" the message.  As you can imagine, most are not going to do this and instead turn away from using Facebook.  Facebook added a feature to allow people to get the messages from company/fan pages they LIKE by hovering (or clicking) your mouse over the LIKED button and then clicking "Get Notifications."  So if you don't want to miss our social networking sales or posts regarding products you use, click the Get Notifications option and you should be better informed from this point forward.
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Logbook Pro Palm Companion 1.10.5
Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion 1.10.16
Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - Palm OS 6.0.4
Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - Pocket PC 6.1.4
FlightCentral Route Browser 2.2
Airline Schedule Importer 8.4.8
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