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Logbook Pro for iPhone/iPad 5.6 Released

We are continually improving our software and our most recent release is Logbook Pro version 5.6 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Great improvements per customer requests and further iOS 7 tweaks for the new flat style.

You can now control what the counters on your home screen show using the new setting on the bottom of the Settings screen. Previously the counters on the far right of the four DATA rows on the Home Screen showed a total count of data regardless of sync state. Now you can tailor what these counters show from one of the three options: 1) ALL data, 2) Unsynced data, or 3) Synced data.

Home Screen Settings

A common request was the ability to initialize OUT/TAKEOFF/LANDING/IN (OOOI) times to a blank value so you could simply start typing and enter the time. Version 5.6 now offers this capability if you set "Use Intervals" OFF in Settings/Flight Log as shown below. With this setting configuration tap the OOOI field and then type in the time directly.

Interval Settings

Now that we accommodated the popular request we learned that this actually impacted users that liked having the current time entered when the OOOI field was tapped! :( The next update will have options to bring back the old way and allow users to initialize to an empty field for direct typing.

Other improvements in version 5.6 include improved calendar integration primarily improving pending flight integration. We completely revised the About screen with a new look and added a button to submit app reviews as you desire. You can review the app at any time and do so with every version that we release so feel free to update or refresh your reviews if desired and show your support for Logbook Pro.

We have a lot more to come with our mobile apps, this is only "Phase I" of two major phases of our current work plan. Android is on deck next bringing in the new sign in system and features as iOS has now. Our testers have been testing the new builds and so far all is coming along great.

While we suggest turning on Automatic App Updates in iOS 7 from within the device Settings/iTunes & App Store area, if you do not use this feature then be sure to go to the App Store today and get version 5.6 as it is very important to stay up to date at all times. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We are all ears listening to your great ideas.

Advanced Log Area Filtering in Logbook Pro Desktop
Logbook Filter Bar

We work hard to provide a logbook solution that looks simple yet is simple to use. Some people think Logbook Pro is just a glorified spreadsheet, oh contraire, such silliness. While we make it look that way, we unleash powerful features in Logbook Pro for those that really want to use them but not show them to avoid overwhelming those that are not as computer savvy as others. Start Logbook Pro and open the spreadsheet log area. Now look at the toolbar just above the data entry area about 7 buttons from the right side of the toolbar. There is one that looks like a funnel. Click this button and a toolbar will appear as shown above.

The filter bar allows you to narrow the data that you see in your log area. Maybe you need to make edits for a particular type, it's easier to find these rows of data by only showing the data for this type. You can filter by date periods (far left drop down), show only particular aircraft types (Aircraft drop down), and other options. Once you set your desired filter settings click the flashing UPDATE button to apply the filter.

To turn off the filtering, which you should do when done with your filtering session simply click the funnel icon again to hide the filter bar and turn off the filtering system.

Beware of logging "By Day' - potential problems later

Back in the day of APDL version 6 for Palm and Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) we offered options of syncing data "By Leg" or "By Day". We offer these "collation" options today in schedule importer functionality, Logbook Pro, etc. Logging "By Day" is the option of putting your entire day into a single flight log entry. Logbook Pro has a LEGS option which is the number of flights the flight log entry represents. You can specify your route as KRIC-KTPA-KMCW-KDFW-KLAX and log this as 4 LEGS, enter total times and you're done.

People choose logging By Day, we believe, simply to save paper. It is not our recommendation to do so as logging "By Leg" (i.e. one flight log entry per leg) gives much better analytics with Logbook Pro's tools such as the Analyzer, reports, etc. You'll get the highest fidelity information when logged By Leg.

It has come to our attention through forum discussions that some airlines are not accepting logbooks logged "By Day" and pilots are left scrambling having to re-log their data "By Leg." From what we can tell this is mainly international carriers so if you're pursuing an airline job with an international carrier this may affect you.

Don't let paper or the size of your logbook steer you wrong in how you log your data. Be sure to know the ramifications of logging "By Day" vs. "By Leg" before doing so for the wrong reasons. Ask questions on some of the popular aviation discussion forums and see what you can learn if you're considering logging "By Day."

Share your flights on Facebook or Twitter with Logbook Pro for iOS
Facebook   Facebook

Share the passion of flying and brag to your Facebook friends or Twitter followers with your flying activity. If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account you can connect iOS 7 to these accounts in the device's Settings area then in Logbook Pro's Settings screen turn ON Facebook and/or Twitter. When you log a flight and tap Save you'll be prompted with an option to post your flight on Facebook or Twitter. Depending on the option you choose a screen will appear as shown above filling in some details for you. You can attach photo's and do other things depending on the service and their features, then post. It's that simple and it's fun. And if you are a NC Software Affiliate (sign up free by clicking here) and you have your Affiliate ID entered in the Settings screen within the affiliate section, a special link will be included with your Facebook and Twitter posts and if any of your fellow pilots click that link and purchase from the NC Software web site you will earn commissions. Turn social networking into a profitable venture for you as well, if desired. The features are available to you and you can enable what you want to use.

Logbook Pro Desktop - Hands down best value of any Desktop Logbook

From time to time we get an inquiry about Logbook Pro Desktop (PC software) whether it's a subscription or not. The answer is actually in the licensing section of the Logbook Pro Desktop product page (click here to view). Logbook Pro Desktop is NOT a subscription and never has been, it is a "perpetual license" meaning you pay once and it your license never expires. All version 1.x updates are free per our policies page. We don't lock you out of your data like another electronic software logbook vendor does where if you don't pay you are stuck without access to your logbook. Logbook Pro's data is on your computer so if you're using a web based service you're not SOL should they go down or discontinue their program.

We have not charged our customers for an upgrade in over 16 years. If you purchased Logbook Pro Desktop in the 1990's for $69.95 then to date you have received hundreds of updates we offered and still have spent a grand total of $69.95. Other electronic logbooks on the market over this time period you would have paid over $1,000 to stay up to date and compatible with current operating systems.

You be the judge and mathematician. What is the best value? $69.95 over 16 years or over $1,000 for the desktop software alone?

Logbook Pro is hands down THE BEST VALUE of any electronic logbook product on the market and hence the market leader setting the bar with every new feature we release. Logbook Pro is the template in which all other electronic logbook vendors try to follow.

APDL v7 for iOS FAR 117 Logbook Development Update

Thank you to all those that filled out our beta program questionnaire for APDL version 7 for iPhone/iPad, our upcoming FAR 117 airline pilot logbook. APDL development is progressing on schedule and our initial cadre of testers are hammering away at it and we're continuing to implement our requirements planned for initial release. Don't worry if you filled out the survey and have not heard from us yet, we are not ready to open the flood gates just yet. We expect to start bringing in more people in approximately a month as we move from our initial test phase which is called ALPHA testing to BETA testing. Our survey respondents will be reviewed and invited into the private BETA program as soon as we are ready.

When will APDL release? Two simple factors: 1) FAR 117 switchover, and 2) The product is ready, stable, tested, and given the thumbs up from our test group, developers, and management.

For those of you that know APDL, you know there is nothing better suited and tailored to the airline pilot, it is architected by airline pilots and developed by airline pilots FOR airline pilots. APDL has been in development over two years now and will continue to be developed long after the initial release. We have features that will continue to roll in even after the initial release and we know we'll get a huge amount of feedback and suggestions which we will incorporate. Logbook Pro's app has been out over three years and we are still implementing new and great features frequently, the same will occur with APDL and all of our software products, it's the nature of software.

Don't worry about FAR 117, we have you covered, however, as the pilot you are responsible for compliance so do get smart on FAR 117 if you haven't done so already. Don't have an iOS device yet? It's time to start looking, any iOS 7 device will work including iPod touch so put them on your holiday lists and you'll be armed and ready for our app when it releases.

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Logbook Pro Desktop Edition 1.16.9
Logbook Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad 5.6
Logbook Pro for Android, Kindle Fire, and NOOK 4.0.6
Route Browser 2.2
Airline Schedule Importer 8.4.8
APDL for iPhone/iPad (FAR 117 Airline Pilot Logbook) Coming Soon
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