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April 2016 Newsletter
Logbook Pro Mobile 7 Released
APDL 8 - Now in Public Beta
Auto Night in Logbook Pro & APDL
Logbook Pro Mobile 7 Released
In case you missed our Logbook Pro Mobile 7 release announcement we are excited to announce major updates to Logbook Pro Mobile for both iOS and Android. (See special offer below.)

iOS Highlights
  • 3D Touch Application Shortcuts
  • iPad Split-View and Slide-Over Support
  • Touch ID or iOS Passcode App Security
  • Auto Night in Flight Log and Schedule Importing
  • New schedule importer architecture from advanced APDL system
  • Improved Sync
  • Improved Social Networking Integrations
  • Bug Fixes and Significant Performance Improvements
Android Highlights
  • Completely New Interface - Google Material Design
  • Overflow Button for Menu Items and Floating ADD Button
  • New Android architecture for future enhancements
  • Auto Night in Flight Log and Schedule Importing
  • New SkyView using newer Google Maps
  • New schedule importer architecture from advanced APDL system
  • Improved Sync with new Automatic Sync even while the app is suspended
  • Bug Fixes and Significant Performance Improvements
Available on the App Store   GET IT ON Google Play

Take 20% OFF Logbook Pro Mobile subscriptions NOW through the end of April (coupon expires midnight eastern April 30th (UTC-4). Renew or Extend by clicking here and then apply coupon code LUCKY7 at checkout.

Learn more by browsing the documentation. Click here for Android, Click here for iOS.

Thank you for choosing Logbook Pro - the world leader in aviation pilot logbook software since the mid-1990's!
APDL 8 - Now in Public Beta
APDL 8 is now available in public beta to anyone wanting to test that is an airline pilot using an iOS device. It is stable and extensively tested but it IS a beta so issues could still occur which we welcome issues so we can fix them. We invite any and all airline pilots using or interested in using APDL to enjoy the latest bits which we refresh every 1-2 weeks. APDL 8 is major update to the APDL for iOS app as briefly outlined in the prior newsletter article. Here are a few screen shots to whet your appetite of new things to come to help you, the airline pilot, have better awareness of your duty and resources to gain insight into your flying.
APDL 8 Trip View
Figure 1. Trip view with optional deltas for OUT/IN/BLOCK, gate info and aircraft changes, ground time between flights.
APDL 8 Leg Resources

Figure 2. Flight view has a new Resources row at the bottom which pushes to great resources such as EDCT, FlightAware, and FlightStats resources.

This is only a small glimpse of many many many improvements and new features to come such as automated schedule importing for FLiCA users. Get started with APDL now to start building your FAR 117 lookback so APDL can help you make smart decisions about your legality and easily log your flying soon syncable to Logbook Pro Desktop in the upcoming public beta release as well. Ready to beta test? Click here to join now.

Available on the App Store
Auto Night in Logbook Pro & APDL
We built a great Auto Night calculator into APDL and in the Logbook Pro Mobile 7 system we added Auto Night for you as well. We are still evolving the system and improving the integration in Logbook Pro Mobile but it works great and here's how to use it.

Auto Night is triggered by AutoFill which you should have defined for each Aircraft Type in the Logbook Pro Desktop Options > AutoFill area. Sync your PC and then your App if needed. You will need to enter Takeoff/Land and/or Out/In (airline pilot use) times so turn those fields on if they are not already showing by going to the app's Settings > Flight Log area, tap the Configure Display option in the Layout section at the bottom. Now create your new flight log entry entering the route as a single flight using FROM-TO format with proper ICAO, IATA, or FAA codes for your airports. Enter the times and press the calculator button right of the Duration field and you'll instantly see your night field auto calculated. An Internet connection is required which sends the calculation to our servers instantly but offline calculation is coming in a near future update to the app as well as other refinements.

Auto Night is also included in Schedule Importing when flights are in the past (aka flown).
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