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April 2020 Newsletter
COVID-19 Pilot Relief
Optimizing your Logbook Pro Desktop Data File
Data Entry Service Reopened
APDL Update Coming Soon
Logbook Pro Mobile Updates Coming Soon
COVID-19 Pilot Relief
I'm sure you, like I, am tired of all the COVID-19/Coronavirus emails hearing from companies we haven't heard from in years. On top of that what are these companies doing to help us, those suffering? I personally don't need to hear how some CEO is taking care of their people and how they can work remote. That does nothing for me, your business is not helping me in this tragic time we are all living in. 99% of the emails are empty offering people NO assistance and taking advantage of this situation to simply email you to bring your attention back to them, at least that's my opinion.

As the President of NC Software, Inc. I do care and care that our aviation industry keeps getting hit hard time after time. Pilots suffer from world events, high fuel costs, layoffs/furloughs, struggle to get job interviews, etc. The aviation industry, namely pilots who is our target audience struggle in times like this. For this we want to help you and we will be offering a discount on Logbook Pro licenses, Route Browser, all of our subscriptions, and our turn-key printing service. For the rest of APRIL, 2020 use coupon code HELP to discount your order for the above products and take 15% off.

This offer only applies to orders on http://nc-software.com. Spread the word to your fellow aviators. Stay safe, follow the CDC and local rules as this is very serious and we all want to come out the other side with the same number that went in, i.e. landings = takeoffs.

Neal Culiner
President, NC Software, Inc.

Note: We invite you to ask questions and help other pilots out on our Flightinfo.com aviation forums.
Optimizing your Logbook Pro Desktop Data File
Logbook Pro Desktop data files can become bloated over time due to how databases are designed. It is normal for the size of the database to grow over time and over time can get very large. This can degrade performance of the data file and also cause backups to either not work or take up an unnecessary amount of space. Below we are providing details on how to manually perform a database optimization. Typically we do this for you when we update the software but Logbook Pro v1 has been very stable and our efforts are on future versions at this time so it's now important for you to perform this task manually if your data file grows to a very large size.

You can find the location of your data file by clicking Help > About Logbook Pro. Near the bottom of the dialog is the location of your data file. Go to this location in your Windows File Explorer and check the size of your data file ending in .LBK. I'd offer anything over 50 MB will benefit from the optimization procedure below.
  1. Prior to proceeding create a backup by either clicking File > Backup to File or Backup to Cloud (if subscribed to Cloud Backup)
  2. Click Help > About Logbook Pro
  3. Double-click the scrolling image in the middle of the dialog, a tech support dialog will appear
  4. At the top of this window is an option to perform a data structure rebuild. Click the button to perform this action.
  5. Click CLOSE to close out of this tech support window and then click RUN THE UPDATE to proceed with the data structure rebuild
  6. Check the size of your data file again and you'll notice it is now significantly smaller. Take another backup per Step 1 above.
If you require any assistance with the above procedure please contact support.
Data Entry Service Reopened
A few months ago we discontinued our Logbook Pro Desktop Data Entry Service. Due to recent events and as such additional availability of data entry staff we have reopened our data entry services for the interim. As we are expecting heavy demand for this service we are restricting orders to only NO REMARKS jobs to help us get through jobs faster. You will still receive the NO REMARKS discount per the contract and details at http://nc-software.com/des. Jobs are handled in the order in which the deposit order is placed with expedited jobs being handled before non-expedited jobs. If you would like to have us handle the transition from paper to digital for you please visit the above link now to pay the deposit and get your job started at the earliest opportunity.
APDL Update Coming Soon
Airline pilots using or interested in using APDL - The Airline Pilot Logbook for Apple iOS devices are invited to help with the final beta testing of our upcoming release by clicking the link below. iOS 13 will be required for our next beta and final release. We have great improvements coming some visible and some behind the scenes. You'll receive release notes when the beta launches so you can see what's new and what we need help in testing.

APDL for iPhone/iPad (iOS) TestFlight Beta Testing - Join and Install Now
Logbook Pro Mobile Updates Coming Soon
If you would like to be on the cutting edge and help us test the upcoming releases for iOS 13 and Android 10 on Logbook Pro Mobile please join our public beta programs. Android is handled by Google Play and once we get the beta started we'll email out a link for the Apple TestFlight system. Sign up or join per the links below based on the devices you use.

Logbook Pro for iPhone/iPad (iOS) Sign Up - Sign Up

Logbook Pro for Android Beta on Google Play - Sign Up
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