When your Logbook Pro data is ready for printing please create a backup by clicking File..Backup to File (no password when prompted).


Please submit a ticket at http://helpdesk.nc-software.com. You will see an option to include an attachment, please include the .BAK file created after backing up Logbook Pro. Please include your turn-key service order number with the ticket so we can reference the details of your order for the printing service.  You will have the option to specify the binder style and paper color.


The process begins with your purchase and then receipt of your backup data file. We will then e-mail you a PDF of your logbook data for your review. If you have any custom fields defined that you want included in the final print job, please specify and we'll create a custom template for you unless you already have one created that you want us to use. When reviewing the PDF proof, please review the layout and data as desired. Please reply to the e-mail we send you with the PDF attachment with approval to print or any changes requested. Upon print approval we will complete the print service and FedEx your final product.




  • The turn-key service allows up to 200 printed pages (front/back) as part of the service. If your logbook requires additional paper, i.e. your total page number exceeds 400 in the PDF, we will contact you to arrange the purchase of additional paper.
  • Unused paper within the 200 page allotment is not provided as part of the order it is simply the allotment made available as part of the printing service.
  • Binders are not included, they must be purchased separately
  • Please contact us for follow-up printing services as we will gladly add new printed pages to your prior turn-key service for a small fee plus paper and shipping. We do not require a completely new turn-key print service order for new flights flown after the initial turn-key order was accomplished.


Thank you for your turn-key printing service order. We look forward to providing you the most professional logbook solution available!