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APDL is now only $99/year (30 day, 3 month, and 6 month terms available) as we want to ensure each and every airline pilot is armed with the most powerful Airline Pilot Logbook app with complete FAR 117 coverage and real time calculations and alerts. If you haven't installed APDL on your iOS 9 or later device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) head to the Apple App Store now and install it and check it out. The first 90 days are free and fully functional. Just install and start using this amazing app for all airline pilots now. APDL includes fully functional schedule importing (no separate purchase required) and ties into cloud services for automatic logging features such as entering your OOOI's for you, populating a scheduled flight, auto calculating night, present gate information and gate change and equipment change notifications as well as turn time at gates between flights.

We just released version 8.3 which improves the seamless FLICA schedule importing via our recently released "check schedule" feature to poll for schedules, present change notifications allowing you to accept suggested changes as your schedule changes and keeping APDL accurate at all times. Version 8.3 also adds a new feature called the "Settings Checklist" which will launch for new users automatically and existing users can launch from the bottom of the Settings > General area. All users are encouraged to go through the Settings Checklist to ensure your app is configured optimally. The checklist can even download types and tails for your airline and help you setup the schedule importer integration.

With this update cycle we included the usual bug fixes, various suggestions from the community, and continued improvement of this continually evolving airline pilot app. Use any and all of your devices as APDL includes data everywhere sync and includes automatic backups as well. The app is packed with powerful features, install APDL today and don't waste another day of not having the absolute best app for airline pilots.

Click here to watch a brief video of what's new in 8.3. Click here for the full documentation online to browse many of the powerful features and learn how to better use the app to its full capability. Click here to install APDL now.
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