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Edition:  April 2002

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*** Welcome to our first issue of the Logbook Pro Monthly Newsletter ***



We are proud to bring you the first edition of the Logbook Pro monthly newsletter.  With software getting more and more complex these days, I decided it would serve the ever growing Logbook Pro community good to pick topics monthly and explain how to get the most out of your software.  Yes, you can read the included documentation by clicking F1 or Help...Contents, but it's always nice to go into depth on topics and getting a better feel for how things work.  Logbook Pro is very flexible and user customizable and can be overwhelming to the computer novice.  I'll bring you a Tip of the Month every month and show you some of the cool things Logbook Pro can do, that you may have yet to discover.  Have suggestions for future topics?  Send us your feedback at feedback@nc-software.com.  I want to hear what you want to learn more about or what you'd like to see in the future of Logbook Pro.




*** Announcing Logbook Pro 1.7 with Palm and Pocket PC Support ***



NC Software, Inc. is proud to announce a new FREE update to Logbook Pro, version 1.7.  Buy today and receive your free update to version 1.7 which adds powerful companions for both the Palm and Pocket PC PDA handheld computers.  Version 1.7 opens the software architecture for Add-ins for third-party vendors to contribute useful features with direct integration inside Logbook Pro.  Next month we'll be announcing our first third-party contributor offering a unique add-on for use with Logbook Pro 1.7.


Many have been asking when Logbook Pro will extend its friendly and powerful interface to the Palm Pilot and Pocket PC.  The PDA's are now in beta and we are expecting final production and release in June.  We are excited to reach this milestone with Logbook Pro, bringing you quality logbook software since 1998.  Now you can take your PDA on the road and throw away your redbooks and post-it notes!  Sync your handheld device upon return and transfer your data right into Logbook Pro!!!  Stay tuned, we'll have more information on this exciting news including screen captures and downloads as we approach the final stages.




*** MGOent. Summertime Super HOT Specials on Leather Binders ***



MGOent is extending a great sale to all Logbook Pro users.  Save up to $30.00 off of the very popular leather binders for your Logbook Pro reports.  Enjoy the small and portable versions to use with the custom MGOent reports Logbook Pro generates, or enjoy the brand new "full-sized" leather binder that holds ALL reports generated by Logbook Pro.  Perfect for that dream interview taking your top quality Logbook Pro printouts and professionally binding them in a MGOent binder.  Use the heavy bond perforated pages also available specifically for the MGOent binders.  Visit the MGOent store today and purchase your binders while supplies last!  Order online at http://mgoent.logbookpro.com.




*** Logbook Pro Tip of the Month ***



April's Tip of the Month Topic:  Archiving


As we all know, it's only a matter of time for that catastrophic moment when the computer gets a case of indigestion and doesn't quite want to cooperate, yes, a crash!  It's happened to the best of us and we always need to be thinking of our "disaster" plan making sure all our hard work is not lost.


Logbook Pro has a powerful utility to keep you sane!  Backup your logbook with the very easy built in backup utility by simply clicking File...Archive...Backup.  Choose a location and filename to save your backup file, which ends in .BAK should you need to find it at a later time.  If you have multiple hard drives or partitions, it's good practice to save backups to a different hard drive or partition than where your logbook data file (.LBK) resides.  If a hard drive crashes, it would be a shame to lose your data and backups all in one fell swoop!  Not to worry, only have one hard drive or partition?  Logbook Pro can backup any sized data file to floppies -- you know, those little square things from the early '90s?  When Logbook Pro performs a backup, it will first ask you (nicely) if you want to "compact" your data file.  This is highly recommended as it optimizes and reorganizes your data file for fast, efficient operation.  Logbook Pro will then run a high compression routine significantly reducing the size of the final backup.  Most logbook data files will fit easily on one floppy, however, should you be so lucky to fly a lot, Logbook Pro will prompt you to feed your computer more disks and span the backup file across multiple floppies.


Restoring a backup is easy!  However, realize it will overwrite your existing data file, so be sure you use the correct backup file prior to restoring.  Restoring is accomplished by clicking File...Archive...Restore.  Follow the prompts and your prior backup will be reliably restored and ready for use.  When creating a backup, a good practice is to smartly name your backup file so you can easily recall it at a later time.  A technique is to append date information to the file name.  For example, if you are creating a backup on May 1st 2002, name the backup file LogbookProBackup_20020501.BAK.  Notice the suffix of Year, Month, Day to the backup file.


That's your tip of the month.  Have ideas for what you'd like to learn more about?  Write your suggested topics in a quick e-mail and zap it to us at feedback@nc-software.com.




*** Talk to other Logbook Pro aviators in our e-Community ***



Did you know we have an online forum for you to post your questions or suggestions?  Or, are you an expert user of Logbook Pro willing to help others?  Take part in our free e-Community at http://ecommunity.nc-software.com.  Learn how others are using Logbook Pro and from other support questions.  We respond to e-Community questions first for support submissions as others can learn from your questions.  As our fathers said "the only dumb question is the one you don't ask."  Listen to your fathers advice, post your questions, tips, techniques, don't be bashful, we all want to learn how to take advantage of Logbook Pro's power.




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