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Edition:  August/September 2002

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Logbook Pro PC Latest Version:  1.7.41

Logbook Pro Palm Companion Latest Version:  1.02

Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion Latest Version:  Private Beta Only

Download link:  http://download.logbookpro.com/



Table of Contents:

·         Remembering September 11, 2001

·         What’s new with Logbook Pro

·         Pocket PC Companion Update

·         Tip of the Month – The Explorer

·         Advertising Opportunity




*** A Time of Remembrance ***



This month marks the one year anniversary to one of the most tragic events in US history.  As September 11th passes, we will go through one of the toughest times and toughest anniversaries we will ever go through, in our history.  We at NC Software wish each and every one of you a safe and happy aviation future and we shall always remember the events one year ago and how it has affected each and every one of our lives.  To those that have fallen, we have not forgotten.  God Bless!



*** What’s new with Logbook Pro ***



A day doesn’t got by the elves at NC Software aren’t working to improve or innovate something concerning Logbook Pro.  We are working on our vision and plans for where Logbook Pro will be years to come as we continue to strive to perfect and add features to our current version.  Logbook Pro is currently in the hangar getting retrofitted for the new Pocket PC Companion which is nearing completion.  We are excited to add the power and convenience of Logbook Pro to the growing community of Pocket PC users.  Covering the PC, Palm, and Pocket PC markets clearly set Logbook Pro as the leading solution to handle your aviation logbook needs.  Logbook Pro version 2 is in the skunk works hangar already in development as well as the infrastructure for what we have in store for post version 2.  Rest assured we are dedicated to bringing you the most modern and elite logbook solutions to suit each and every one of your needs.  Please keep the feedback coming and we’ll be sure to take into account each of our Logbook Pro team members desires and needs and roll them into what we have coming out of the assembly line down the road.  Please take advantage of our e-Community at http://ecommunity.nc-software.com to post your suggestions (and bug reports) so we can all learn and participate in your ideas and suggestions.



*** The Latest with the Pocket PC Companion ***



A day doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t ask the dreaded word in software development “when?”  Yes, we wish we could provide a date, but doing so will only guarantee it won’t happen on that date!  Setting a date for software development is a curse according to our elves, so we try not to set false hopes.  The Pocket PC Companion is near completion with the initial “alpha” in the hands of the private beta team of 50+ members with a thumbs up with the progress thus far.  We will certainly announce the availability of the Pocket PC Companion, pricing, etc. to the Logbook Pro mailing list which can be joined by going to http://www.logbookpro.com and clicking the Subscribe link on the left side.



*** Logbook Pro Tip of the Month – The Explorer ***



One of the most important aspects of Logbook Pro is viewing and analyzing your data.  Whether for currency, configuration, or summary information, have you overlooked the power of the Logbook Pro Explorer?


Providing a one stop view of your entire logbook data, the Logbook Pro Explorer is a convenient, printable, exportable option.  To access the Explorer, click the icon on the main menu and your entire logbook data will be loaded in a Windows Explorer (File Manager) interface.  Click the node on the tree (left side) and view the available data on the right.  The data is not editable, it is only for viewing (read-only) in version 1.x.  The Currency area is convenient in the Explorer as you can expand each node of a specific currency and see exactly which item is current or expired and when, to the day, the currency item itself will expire.  The Logbook node will yield an amazing amount of data that if you haven’t tried it, do so now!  First you’ll see a list of Types on the left, below the Logbook node.  Just below the main node you can click the Grand Totals node and view an instant (and high speed) display of your logbook summaries.  Click each type and view the logbook entries corresponding to that type.  Click the totals node below the corresponding type and instantly see the summary totals for the specific type!  Yep, kewl!  Very powerful and simple, the Explorer provides a fast and efficient way of viewing your data.


Formatting is spared no options in the Explorer either.  When viewing the Explorer data, note the sub-toolbar across the top, or right-click on the left or right pane of the Explorer window and see the formatting and other options available.  Customizing grid line formatting, printing, exporting, expanding/collapsing nodes, etc. are just a few of the options available. 


As you can see with this edition covering the Logbook Pro Explorer, there are many powerful features within Logbook Pro, some of which you may not have explored thoroughly.  Whether using the reports, analyzer, summary bar, lookback button, or the Explorer, there are multiple ways of getting unique data for whatever your need.  Enjoy!!!



*** Advertisers - Logbook Pro Link Exchange Option ***


Logbook Pro has an automated link download system allowing you to advertise your business under the Favorites links within the Logbook Pro browser.  If you want to advertise or do a link exchange with Logbook Pro, please e-mail sales@nc-software.com for pricing or exchange agreement information.