Logbook Pro Newsletter - October 2003 Edition

Welcome back to another edition of the Logbook Pro Newsletter.  It is our motto to "serve thy customer" instead of "customer keep up with a business."  In this issue, we'll bring you the latest and greatest news and information pertaining to the world leading electronic logbook suite, Logbook Pro for the PC and PDA Companions.  We have some exciting news to share this month concerning the PDA Companion products.  This newsletter is a free resource that you volunteered to receive by subscribing online at NC Software Subscription Center.  View a list of past newsletter archives by clicking here.


.: New High-Tech Web Sites Unveiled

In case you haven't notice, we have a new look!  We've rebuilt our web sites from the ground up taking advantage of the newest technologies from Microsoft.  Employing the power of .NET (pronounced "dot net") we have automated many areas of our web site to bring you a better web experience and simplify finding the many resources we have available online.  From identifying availability of software updates, ease of downloads to real-time online installation, frequently asked question areas and integrated discussion forums are just a part of the new features.  As before, we maintain the latest version of our documentation online, our complete video demo library, and online tours for reference at any time, easily accessible from the left menu navigation system.

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.: New Online Store with Shopping Cart and Account History

The most noted change is our web store.  We have invested great efforts into a simple shopping experience letting you take advantage of an advanced shopping cart system and having the ability to buy our third-party vendor products and receive the key codes at checkout, no waiting on vendor responses to sales to get you up and running.  Most importantly however is we now track your order history online which includes saving all details of your order, whether for re-ordering materials or referring to your registration codes.  You can easily sign into your account and recall your order history and all related details, right online at our new secure online store.  Want to send someone a "hint" that you'd like to receive Logbook Pro as a gift?  We now have the option to create saved shopping carts and built in a "e-mail a friend" feature to either inform them of a product or to drop that hint that it's something you'd really like to have, should they be "thinking" of you soon.  Check out our store for the new layout and see how easy it is to manage your purchases when that time comes.  Already a Logbook Pro owner?  Check out our third-party vendor products to enhance Logbook Pro such as Auman Software's Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook for the Palm, FlightCentral Route Browser, and MGOent. fine custom leather binders.  All can be purchased directly from our online store today.

Missing a feature online that you'd like to see?  Please submit your feedback by clicking the Feedback link on the left side menu.  Manage your subscriptions right online as well.  Come visit, there's so much to show you!

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.: Advanced E-Mail Tracking System (Support and Sales)

We take all of your correspondence seriously and each piece of mail is very important to us.  In the June/July time frame we instituted a new e-mail tracking system so that we can better manage our correspondence, measure response time, and see what you think of the quality and timeliness of our responses through an included scoring system.  NC Software now uses a e-mail tracking system, so when corresponding with our sales or support staff, you'll notice a reference number in the subject line.  This reference number is very important and can be used by you to call up the e-mail trail at any future time. 

To track the correspondence, check for any replies you think you may have missed, simply go to our E-Mail Tracking Web Site and enter the reference ID in the subject line of your e-mail.  You will then see the complete trail of our correspondence, any helpful tips, etc.

Feedback on the use of this new system has been outstanding.  The customer response is unanimous that they like the new system and it helps them manage their correspondence and recall any issues at a later time should the arise again, and you need to see what the fix was.  E-mail correspondence can be searched on both reference numbers and your e-mail address.  So if you deleted that e-mail that had critical information, don't worry, we have it saved for you and you can recall it at any time.  Check out our new system by clicking here.

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.: Palm OS 5 Coming Soon

The long awaited news is finally here!  We will be soon supporting the Palm OS 5 and Tungsten platforms for the Palm OS!!!  We got news from AppForge to expect the update to the core files we use to develop our PDA applications that it will soon support the long awaited Palm OS 5.  We have already prepared Logbook Pro 1.9.5 which will be released shortly after AppForge releases the final build of the new PDA kits.  There will be no extra charge for this support for our Logbook Pro companions and existing customers will receive a FREE upgrade to Logbook Pro 1.9.5 containing the updated PDA Companion software.

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.: Booster FREE for Pocket PC

In addition to the great news by AppForge on releasing an update to support Palm OS 5, AppForge also has informed us that they no longer charge for Pocket PC Booster licenses.  That's right, you can now buy the Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion for $29.95 and that's all you need to run the application, no longer do you need to spend an additional $9.99 to license Booster.  For Logbook Pro 1.9.4 installations, be sure to download the free booster with no license requirements directly from AppForge by clicking here.

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.: Auman Software releases Single-Sync for APDL

As you know, earlier this year Auman Software LLC partnered with NC Software to combine the two leading logbook products for airline pilots; Logbook Pro and Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook (APDL) for the Palm OS.  Auman Software LLC just released a new software capability to allow easy synchronization from their Palm OS logbook directly to Logbook Pro via your HotSync software.  Learn more about APDL from Auman Software LLC's web site.  To take advantage of our special package deal, click here to purchase Logbook Pro Professional and APDL at a discounted price!

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.: MGOent. Full-Sized Binder Clearance Sale

Only 14 left in stock, take advantage of MGOent's clearance sale taking $40.00 of their full sized fine leather binder. 

MGOEnt. is a company that provides practical items for pilots that are designed for their quality, endurance & craftsmanship. MGOEnt., with the help of professional pilots, has produced several superior Leather Pilots Logbooks. These logbooks have been designed to make the books easy to use and professional appearance for any occasion. Research by MGOEnt. ensures these books have the features pilots are looking for to log all their flights while meeting the requirements of FAA Regulations. The MGOEnt. Leather Logbooks are finely crafted to last a lifetime. Logbook Pro has custom report outputs designed specifically for the MGOent. binder series. Perfect for keep sake or for that dream job, at your best with the most professional logbook available.

Naturally Embossed Lettering
Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 11", 1" Rings

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.: New Refer-a-Friend Program Coming Soon

In response to customer feedback, we are working on an all new "electronic" referral system.  Logbook Pro currently has a refer-a-friend system where you can earn $10.00 on each and every referral.  However, to get credit for referring a friend, you must print out the referral form from Logbook Pro, provide to your prospective buyers, they must mail the form and we then in turn place the order.  This process can take time and is not as efficient as the electronic methods now available. 

Rest assured we hear your feedback and we are working hard to provide a better system.  With the release of Logbook Pro 1.9.5, we will include the new refer-a-friend system so that you will receive a code which you can provide your prospective buyers, place on business cards, flyers, etc. and you will get credit for any and all sales using this code.  Stay tuned, we'll have more to announce on this with the release of Logbook Pro 1.9.5.

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.: Share your testimonials...tell us what you think about Logbook Pro

Want to see what others had to say about Logbook Pro?  We'd love to hear what you have to say and how Logbook Pro has helped you out.  Add your Testimonial to our Logbook Pro web site today and share your successes aided by Logbook Pro.

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.: Distribute our Logbook Pro Brochures

If you are a proud Logbook Pro customer and would like to help us fly the Logbook Pro colors and spread the word, feel free to download our Logbook Pro Brochure.  Make copies and pin up on bulletin boards in your frequent aviation hot spots, pass to friends, distribute with your flying club newsletters, etc.  You can always find the latest brochure online by going to http://www.logbookpro.com and clicking the "Brochure" link on the left side menu.

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