Logbook Pro Newsletter - January 2004 Edition


New Logbook Pro Suites!!!


.: NEW - Logbook Pro Suites

Announcing our brand new suites for Logbook Pro.  Two flavors: one with the Palm Companion, one with the Pocket PC Companion.  Save big and get Logbook Pro complete with all the fixins.  Each suite contains Logbook Pro Professional Edition, PDA Companion, FlightCentral Route Browser, Logbook Pro Video Training, and the Software CD.  Add a MGOent. combo package and round off your logbook experience ready for any job interview now or in the future.  Click here to view our new Logbook suites.

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.: Logbook Pro History Area

We get e-mail from time to time asking how to log items such as a Instrument Competency Check and subsequently calculate a currency for this.  The History area is designed to track anything and everything that expires: medicals, flight reviews, exams.  You name it; it belongs in the History area.  To add new History Items to track, click the Options button and view the History area and add new items to the bottom row.  Once your expiring item is posted in the History Area, it can then be used to build a currency.  Take for example building a currency to provide details and reminders of a instrument proficiency/competency check.  The first step is to "log" that you completed one and tell Logbook Pro when it is due to expire.  Once this has been done, you can then go to the Currency Editor, build a new currency, click the far right lower bar that says "History Events" and add the History item to your currency configuration.  Creating a currency including History events is easy and useful, this is one area that you should not overlook, it has great value and can keep you within regulations with ease.

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.: 1.9.6 coming soon - New Maintenance Release

Software development never ends, there is always a way to make things better and continuous improvement is our motto at NC Software.  We listen to all feedback, monitor message boards, listen to customers, and continue to strive to ensure our aviators have nothing but the best.  We've been working on another FREE maintenance update for our registered customers, yes another free version since initial release in 1998.  We take pride in top quality software, not the size of our checkbook and in the next 1-2 months we'll be releasing some new features and more tweaks in Logbook Pro.  If you know of any issues that need attention, please post the issue on our forums or submit a support ticket for immediate review.  We continue to improve the reporting, one of the most important areas of Logbook Pro, and we are looking at building a new system for the MGOent binders.  We know printing a duplex solution to fit a smaller binder can be a frustrating experience depending on your printer hardware and we are looking at ways to improve this experience.  We have some new ideas and will be spending time over the next few weeks to see if this is a viable solution to making your printing easier.  Again, please send us your feedback and we will continue to improve the software.  We are also hard at work on version 2 which will be in development as long as necessary to ensure a top quality product with a solid feature set.  Keep the feedback and requests coming, our ears are wide open listening to each and every one that writes us.

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.: FAR 121 Aviators...check out APDL

We are happy to be partnered with the leading provider of a FAR 121 logbook solution for the Palm OS - Auman Software LLC.  We've been working with Auman Software to link together the two finest logbook products and with their new release of a synchronization solution dubbed "Single-Sync" we can accommodate every aviator from student pilot to airline pilot.  If you are a FAR 121 aviator and need a solution for tracking your duty, schedule, rest periods, and combine with the power, reporting, and analysis of Logbook Pro, take a look at APDL.  Enjoy a special package deal combining Logbook Pro Professional Edition with APDL for the Palm OS.  The economy is on its way back up and interview time may be coming before you know it.  Now is the time to ensure your logbook is perfect and you have that professional solution for that dream interview.

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.: SPAM - The Constant Battle

Everyone is tired of waking up to an inbox full of unsolicited e-mails and because of this, everyone is having to take drastic measures to avoid these e-mails.  We use high-end technology both on our servers and client machines to ensure the spam is filtered out and your e-mails come through; but of course, we cannot be sure this is the case with each and every e-mail.  Please use our forums or support center to contact us.  However, if not using the forums, we cannot be sure you will receive our e-mail response.  We have had a slew of problems lately with AOL subscribers not receiving our responses.  Please be sure your ISP is allowing e-mail from nc-software.com's domain so we can contact you in a timely manner.  Additionally, we cannot take the time to respond to "middle'ware" tools that require us to visit a web site and acknowledge e-mail we send to ensure we are a valid sender.  If you use such tools, please be sure to allow our domain to get past these tools or use our forums instead.

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.: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I ordered Logbook Pro but never received it.
A: When ordering Logbook Pro, you are purchasing the license "key" code to lift evaluation restrictions from the software downloadable from our web sites.  If you installed Logbook Pro using the "Try-before-you-buy" feature, there's no need to reinstall or download anything additional, just enter the purchased key code and continue using your software.  The only time a physical product is shipped is if a physical product is ordered which is the Software CD-ROM, Training Video CD, or a MGOent. Binder.

Q: The Palm Companion install documentation says to find some .prc file and install, but I get a warning about Palm OS 4.x and lower not supported.
A: The installation instructions in Logbook Pro 1.9.5 are in error and have been updated on our web site.  To install the Palm Companion, simply click the install menu option from the PDA Companions\Palm Companion menu.  Follow the prompts which will guide you through the install.

Q: My Palm Companion won't sync, what can I do?
A: The PDA Companions require a separate license for $29.95 which must be entered on both the PDA and PC (within the PDA Companions menu area).  Once the PDA license has been purchased the ability to sync data will be available.

Q: I am having problems getting my Palm Companion to HotSync.  How do I reinstall?
A: Uninstall the software from the PDA by deleting "Lbk Pro" and all applications with the word "ingot" within.  Go to the Windows Control Panel on your PC and then Add/Remove programs.  Uninstall the AppForge Universal Conduit.  Start Logbook Pro and perform the installation again.

Q: I get a "Database not found error" on the Pocket PC.  What is this?
A: This is a common error where Logbook Pro on the Pocket PC cannot fine your logbook data.  99% of the time this is from a failed installation not following the installation steps EXACTLY as shown in the documentation.  Uninstall the software from the PDA, then reinstall from ActiveSync and perform the database import.  It is recommended to reset your PDA and sometimes it also helps to do a "soft reset" after installing by pressing the reset button on the device.  Be sure when installing the Pocket PC software the database path of "\Program Files\Logbook Pro\Logbook.cdb" is entered exactly as shown.

Q: I purchased software from the online store but cannot login to retrieve it from My Account.
A: All software products we sell are freely downloadable.  Logbook Pro can be downloaded from the Download Area of LogbookPro.com and FlightCentral and Auman Software products can be downloaded from their respective web sites.  All software products can be downloaded at any time then have the registration code entered to register for unrestricted use.

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.: MGOent. Full-Sized Binder Clearance Sale - Just 8 Left -- Only $45 !!!

Only 8 left in stock, take advantage of MGOent's clearance sale taking $65.00 of their full-sized fine leather binder.

MGOEnt. is a company that provides practical items for pilots that are designed for their quality, endurance & craftsmanship. MGOEnt., with the help of professional pilots, has produced several superior Leather Pilots Logbooks. These logbooks have been designed to make the books easy to use and professional appearance for any occasion. Research by MGOEnt. ensures these books have the features pilots are looking for to log all their flights while meeting the requirements of FAA Regulations. The MGOEnt. Leather Logbooks are finely crafted to last a lifetime. Logbook Pro has custom report outputs designed specifically for the MGOent. binder series, perfect for keep sake or for that dream job. 

Naturally Embossed Lettering
Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 11", 1" Rings

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.: Interview -- Are you Prepared?

With the economy on the upswing, carriers are beginning to hire again, it's time to shake off the dust and get in gear.  Are your logbooks in top order?  What is going to give you that cut above your peers?  How are you going to look sharp, organized, and used your furlough time wisely to prepare for your next opportunity?  Let Logbook Pro take you to that next level and meet or exceed that of your peers that may also be using Logbook Pro for their job interviews.  Logbook Pro provides top quality printouts, fine quality personalized binders, and a winning solution guaranteeing you are looking your finest when it comes to your flight records.  Import from obsolete or inadequate electronic logs with ease, fill out applications with precision, military aviators use our correction factor system built into the Analyzer and score that winning interview.  Empower Logbook Pro to take you to the next level, get started today!

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.: Electronic Refer-a-Friend Program ($10 per Referral)

One of the highest requested items over the years has been to move to an electronic referral system as the system of printing out referrals was too cumbersome and for the "I want it now" Internet delivery system, the delay in the ordering process was not acceptable.  We've listened and we are proud to announce our new high-tech refer-a-friend system.

Available only to registered customers, from within Logbook Pro 1.9.5 and later you will see a Refer-a-Friend button on the toolbar, as well as available from other menus from within the software.  If registered, you will be taken to a page where you can sign-up to receive your promotion code.  It's that easy!  Once your code is e-mailed to you, which is instantaneous on registration, you can then e-mail your friends, put it on our Logbook Pro Brochure, etc. and upon checkout, your friends will see a Promotional Code box on the payment screen where they can enter the code you provided.  At checkout your account will be immediately credited with a referral and at the end of the month, be paid for all referrals for the month.  It's that easy, click, get code, send out, make money!  You asked, we listened, we acted!  We hope you enjoy the new system and it makes it easier for you to spread the word on this great logbook solution.

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.: Tell us what YOU think about Logbook Pro

We love to hear what you think of Logbook Pro, our leading logbook solution since 1998.  Share your thoughts about Logbook Pro and how its helped you in your aviation experience.  Did you use Logbook Pro to help prepare insurance forms, interviews, or simply the dreaded FAA 8710?  Tell us how you use Logbook Pro and we'll share your comments on our testimonials page.  Click here to add your testimonial now.  To view other testimonials, click here.

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.: Help Spread the Word - Share our Brochures

Show the Logbook Pro Spirit and help spread the word.  We've put together a nice two-sided brochure for you to pin up at your local FBO's, Flying Lounges, and link to your aviation web sites.  Click here to download the brochure, use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

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