Logbook Pro Newsletter - March 2004 Edition

Happy Birthday Logbook Pro


.: Logbook Pro Turns 6!!!

We are happy to celebrate Logbook Pro's sixth birthday this March after six great years serving the aviation community.  Logbook Pro entered the market after two long years of research and development beginning 1996, selling online for the first time in March 1998.  We are excited with where Logbook Pro has come in this six years that went so fast.  We are continuing to improve upon a solid foundation our customers have learned to love and rely on.  Over the past six years we are proud to say there has been ZERO data lost cases and tremendous feedback on how Logbook Pro has been a life saver in their aspiring aviation careers.  Helping aviators prepare for the toughest of interviews, fill out cosmic insurance forms, or simple record keeping to reflect the pride of their accomplishments and compliance with regulations around the world.  Logbook Pro is standing stronger than ever!

We receive e-mails from time to time telling us how crazy we are to not be putting out a new version on a scheduled basis to capture upgrading revenues like many other software vendors.  We at NC Software take pride in the quality of our product and that speaks for itself.  Logbook Pro's user base continues to grow each and every month exceeding prior months records.  We are continuing to grow in the aviation marketplace and our number one priority is customer satisfaction, product reliability, usability, and ensuring we have the best possible aviation flight logging software available.  Although our product still holds a "version 1" title, we have updated this software product numerous times over the past six years, some of which have been major upgrades with others would easily charge for.  So don't be fooled with a product bearing a version 1 version number.  Logbook Pro is mature, advanced, reliable, secure, and proven!

Happy Birthday Logbook Pro - we commit to many more years of aviation service and excellence ahead.

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.: Logbook Pro Site Licensing Available

As the leader in the aviation logbook industry, we are extending our product line to suit that of larger corporations and all flight schools at discounted cost.  Taking away the worry of terminal licensing, site licenses provide unlimited use of the Enterprise Edition in the registered corporation or flight school.  We appreciate the commitment of flight schools educating our future aviators and their future success and have discounted site licenses for ALL flight schools.  To learn more about Logbook Pro's new site licenses, click here.  Tell your flight schools, business managers, and aviation corporations today about the new site licensing and help them provide you with Logbook Pro, the world leader in aviation flight logging.

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.: Spring Fever - Take Logbook Pro with you!

Are you getting the itch to fly with spring peeking through the cooler weather spells?  On the East Coast we've been teased lately with Spring-like days, deep blue skies and we find ourselves walking around looking up all the time.  Yes, we have the itch!  Now that you are heading to the airport to hop in the airplane and go enjoy the spring like weather, or if you're headed out on the next trip, don't forget to pull your PDA off the cradle and take Logbook Pro with you!  Don't you hate coming home and having to get on the computer and log flights when you should be warming up the oven for pizza and your favorite beverage?  If you aren't taking advantage of Logbook Pro on your Palm or Pocket PC, you don't know what you are missing!  Fly your flight and before even getting out of the plane (shut down of course) jot your flight details in your PDA and just drop in the cradle upon return to sync into Logbook Pro PC edition.  It's that simple!  Now you can get back to food and entertainment and not have to worry about any more "work" associated with the flight.  Click here to learn more about Logbook Pro PDA products.

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.: Logbook Pro Version 2 Update

We are working hard on Logbook Pro's next major update, version 2!  To update you on the status, we are working hard with our volunteer research group to determine functionality, feature requirements, usability improvements, and each and every way we can assure version 2 is a clear winner for you, the customer, the moment it releases.  Building a new software product from the ground up requires time and devotion with great attention to detail.  We spent two years on version 1 ensuring features, quality, security, reliability, and ease of use, and it has paid off tremendously, we know you like it.  We want the very same with version 2.  We don't have any dates to announce at this time, simply because it is the curse of software development to guarantee the date will not be met!  We are continuing to provide updates and new features for version 1 as we are working on 1.9.6, the next free maintenance update for Logbook Pro, shooting for release 1-3 months from this newsletter writing.  Many ask if it is safe to buy version 1 now or wait for version 2...version 2 is NOT coming out any time soon, it is still a long way off.  It is our recommendation to get version 1 now if you haven't already.  Get your logbooks up-to-date and the transition to version 2 will be simple.  As for the cost of upgrades, we do not have this information and will not set pricing until we close out public beta testing and get feedback from our customers.  As for order protection, please refer to our policies for information regarding those that qualify for a free upgrade when the time comes.  It is imperative that we hear your feedback and wishes for version 2.  Please take the time and tell us what you want to see in version 2 by using our Wish List forums online.  Keep the great feedback and ideas coming...Logbook Pro is what it is today because of YOU!

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.: Called to Interview?

The economy is turning around, the doors at the airline hiring departments are starting to let light seep through, our fellow aviators are going to interviews again, are YOU prepared for yours?  Be sure your logbook is in order, caught up, and you've considered how you are going to present your data.  Nothing would be a better first impression on your attention to detail and quality of work than presenting your interviewer your quality personalized leather binder with your Logbook Pro data within.  Click here to view our leather binder line specifically for use with Logbook Pro.  Use our heavy bond, perforated, pre-hole punched, off-white paper packs for the perfect presentation.  The time is now, get ready, get set, go!  Get hired and get back in the skies with Logbook Pro!

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.: New Logbook Pro Brochure Available

Help get the word out about Logbook Pro, download our updated Brochure today.  Print out the double-sided brochure and display on your aviation bulletin boards, your aviation web sites, etc.  For those that are part of the refer-a-friend program, don't forget to write your REFCODE on the brochure so you can get $10 for each and every sale made using your REFCODE.  Click here to download our latest Logbook Pro brochure and help spread the word.

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.: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Pocket PC isn't accepting my registration code.
A: Try soft resetting the device (reset button on bottom of device) then retry.  Be sure to enter the name and key code exactly as reflected on your Pocket PC Companion license invoice.

Q: I bought the Logbook Pro license for $29.95 but the code says invalid.
A: The license for $29.95 is for the PDA companion only.  The PC product of Logbook Pro must be licensed separately from this link.  However, for PDA companions, the license code must be entered on the PDA and under the PDA Companions menu.

Q: I tried installing the Palm Companion but I get an error about Palm OS 4.x?
A: To install the Palm Companion, be sure to use the Install link under the PDA Companions\Palm Companion menu area. We updated the documentation online but the documentation in 1.9.5 may be misleading in the installation topic.

Q: I ordered the APDL product for my Palm Device but the key code isn't working?
A: The most common cause for this issue is confusion over NC Software's Logbook Pro Palm Companion and Auman Software's Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook (APDL).  APDL is sold from our store however the license code comes from Auman software and is used for their product only.  Be sure to download APDL from the link provided in the invoice or from the Auman Software APDL web site.

Q: I get an error trying to sync my PDA with my Logbook Pro Professional Clone file?
A: Logbook Pro PDA Companions can only synchronize with the Master data file (Professional/Enterprise Editions only).  PDA Companions cannot sync with _clone.lbk files.

Q: I purchased the Logbook Pro PDA product but how do I see my flights?
A: As stated on the Logbook Pro web site, the PDA companions are simple add-only devices for adding flights while on the road.  They do provide report functionality and the ability to view data entered on the PDA, however, complete logbook data is not sync'd to the PDA for use.  Our intent is to provide a simple system for rapid data entry to be sync'd to the PC upon return.  This allows for higher performance operations and lower cost of ownership.

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.: Electronic Refer-a-Friend Program ($10 per Referral)

One of the highest requested items over the years has been to move to an electronic referral system as the system of printing out referrals was too cumbersome and for the "I want it now" Internet delivery system, the delay in the ordering process was not acceptable.  We've listened and we are proud to announce our new high-tech refer-a-friend system.

Available only to registered customers, from within Logbook Pro 1.9.5 and later you will see a Refer-a-Friend button on the toolbar, as well as available from other menus from within the software.  If registered, you will be taken to a page where you can sign-up to receive your promotion code.  It's that easy!  Once your code is e-mailed to you, which is instantaneous on registration, you can then e-mail your friends, put it on our Logbook Pro Brochure, etc. and upon checkout, your friends will see a Promotional Code box on the payment screen where they can enter the code you provided.  At checkout, your account will be immediately credited with a referral and at the end of the month be paid for all referrals for the month.  It's that easy, click, get code, send out, make money!  You asked, we listened, we acted!  We hope you enjoy the new system and it makes it easier for you to spread the word on this great logbook solution.

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.: Tell us what YOU think about Logbook Pro

We love to hear what you think of Logbook Pro, our leading logbook solution since 1998.  Share your thoughts about Logbook Pro and how its helped you in your aviation experience.  Did you use Logbook Pro to help prepare insurance forms, interviews, or simply the dreaded FAA 8710?  Tell us how you use Logbook Pro and we'll share your comments on our testimonials page.  Click here to add your testimonial now.  To view other testimonials, click here.

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