Logbook Pro Newsletter - August 2004

.: MGOent Summer Sale -- 15% OFF all MGOent. Products in AUGUST - no coupon required! :.

Sale ends midnight Eastern, Aug 31st, 2004

.: Sale - 15% on all MGOent. Order Items for ENTIRE month of August!

No coupon required, any line order item containing a MGOent. product, including suites bundled with Logbook Pro, will automatically have 15% removed at checkout!  No coupons to remember, simply buy what you want, as many as you want, whenever you want, for the entire month of August and enjoy a huge 15% discount!  Items already marked down, take an ADDITIONAL 15% off of those automatically!  MGOent. is showing their appreciation for the Logbook Pro community an extending a great opportunity for the entire month of August!  This is the perfect opportunity to get both Logbook Pro and MGOent. products at a great discount.

.: NC Software has been experiencing Technical Difficulties...

July was a gruesome month for the IT side of NC Software and we sincerely apologize for the frustrations of our friends attempting communication.  Approximately the 14th of July we performed a network re-configuration to load balance the extreme activity our sites have been experiencing with the growth of our software products, especially Logbook Pro.  Shortly thereafter, the following Monday, virus activity was at a high level on the Internet so we added additional security layers to help secure out networks, in the end, we ended up blocking legitimate e-mails as well!  Finally, a DNS record went missing in action causing us severe e-mail problems.  So as you can see, it's been a frustrating month for all sides and we sincerely apologize. We were able to receive your e-mails but unable to get through to our recipients until the DNS issue was resolved and propagated the Internet.  For those that included phone numbers in support requests, we followed up with phone calls after identifying the problems, however, many people e-mailed directly to support instead of using the support ticketing system, which requests your phone number should we need to call you to assist.  We highly recommend the use of our community forums for communication with NC Software if the issue is not a private/sensitive issue.  The forums allow others to see the answers to your questions, so they can learn from your question, as well as other Logbook Pro users may have the answer before NC Software has a chance to respond.  Forum members are encouraged to participate in assisting others and sharing your experiences with Logbook Pro, so please, feel free to communicate on our forums, that's the purpose.

This past week we moved our servers to a new location and on the 15th of August there may be slight down times as we add new hardware to our network to handle the increased demands and growth of NC Software.  If you submitted an inquiry and did not receive a response.  Please e-mail us ASAP using the support ticketing system and we will provide the due answers promptly.

.: Sporty's Pilot Shop chooses Logbook Pro...

We are excited to announce Sporty's Pilot Shop selected Logbook Pro to be their exclusive electronic logbook! After 10 years of searching for an electronic logbook, Sporty's adopts Logbook Pro as their exclusive e-logbook.  We are excited to join forces with the world's leading aviation super store and provide Logbook Pro to the millions of Sporty's customers.  You will see an exclusive logbook page in this fall's Sporty's catalog featuring Logbook Pro and accessories.

.: Frequently Asked Questions
  1. When running the Pocket PC Companion and clicking a Report button, the program closes

    Answer:  This is caused by an incorrect ActiveSync installation.  Be sure when configuring ActiveSync to select the 9 PDA prefixed items AND the 4 tblPalm prefixed items
  2. I purchased APDL but the serial number doesn't work

    Answer:  Be sure to use the APDL serial number ONLY in Auman Software's PDA logbook and NOT Logbook Pro PDA Companions.  Our PDA Companions are licensed separately from the NC Software Secure Online Store.  Reference:  Click here for article
  3. Logbook Pro starts up but all I see is a task bar icon on the bottom of the screen

    Answer:  This is a bug in Logbook Pro and all you have to do is right-click on the task bar icon and choose Maximize.  This bug will be fixed in the next maintenance release (free update) coming soon.
    Reference: Click here for article
  4. Logbook Pro is slow on startup, how can I make it start instantly again?

    Answer:  The issue is with the new background updater by InstallShield implemented in that appears to have a conflict with Zone Alarm Pro.  In the next update we will add a setting to bypass the update checking on program launch but the Online...Check for Updates as well as from the Start menu will remain. 
    Reference:  Click here for article
  5. I'm unable to Sync my PDA Companion and noticed there is no "NCSoftware" entry in the "Data Sources (ODBC)" area of my Windows Control Panel

    Answer.  The DSN not getting created may be a permissions issue or drivers missing on your operating system such as the one required for the database communications.  You can add it manually from the steps listed in the reference article below:
    Reference:  Click here for article
  6. I get a "Database not found" error when starting up my Pocket PC Companion

    Answer:  This is a bug in ActiveSync 3.7.1 that disallows overwriting the existing database file if it already exists on your Pocket PC.  This problem is typically from a first failed install of the ActiveSync configuration per the documentation, then a subsequent reinstall.  The reinstall doesn't issue the database properly due to the bug.  Please follow the steps in the reference article below to clear Logbook Pro from your Pocket PC, then follow the installation instructions carefully and completely as outlined here.
    Reference:  Click here for article
  7. When installing Logbook Pro I cannot get past the Name/Company dialog

    Answer:  We apologize for this as both the Name and Company fields require text to proceed with the installation.  These fields are not used for anything so enter anything as desired to proceed with the installation.  In the next update to Logbook Pro we have removed the Name/Company information dialog altogether.

.: MGOent. Adds New Products for Full-Sized Landscape Model

The most requested binder continues to grow with new products now available for the 98-004 Full-Sized Carry Model (Landscape Leather Binder).  MGOent. just announced the availability of manual entry pages for keeping hand-written records while away from your PC as well as complimenting your printouts with the cover page, identification page, totals pages, annual time summary page, and a flight summary page.  This new product comes with 40 manual entry pages (both left and right sides) and one of each of the above mentioned page types.  This rounds out a professional presentation of your hard earned flight experience.  Check out the new products by clicking here.

Coming soon...endorsement pages for the 98-004 model.  Expect more information in the next newsletter.

.: Split downloads available for slower Internet connections

We know some are still using dialup connections and may experience difficulties downloading Logbook Pro at peak Internet traffic times (nights).  For large downloads on dialup, take advantage of the new Split Download series allowing you to download smaller "chunks" of the Logbook Pro installer, one at a time with ease.  After all split files have been downloaded, unzip them IN ORDER, then double-click the EXE to begin the installation.

Click here to download Logbook Pro today (Split downloads are on the lower right portion of the screen) 

.: Buy Online - Secure 128-bit Encrypted Checkout

Buying Logbook Pro is easy and 100% automated.  No delay in getting your software product beyond the entry limits of the Evaluation version.  Visit our Secure Online Store and purchase Logbook Pro, an upgrade, PDA Companion, and a Leather Binder for the perfect logbook solution.  Check out our suites allowing significant savings.  View our Third Party add-on products such as the FlightCentral Route Browser and Auman Software's PDA logbooks for 121 operators.