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April 2005

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In this Newsletter:
   ▪ Sun 'n Fun 2005
   ▪ Visit our Booth at Sporty's - May 14th
   ▪ Logbook Pro Released
   ▪ Speed Logging - Tips for both PC and PDA Logging
   ▪ Do you use EasyLog?
   ▪ Are you prepared for disaster?
   ▪ Treo Fever II
   ▪ Earn $10 for Every Referral
 Sun 'n Fun 2005

Congratulations and my hat's off to all those who participated in this years Sun 'n Fun annual Airshow event.  If you have never been to a Sun 'n Fun mark your calendars and be sure to go to this incredible event next year!  Sun 'n Fun represents the true spirit of aviation and reinforces the passion of aviation within us all.  This year was my first visit to Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland Florida and I was absolutely impressed.  The professionalism of all the volunteers, the smoothness of the entire operation, the fantastic demonstrations, the impressive displays of new aircraft, many of which showing off the new Garmin 1000 glass cockpit, and so much more.  I believe my common phrase during the Airshow was "that's just not right!"  The Decathlon demo, the Stearman, the formation flying, and all the acro inches off the runway!  The flying demonstrations went from "keeping you on your toes" to nostalgia with the warbirds flying overhead in large formations.  As a pilot with mostly fan time, you know, the spinning mechanisms on the aft part of the aircraft, it was great seeing the history of aviation before me.

So once again, thank you to all those who put together this wonderful event, those that donated your priceless flying, the volunteers who make an event like this possible, and the aviation community for coming together at events like this.  Visit the Sun 'n Fun web site to view information about this years event and save to your favorites so you can stay tuned for the next Sun 'n Fun.

 Visit our Booth at Sporty's - May 14th
Saturday, May 14, 2005      Rain or Shine
10 am - 3 pm
Clermont County / Sporty's Airport (I69)
Batavia, OH

Mark your calendars and come visit the greatest aviation superstore, Sporty's Pilot Shop on Saturday, May 14th, 2005.  Click here to view more information about the event.  I look forward to meeting all of you so please stop by the NC Software booth as we'll have a few goodies to give away.  Bring your prospective Logbook Pro customers as well as we have a few goodies for our prospective customers.  I'll see you there!!!

 Logbook Pro Released

Logbook Pro is now available for immediate download.  This is a minor update after receiving great feedback from our customers.  We also wanted to get in a few refinements in preparation for the mass CD production for the upcoming Sporty's event as well as update our graphics to fall inline with the new web sites coming out soon.  Version is a free update and is highly recommended as always to stay updated with the latest version of Logbook Pro for accuracy and reliability.

For those using 1.9.7.x or earlier, download the latest version from our web site.  Uninstall Logbook Pro prior to installing the version (data and registration are not affected when uninstalling).  For those using or later, the automatic update system will automatically download the update and inform you when it's ready to install provided the background update system has not been disabled.  You can check for updates at any time by clicking Online...Check for Updates within Logbook Pro.

The following information outlines the improvements in

  • CrossFire Client series of PDA Companions updated against latest runtime engine
  • Pocket PC warning message when data file not found updated to reflect updated documentation
  • PDA Wizard enhanced adding the option to enter the PDA Companion license code at end of installation process
  • ActiveSync note to ensure "Pocket Access" is checked in ActiveSync Options area to ensure Logbook Pro's data remains synchronized
  • Installation's updated to use new Microsoft MSI version 3 installer technology for more reliable installs and patch updates
  • Resolved an issue after synchronizing APDL data and currencies using "Total Landings" as an item were not calculating properly
  • Removed block from backups to CD-R(W) "optical media" which remains unsupported as a backup medium from within Logbook Pro.  Backing up to optical media requires a lock by DirectCD to function, but again is not supported.  Backups must be made to the local hard drive or floppy drives, non-optical media only
  • Added new dialog to process background updates allowing the option to backup your data file prior to install as well as cancel out of the update and be reminded the next time Logbook Pro runs
  • Other minor enhancements and branding with new graphics
  • See the full list of revisions here

Need the new version on CD-ROM?  Click here to order the latest version on CD-ROM for only $9.95.  Don't fight with slow Internet connections, we'll send you a CD-ROM promptly so you can maintain the latest version on disk.

 Speed Logging - Tips for Both PC and PDA Logging

No one likes to sit at the computer when it's nice outside and we typically fly when the weather is nice.  Wouldn't you rather be out at the barbeque grill or spending time with family or throwing the frisbee/ball for rover the mutt instead of logging your flights?  As much as we enjoy your company at the terminal in front of Logbook Pro we realize there may be better things to do with your time.  Logbook Pro was designed to allow the most rapid flight logging without sacrificing accuracy.  Here are a few things you may not be aware of that's built into Logbook Pro to streamline the flight logging process:

  1. Automatic Duration Calculation:  Go into the Options...Flight Log area of Logbook Pro and you'll see a section in the middle right where you can specify automatic Duration calculations.  Options for calculation are: Takeoff to Landing, Out to In, or None.

  2. Autofill:  Visit the Options...Autofill section of Logbook Pro and you can specify, by Aircraft Type, fields that will receive the Duration value automatically when the Duration changes.  For example, if you have C-172 in Options Autofill to automatically enter PIC and SOLO, anytime a flight log entry is made for C-172, when the Duration is changed, the PIC and SOLO columns will automatically have the Duration value entered as well.

  3. Double-Click Auto-Entry: (Single-Tap for PDA Companions)  Now I bet you didn't know this one...  Start a new flight log entry and enter the standard information such as Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration.  Now go to other time columns (PC version) and double-click in the cell, for example Cross Country.  Notice Logbook Pro will automatically enter the Duration for you.  If it's a custom counter column, a "1" will be entered, and so on.  The same functionality is on the PDA Companions where simply tapping in a field will set the Duration value (once the Duration has been specified) or a "1" for counter type columns.

  4. Recent Entry Recall:  Logbook Pro remembers the last information entered for common columns such as Date, Type, Ident, and Route.  Tabbing across columns in a logbook session will automatically recall the last item entered.  The Date column can be set to today's date by pressing "T" on your keyboard, or the prior entered date by pressing "P" on the keyboard.

These are just a few of the efficient methods built into Logbook Pro to make flight logging easy, fast, and accurate.  PDA Companions can take a matter of seconds to log a flight as well incorporating Autofill and Single-Tap Auto-Entry as described above.  I hope you learned something new in this months tip section.  Happy Flight Logging...

 Do you use EasyLog?

It has come to my attention that EasyLog, a logbook program available to Delta Airline pilot's, is being phased out the end of this year.  I cannot confirm this information or the sources, however, over the past few weeks several have inquired about importing EasyLog data to Logbook Pro for this reason.

YES!  EasyLog can be easily imported to Logbook Pro.  Create a zip file of your EasyLog DB folder and e-mail the ZIP file to support@nc-software.com.  We'll take your EasyLog data and export it to a TAB delimited data file and return the TAB delimited data file to you for use with the Logbook Pro Import Wizard.  First time exports of third party data is free with proof of Logbook Pro purchase.  Include your Logbook Pro order number and we'll export your EasyLog data typically within 24 hours.  It takes all of 10 minutes to do!

 Are you prepared for disaster?

There is no worse e-mail then hearing about someone losing years of data due to a computer crash, virus, stolen PC, etc.  I've heard them all and I cringe when I ask "do you have a backup" and the answer is no.  Logbook Pro has a built in backup system which can automatically create backups when closing Logbook Pro or on a set schedule.  View the Options...Backup area to configure.  You can also create backups at any time by clicking File..Archive..Backup.

It is highly recommended to create backups frequently and store a copy "off-site" such as at a relatives home, safe deposit box, wherever.  Computers are not immortal and something will go wrong when we least expect it!  Be diligent with a disaster plan.  Think "what if this computer got stolen, what would I do?"  Are you prepared? 

A common inquiry we receive is in regard to backing up to CD-ROMs such as CD-R, DVD, or CD-RW, etc.  Logbook Pro does NOT support backing up to optical media.  It "may" work if DirectCD has a lock on the optical drive but this backup media is not supported.  Backups must be made to the local hard drive, a network drive, or floppy media.  You can copy the .BAK file (a compressed copy of your data) to a CD-R(W) or any other media after the backup has been created using your favorite program such as Nero, Roxio, DirectCD, etc.

So please help us help you!  Backup backup backup!  There is no worse support ticket then "help - 911 - emergency" and there's nothing we can do to help you out!


 Treo Fever II

In last months Logbook Pro newsletter I discussed the Palm Treo 650 PDA Phone.  However, in all the excitement I failed to provide a link to purchase a "must have" which is the desktop charging cradle.  I also suggest checking out the Bluetooth Jabra BT 250 headset that works great with the Treo 650 as well.  I'll include a picture and link to that product for those interested.

I stumbled across information that announced a software update available for the Palm Treo 650's.  You can get the software updater from this link.

Learn more about the Treo 650 from PalmOne.  Click the images below to learn more about the accessories and order direct from Amazon.com.

Treo 650 Charging Cradle
Click here to order

Jabra BT250
Click here to order

 Earn $10 for Every Referral

We appreciate all of the great referrals to Logbook Pro and we want to make sure we are compensating you for your efforts.  At the top right of Logbook Pro is a menu item "Refer-a-Friend" which allows you to register for a referral "promotional" code (if Logbook Pro is registered).  Click this button and provide a few details (US customers only) and refer your friends, co-workers, crew mates, students, instructors, etc. about Logbook Pro.  Jot down your referral code and when they order have them enter the referral code on the last screen of the order process where the credit card numbers are entered.  They will see a "Promotional Code" box where they enter YOUR referral code and you will be paid $10 for each and every purchase, paid out monthly.  It's that easy, just spread the word; and in just a few referrals, your Logbook Pro is paid off! Keep referring and pocket a few extra dollars to spend as you wish.

*Referrals are not retroactive and can only be paid out when the referral code is used when placing an order. United States residents only.