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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter December 2005 Edition

In this Newsletter:

Remembering Mark P. Schaden, Webmaster,

With great sadness, I share the news of a tragic loss to the aviation community, Mark Schaden, the Webmaster of one of the largest aviation web sites and community forums, died tragically in an aircraft mid-air collision on October 14th, 2005.

Mark was not only a close friend to myself, but he was also one of the pioneers of Logbook Pro working along side NC Software during initial concept phases in 1996.  Since then, Mark and I have grown Logbook Pro to be the world leading aviation logbook solution across the globe.  As Mark and I continued our ventures in the aviation community, NC Software returned the favor to Mark in helping him build his dream at  Going through iteration upon iteration of web sites and ultimately building one of the largest aviation community portals, you are welcome to share in Mark's dream on his content rich forums located at

October 14th started out as a glorious day, closing on a new home, as Mark recently did himself, it was my birthday, then tragic news came of his accident and sudden death.  Immediately, I worked with the Schaden family to build a memorial fund for Mark and establish a conduit for donations to help his surviving family; Jeni (wife), Callie(5), Nathaniel(3), and Cooper(1).  If you would like to donate to the Mark Schaden Memorial Fund and help his family during this holiday season and beyond, please see the details below.

Mail donations made out to "Mark Schaden Memorial Fund" to the following address:

Middlefield Banking Co.
C/O: Mark Schaden Memorial Fund
PO Box 35
Middlefield, OH  44062

All funds donated go directly to the Schaden family.

May Mark Schaden rest in peace.  His dream at will live on and has been taken over by his brother Michael, co-founder of Aviation Communications, Inc.

Logbook Pro 1.9.9 Released

NC Software announces yet another significant and FREE upgrade for all Logbook Pro customers.  Version 1.9.9 brings more exciting new features and changes to its proven aviation software logbook, just in time for the holidays.  Your feedback is what makes Logbook Pro what it is today and as always, we listened, we documented, we implemented.  So what's new in 1.9.9?  See below:

  •  PDA Companions Separated from PC Download/Install :.
    The "PDA Wizard" has been removed from Logbook Pro as the PDA Companion installations have been removed from the core PC download and installation.  By separating the the PDA Companion installations allows us to cut the core PC software download by nearly 10 MB.  Additionally, we can now provide smaller updates such as an update to the Pocket PC software without requiring a download or update to the PC product.
  •  Brand new FAA 8710 - Complete Form :.
    Another exciting change is the brand new COMPLETE FAA 8710 Logbook Pro prints out for you.  When first generating a 8710 report, Logbook Pro will present you with a four tabbed dialog to fill in the defaults to use for the 8710 (click to view).  After the initial information is stored, generating an 8710 could not be easier.  No longer do you have to transcribe the information from Logbook Pro's template to your actual 8710 Part III.
  •  Signature Image for Split-Series Reports :.
    Tired of signing every page of your Logbook Pro Flight Logbook printout?  Version 1.9.9 adds a new feature for those with scanners where you can specify an image of your signature to be placed on the signature line of every printed page. (learn more...)
  •  Various Other Enhancements below :.
  • FAR 121 Supplemental Summaries added to FAR 121 Status Reports
  •  New, Simplified Product Registration System for PC and PDA Companion registrations
  •  Currency Editor enhanced for additional logic protection, i.e. cannot choose the "AND" connector between the ANY TO PASS and ALL TO PASS boxes if either box has no currency items.  It will default to "OR."  For those with existing currency configurations it is suggested to use the "OR" connector if either of the two boxes is empty of currency items.
  •  Enhanced "hands on keyboard support" while entering flight log data.  When viewing a field that has an additional dialog such as block time entry, approaches, expenses, you can now press ENTER or SPACEBAR keys to bring up the related dialog.
  •  Options...Backup has a new checkbox (setting) to enable/disable disk spanning.  With the spanning feature enabled, the backup system will LABEL the removable media to keep track of span sets.  If you are backing up to removable media that has sufficient space to store a backup (typically 800 KB is sufficient) it is suggested to disable the disk spanning option as it is not required.  This only applies if re-labeling removable media is a concern.
  •  Date Filter, such as used when filtering reports, graphs, etc. now remembers your last entered date filter.  When viewing a date filter on a subsequent use it will default to the prior selected date filter start and ending dates.
  •  Software update system enhanced to NOT remove .OLD (archive) files
  •  PDA Companions have been improved by not requiring an application restart when changing display configuration options.
  •  PDA focus enhanced for use with jog dial devices such as Treo 650's
  •  PDA time fields widened to allow larger time value entries
  •  Background software update checks now occur when closing Logbook Pro to prevent delayed startups.
  •  Various additional tweaks and improvements throughout the suite

Download the latest version of Logbook Pro for the PC, Palm OS, and Pocket PC today.  If you would like to receive the latest version on CD-ROM, you can purchase a Software CD for $9.95 by clicking the image below.  Ready to purchase a Logbook Pro license?  Click here to get your instant unlock code today.

Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook 6.0.1 and Schedule Importer 6.0.4

The APDL Development team has been hard at work and announces the immediate availability of APDL 6.0.1 for both Palm OS and Pocket PC's.  This is a FREE update to all registered 6.x licensed customers.  APDL 6.0.1 includes various minor updates as well as an update for 30/7 and Continuous Duty Trips.  Download your free updates for the Palm OS or Pocket PC today.  Not currently registered, click here to purchase your APDL license code and lift evaluation restrictions immediately.

The FREE APDL Schedule Importer has been updated and the latest version is now 6.0.4.  You can download the update for the Windows Client or use the Web based importer available on the APDL Portal.  What's new?

New Filters :.

  •  Gemini
  •  Allegiant Air
  •  Mesaba (Modified Pairing)
  •  Qatar Airlines
  •  Lan Airlines

Updated :.

  •  Flica
  •  USAir
  •  UPS
  •  Crewtrac

.: Did you remember to change APDL for Daylight Savings Time?

Daylight Savings ended on Oct. 30th at 2:00am (USA). For a list of changes worldwide click here. On or after Oct 30th, uncheck "Daylight Savings is in effect" on the "Timezone Settings" preference page. If you are importing trips after October 30th, wait until you have unchecked "Daylight Savings is in effect". If you have a trip that starts before October 30th, Import the trip. Then switch to your Logbook Time zone, and manually correct the times after 2:00 am on Oct 30th.

Windows Mobile 5 / ActiveSync 4.x

Microsoft released their new Pocket PC operating system "Windows Mobile 5" which uses ActiveSync 4.x to sync with your PC.  What was initially announced as a minor interface update to the Pocket PC operating system has turned into a major overhaul of both the OS and ActiveSync.  Due to these drastic unforeseen changes, Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion and Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook for the Pocket PC OS are NOT yet compatible with these updates.  We are still analyzing the changes and developing a strategy to support these new updates.  For those looking to use our PDA products it is suggested to hold off on the purchase of these new devices as we do not have a time frame for support of the new Microsoft updates for the Pocket PC.  Also realize ActiveSync 4 is designed for Windows Mobile 5 devices and it is suggested for those using Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 2003) or earlier remain with ActiveSync 3.8.

Refer-a-Friend Program Management Site Available

Although the Refer-a-Friend program remained active and continued to process referral sales, the management site was not available with the release of the new NC Software web sites as of September 12th.  The new Refer-a-Friend management site is now available again and accepting applications for new Refer-a-Friend accounts.  All affiliate commissions prior to the September 12th web site updates are not available for viewing in the new management web portal.

If you're interested in earning $10 for each and every referral (subject to terms) click the "Refer-a-Friend" button on the top right of Logbook Pro.  If you are a registered user of Logbook Pro you will be taken to the Refer-a-Friend Affiliate portal where you can sign up for your referral/promotional code or login to view your affiliate sales activity.  Signing up is easy and you'll immediately receive your referral code to give out to friends which they can enter under the credit card entry data when checking out from our Online Store.  When they enter your referral code YOU will get a $10 check for each and every referral you bring to either Logbook Pro or APDL full product sales.  Now's a great time with the holiday season as family members purchasing Logbook Pro or APDL can use your referral code in purchasing gifts from our store and you'll receive the credit.

Featuring Premier Leather Binders

The Premier Leather Desk Model binder has the traditional look of a flight logbook. This binder has the premier brown leather with the gold print, gold corner savers and gold rings. The front inside cover has handy pockets for identification or credit cards. This logbook comes in two different colors.


  •  Dimensions: 10 inches long x 6-1/2 inches wide
  •  Rings: 3/4 inch diameter x 6 inch heavy duty gold rings
  •  Colors Available: Black (#300) and Brown (#100) soft premier leather
  •  Option for personalization on front cover
  •  Holds approximately 80 sheets of pre-drilled/perforated paper
  •  Desk models have identification and credit card pockets in front cover for convenience
  •  98-001 #300-Black Features Gold Lettering with the option for personalization also in gold letters.  Gold corner savers and heavy duty gold rings and identification or credit card pockets on the inside cover.
  •  98-001 #100-Brown Features Gold Lettering with the option for personalization in gold letters. Gold corner savers and heavy duty gold rings and identification or credit card pockets on the inside cover.

Click images to learn more:

.: 98-001 (#300) Premier Black Leather Desk Model

.: 98-001 (#100) Premier Brown Leather Desk Model


How to purchase software as a Gift

Purchasing software from our Online Store is simple, easy, and fast.  Purchasing a software item as a gift is just as easy but requires one additional critical piece of information to ensure the license is generated for the intended recipient, not the billing name (you).  As seen in the image below, there is a box labeled "Registration Name (Optional):" which tells the store to generate the unlock code for this (entered) name.  If this is not used, the billing name on the account will be used to generate the license information, which of course your gift recipient may not want showing on their brand new software gift. 

To summarize, when purchasing software as a gift please be sure to enter the gift recipients name in the "Registration Name (optional)" box BEFORE adding this item to your shopping basket.

Gift Certificates Available

Not sure what to give this holiday season?  Want to give your flight instructor something special to say "thanks" for risking their life teaching you to fly? (LOL)  Are you a spouse that was forwarded this e-mail to "get the hint?"  Well worry no more, NC Software sells gift certificates making it easy this holiday season to let your loved one, friend, flight instructor, co-workers shop at their leisure and purchase anything they'd like from the NC Software catalog.  Click an image below to purchase a gift certificate today in the desired denominations.