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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter May 2006 Edition

~~~ Breaking News:  Logbook Pro 1.10 Released - FREE Update ~~~

In this Newsletter:

Logbook Pro 1.10 Released!!!

I am thrilled to announce, on behalf of the development team at NC Software, one of the most significant and most tested update in Logbook Pro's history, Version 1.10, has released.  Before I move on with the details of this exciting update, which by the way is another FREE update to our wonderful customers, I want to thank the team of over 110 beta testers that hammered Logbook Pro for the past 1-1/2 months!  The testers provided great feedback and contributed directly to the success of this new version of Logbook Pro.

Logbook Pro 1.10 brings a brand new user-interface to this award winning flight log software.  Actually you now have four user selectable interfaces to choose from, available from the new View...Menu Styles menu item (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Office 2003, and VS 2005).  Along with the new version you have a brand new PDA Wizard, as described in an article below which handles the synchronization of both Logbook Pro's PDA Companions and our Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook software.  We phased out SingleSync and it is now replaced with a more powerful synchronization solution.

We added new functionality, streamlined existing functionality, and of course, squashed a few bugs here and there!  We know of no known issues or bugs as of this writing!  Areas such as our one-click FAA 8710 generator has been improved, the block time entry system is more efficient, the population of the drop downs to select recent Aircraft Idents (N-Numbers) and Recent Custom Text items is improved, Split-Report series reports have major enhancements, the flight log sort pattern updated to prevent out of order flights after a PDA sync, and the Analyzer columns have been widened to improve readability of the data. 

The InstallShield Update Manager is a thing of the past.  Some thought it was spyware, although it was not, we had reliability issues with that service and have since replaced it with our own more powerful software notification service.  As users of software ourselves, nothing we hate doing more than having to make rounds on the sites we purchased our software from to check for updates. Yes, we are bit crazy about keeping our software up-to-date, so it's our passion to build in services to notify you of new updates and not have you chase down software updates from NC Software.

We're constantly improving our installation technology to ensure the most reliable and safe installation possible.  We heard of issues in the past where graphs wouldn't generate or areas would not open, we found the issue and completely rewrote the installers to provide you a rock solid installation now!  As our installations are "self-healing" so we also added a new "Detect and Repair" menu item in the Start...Programs group with Logbook Pro.  When other installations to your computer step on shared DLL's and cause problems, you can now easily correct this by running a Detect and Repair option.  We suggest not doing this unless told to do so by support, however, it simply automates an uninstall/reinstall for you.  The most common need is the infamous Error 530 when trying to do a backup, the DLL that's shared with that system has been corrupted by another program on your computer, now easily corrected.

The Logbook Pro PDA Companions have both been significantly updated.  The Palm Companion now uses CrossFire 6 for all and you no longer have to purchase a separate CrossFire license from AppForge.  The $25 license fee for Treo users is gone!  Simply download the new Logbook Pro Palm Companion and use!  The Pocket PC Companion, as described in the article below, is a complete rewrite taking advantage of Microsoft's latest technology - the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework version 2.  We overhauled the interface to take advantage of this new technology!  We also simplified the entire process with ActiveSync with ZERO configuration required.  Windows Mobile 5 and ActiveSync 4 are now fully supported.

This is an exciting release and we are thrilled to provide you yet another free update as we have done time after time since Logbook Pro first released in 1998, over 9 years ago!  Your feedback is what has made Logbook Pro what it is today.  We look forward to your posts in our Logbook Pro Wish List forum to document features you'd like to see in a future release.

Click here to download Logbook Pro 1.10 and get the latest PC software today.  We are now shipping the new Software CD's, see the article at the bottom of this newsletter or click here to order your Software CD for only $9.95 today.

Introducing the new Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion

We are extremely proud to bring you a brand new Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion, completely rewritten using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Version 2 for the most advanced and feature rich solution available.  We've taken advantage of the powerful features of the .NET Compact Framework to enhance Logbook Pro on the Pocket PC.  This is a FREE update for all registered Pocket PC owners!

Most importantly, Windows Mobile 5 and ActiveSync 4 are now fully supported.  The requirements to run the new Pocket PC software are:

  •  Logbook Pro for Windows 1.10.18 or later (PC Edition)
  •  Microsoft .NET Compact Framework version 2 (free from Microsoft)
  •  Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE, or Windows Mobile 5
  •  Any version of ActiveSync
  •  Standard and VGA resolutions supported, 240x240 "square" screens may experience scrollbars

For those that remember the days of configuring Pocket Access, ActiveSync, ASConfig.exe, on and on...these days are a thing of the past.  All you need to do now is make sure your Pocket PC is cradled and connected via ActiveSync, that's it!  There is absolutely nothing to configure, sit back, relax, and enjoy your Pocket PC edition of Logbook Pro.

Since the Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion is a complete rewrite, we took the time to streamline the interface.  The Certificates, Ratings, and History are now combined into one tabbed dialog.  The Logbook area which used to be seven dialogs, depending on custom fields, is now down to one dialog containing three tabs; logbook, approaches, custom.  It can't be any more efficient than this, it's a true success for all!  All of the automation features remain such as Logbook Pro's pioneered AutoFill system, One-Click Auto-Entry, automated Duration calculations, and customization of the layout such as the ability to hide block times if not used.  You can even experiment with Landscape layout for those using Windows Mobile 5, it is fully supported!

As before, data input is a breeze.  Click the bottom left icon to add a new entry, add the data, click the save button.   We added a new feature which is the blue thumb tack button on the toolbar.  Click it to quickly navigate among your saved flights.  When ready to sync to Logbook Pro, simply click File...Shutdown Logbook Pro on the Pocket PC to completely close the software and then cradle the device.  Launch Logbook Pro on the PC and start the PDA Wizard.  Once both Logbook Pro PC and Pocket PC are registered, you'll have full access to sync in the data from the Pocket PC.  Report areas are updated more frequently now as well.  Before it was updated with every synchronization.  Now, as long as your Pocket PC is cradled, which is where most of us keep them, every time you close Logbook Pro on the PC your Pocket PC will be automatically updated!  It just doesn't get any easier than this!

Enjoy this free update!  Click here to download now.

SingleSync Out - PDA Wizard In

We phased out SingleSync which is the software previously used to sync APDL to Logbook Pro.  In continuing the merging of APDL under the Logbook Pro product line, we designed a brand new PDA Wizard which handles the synchronization of all our PDA products to Logbook Pro.  The PDA Wizard handles synchronization from the Logbook Pro PDA Companions as well as the Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook (APDL), both Palm and Pocket PC editions.

We've been working hard over the years to try to clarify the different PDA applications, Logbook Pro and APDL, and how to sync to Logbook Pro is often confused.  The new PDA Wizard brings an end to this confusion.  We've also simplified the synchronization process and configuration of the Logbook Pro PDA Companions, no longer is any interaction with ActiveSync or any type of setting change required.  For the APDL side, the synchronization capabilities are enhanced with Logbook Pro's ability to pair N-Numbers to A/C Types for those that fly multiple types.  Additionally, you now have more control over the data coming in with a powerful Date Filter with several filtering choices, the default is "New APDL Flights" but if you're back logging or making corrections, you can now trap the data in a date range with ease.  Another common request is the ability to sync in fields that APDL tracks such as Crew, Hotel, Trip Number, and Flight Number.  You can map these to custom text fields created in the Options...Custom area or simply append them to the remarks column.  The legacy reports specific to APDL that were created by SingleSync are also carried forward and now accessed from the Logbook Pro Reports Menu after they are generated during a sync from APDL.

The PDA Wizard is yet another free new feature of Logbook Pro and APDL.  We are continuously striving to better our software and make the flight logging experience more enjoyable and efficient for you.  We know you've been spending a lot of time away and probably don't want to spend a lot of time at the computer.  Our automated solutions and features such as the PDA Wizard will allow you to spend more time with family or the hobbies you desire.

New Help Desk - Streamlined Communications

We've added a brand new Help Desk to enhance our communications and support resources.  With the new help desk you will find answers to common questions, search our ever growing knowledgebase, read the latest news pertaining to your software, and track prior tickets with ease.  Often we do not get all of the required details when an inquiry is submitting causing you further delay in getting your problem solved.  With our new system we are able to collect the required information, such as what type of PDA are you using, what version, what registration code is not working, etc. and get you the answer you need on the first response. 

Please visit our support page for more information to assist you with your questions.  We invite you to ask your question on our community forums so others may learn from your inquiry.  Private correspondence such as registration related inquiries must be submitted via the help desk.  We invite your feedback as always to make sure we are providing you the service you expect.  We are always open to suggestions on how to improve.

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