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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter April 2008 Edition

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Keeping our aviation community strong

In the past few weeks we are witnessing the oil crisis take its toll on the airline industry.  Three airlines have closed their doors (Aloha, Skybus, ATA) and Frontier is filing for bankruptcy.  It is a sad situation but I cannot imagine the impact of rising prices of fuel on probably one of the highest consumers of this liquid gold!  It doesn't seem like the airlines are passing the higher costs on to the consumer as much as I would expect, it is no doubt a very sad situation with no fix in sight.

I'm interested to see how the rise in fuel prices are going to take a toll on the aviation industry projected out 20 years from now.  I can only imagine the number of student pilots has decreased as the cost to take flying lessons has probably doubled, if not more, than when I was cutting lawns and bagging groceries to pay for flight lessons far too many years ago!  Are we going to end up with an increasing need for pilots as the aviation industry grows yet have a shortage of pilots as a result of this crisis which sadly may be here to stay?

I don't know the answer to these problems but it is something we all need to be aware of. For those operating flight schools we need you to do everything in your power to inspire the future pilots and organizations with deeper pockets to promote young pilots to be to follow their dreams and not give up on aviation.  Let's not find ourselves 20 years down the road in a pilot shortage, and having been raised in aviation courtesy of the Air Force, I do recommend the military as a great starting point for anyone's flying career who has the opportunity to do so.

Please do your part to keep the aviation community strong, we are going to do everything we can as well as a member of the aviation community.

Choosing an electronic logbook

In our February newsletter we included two articles of interest for those considering the switch to an electronic logbook but have not yet made the transition.  Feel free to review these articles or read if you didn't get the February newsletter:  Top 10 reasons to switch from paper to Logbook Pro? and How do I transition from paper to Logbook Pro?

This month we'll take a look at considerations in choosing your electronic logbook and of course, we hope you'll choose Logbook Pro but we want you to make an educated decision.

  1. Reputable Company:

    It goes without saying before making any purchase you want to ensure the company you're dealing with is reputable, your financial transactions are safe, and the company is going to be around to support your purchase.  I'd say more logbook vendors than not are simply hobbyists that are selling something they created in their spare time yet are not dedicated to their product as a full time business venture.  Are they really a business entity or just trying to make a buck selling something they created in a spreadsheet?  Rest assured at NC Software this IS our primary business, we have a team of developers, and we provide free support for the life of your purchase.  We have been around since 1998, we are a corporation, and we use the highest levels of security to ensure the safety of your information.
  2. Be careful with "FREE":

    There are free logbooks out there, several of which are web based.  Realize when you choose something that is "FREE" that vendor has no obligation to you.  You could wake up tomorrow and is gone, the web site is no longer accessible, your data is gone!  Anyone can host a web page these days and putting up a site for you to collect simple information in what appears to be a logbook solution may be gone tomorrow and you have no idea what your information is being used for.
  3. Check the features:

    A logbook is more than data INPUT, the OUTPUT is equally important.  You may be lured into a low cost solution or even that FREE solution, but what good is it really doing you if you can't take your INPUT and turn it into your printed logbook?  Evaluate the printing capabilities prior to choosing your logbook solution.  We take pride in having the most extensive, advanced, and professional printing capability of any logbook solution ever.
  4. What can you do with your data?

    The first reason for an electronic logbook is an indestructible history of your aviation career.  You can create backups (or can you???) and store these backups in a free e-mail account, USB drive, CD-R(W), you name it.  The second reason is the ability to find errors and correct errors.  It is interesting to read the aviation message boards on how Logbook Pro helped to find errors, prevented pilots from logging flight times incorrectly, i.e. entering 1.8 for solo when the duration was 1.6.  And the third reason for electronic logbooks is the ability to get information out of your logbook such as how much instrument time you have in a particular aircraft, at night, cross-country, etc.  Amazingly, agencies will ask for flight information that is literally impossible to extract from a paper logbook, you would only be providing an estimate.  With Logbook Pro, you can print it, include it in your response and have the brand of authenticity "Logbook Pro" on your report to represent the credibility of your information.
  5. What are the licensing terms?

    We've heard of nightmares from a not so safe logbook solution where if you don't renew you are locked out of your data!  What happens if that company closes its doors as we've seen IT companies do (like AppForge that we used to use for our PDA products, one day they were gone, no notice at all!)?  Your data is now gone as it is tied to some crazy licensing scheme to get you to pay for your logbook over and over again.  Ask any of our Logbook Pro users how long they have had their product and what they have had to pay.  We started selling Logbook Pro in 1998, yes TEN years ago and they have received every update we made available FREE.  And Logbook Pro will function until the end of time, the license never expires and the activation system does not require communications with our servers.  Rest assured with Logbook Pro your data is yours for as long as you use it.
  6. Third party support?

    One measure of success is have other companies joined in to promote or sell your product?  Do they believe there is a business opportunity with this logbook solution such that they can invest in business relations and a product line that can be profitable with this solution.  Logbook Pro has had third party support for years.  We have the most extensive, if not the only third party binder vendor that actually created a series of leather binders and paper products solely for the use with Logbook Pro.  Formerly MGO Enterprises then acquired by Cirrus Elite Corporation, I am proud to see Logbook Pro has enabled another business entity to ride on its coat tails of success which also provides our users the most professional binding solution ever.  Jeff from FlightCentral built a really neat mapping utility that works with Logbook Pro and has been available also for years.  It is great to know our product can inspire others and benefit so many others.  Last but definitely not least, Logbook Pro is the sole electronic logbook solution adopted by the world's largest aviation superstore - Sporty's Pilot Shop.
  7. PDA Solutions?

    You obviously can't take your PC everywhere with you and in some cases taking your paper log will suffice.  However, why not take an electronic companion on your travels so you can sync the information back to your logbook solution upon return?  Logbook Pro offers two series of PDA logbook solutions; one for general aviation and one for airline use (FAR 121).  Both product lines sync to Logbook Pro ensuring the most seamless integration available for your efficiency of use.
  8. Flexibility:

    Everyone pilot has something unique in the way they like to log information, what they want to track, and the currencies they need to adhere to.  Does the e-log solution provide customization capability and to what extent?  Can it analyze information and do number crunching based on your custom defined criteria?  Take a look at the currency system, is it hard coded to only work the way they created the parameters for or can you define your own currencies to suit your needs?  And lastly, can it report on the custom information that is defined by you?  Logbook Pro has the most advanced currency system ever designed.  Broken down into logical elements you can define your current items which can be medicals, flight reviews, hours or flights or anything related to your flying activity and allow you to then assemble this information to create your own currency.  Extremely flexible, intuitive, accurate! 
  9. Quality!

    It's one thing to take a bunch of numbers and offer bells and whistles, but is what you're being provided actually accurate?  We've heard of other logbook vendors offering various forms of their e-log solution yet the information is completely inaccurate.  We stand behind our products and we use our products, there is no way in our good conscience we could provide you with something that doesn't work correctly or provides you erroneous data.  Be sure when evaluating software prior to purchase that you actually validate the information it is providing.

I hope the above gives you some guidelines to investigate with your future logbook commitment.  As it's not easy to transition between one logbook solution to another with the greatest level of detail it is important that you make the right decision now, not later.  If you have any questions after reviewing our information rich web sites please send us an e-mail and we'll gladly assist in any questions you may have.

Visit our booth at Sporty's

Sporty's Pilot Shop Fly-In 2008

Come visit us at the Sporty's Fly-In on Saturday May 17th!  In the past it has been a great pleasure to meet our customers and I look forward to meeting those that come to visit us this year.  So stop by and enjoy Sporty's food and events and we'll see you in May!

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