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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter November 2008 Edition
Have fun with your software

When you open your paper logbooks you really don't get a good presentation of your flying career.  It's just a bunch of lines, numbers, and summaries at the bottom of the page.  It's nearly impossible to see how much time you have in a particular aircraft type, distances you've flown over the years, or the impossible, calculating currencies without painful sleep loss!  Logbook Pro opens up a new world of aviation accounting making it not only easy to log your flying career effortlessly but summarizing and analyzing your flying history with ease. 


Logbook Pro takes advantage of the computer to minimize data input, i.e. there is no reason to be logging Airplane Single-Engine Land (ASEL) as Logbook Pro simply needs a type and duration to calculate this information for you based on the Options...Aircraft setup.  Instant summaries are available, powerful reports, currency status at the click of your mouse, and visual charts of your flying time are all available like you've never had available before the electronic flight logbook era.  One of the most powerful features available to you in Logbook Pro is the Analyzer, an advanced data analysis system allowing you to slice and dice your flight times beyond the imagination.  It is neat to see your flight information broken down by dates, aircraft, N-Numbers, see your totals as a percentage of your total time, etc.  There is no limit to what you can do, Logbook Pro is simple for basic use yet packs power for those that really want to tap into what Logbook Pro can do.


Enjoy looking back at your aviation career with Logbook Pro.  Enjoy the technology such as when using our airline pilot's daily aviation logbook (APDL) to determine rest and duty limitations, expense tracking, etc.  With our aviation software products you can put technology to work for you whether a student pilot or an airline pilot.  You've made the right decision choosing Logbook Pro now going on 11 years of service and supported by third party vendors such as Cirrus Elite's leather binders and FlightCentral with their handy Route Browser add-in.  I invite you to check out Route Browser, it's free to try and adds yet another dimension and visualization to your Logbook Pro data.  We hope you enjoy the software we've enjoyed using ourselves as pilots evolving from over 10 years of software development and testing.

Video Tip:  The Options...Flight Log Settings

Play Video
Play Video


This month's video tip covers the Options...Flight Log settings area.  Watch this brief eight minute video to learn about the various settings available for the flight log data entry areas such as formatting options, auto-duration calculations, error checking, date formats, and startup options.  Whether you are a new or experienced Logbook Pro user take a few minutes and see if there is something you can learn from this brief overview and get more out of your software.  Enjoy!

Save your downloads and unlock codes

We are unlike other software logbook products where our license does NOT time out or require renewal.  When you buy Logbook Pro you own it for life!  We do not hold your data hostage requiring any renewal fees, no fine print, plain and simple!  However, the software you purchased will come off the web at some time in the future.  It will be replaced by newer versions and if you want to continue using the version you have now it is important that you maintain the software that you purchased.  You can download it from our web site now, order a Software CD-ROM, store it on your computer or burn your downloads to a CD as desired.  But it's important that you keep the software you download from the time of purchase and update it as we issue updates.


The same applies to unlock codes, serial numbers, etc.  It's important that when you are issued registration information for any product that you print the information, store it wherever you want, but ensure it is always available to you should you ever need to reinstall your software, reload your computer, etc.  We offer a product that can take care of this for you, AVCataloger has a section dedicated to tracking software registration information.  You can also use your favorite personal information manager such as Outlook and create a contact titled "Logbook Pro" and keep your registration information within a contact record.  There are obviously many ways to go about saving your important information and it's up to you to do so in the event you need it at a future date.  We do have methods as outlined in the Lost Unlock Codes section of our policies to assist you but as we continue to update our systems there is no guarantee this information will be available forever. 


Please take the necessary steps to save not only your software downloads but also your registration information.  This will prevent any future frustration or worse the need to repurchase the same product you already purchased and have licensed.

Transition paper to Logbook Pro - we'll do it for you!

Do you want to switch your flight logging system to Logbook Pro but you're facing the daunting task of entering numerous books taking hours you simply don't have?  We have staff available to do the dirty work for you!  Send us your flight logs or photo-copies of your flight logs and we'll take care of it from here!  Our data entry staff will transfer all of your flight log entries into Logbook Pro and we'll send you a Logbook Pro data file for continued use when done.  Already a Logbook Pro user but have old paper logs still not transferred?  We can take care of that to!  Send us an e-mail to and inquire about having us handle your data entry service today.  It's easy and when it's done you will be using the latest and most advanced flight logbook solution for pilots ready for any task you may be faced with.  Job interviews, insurance forms, indestructible backup, hard copy professional printouts, you name it!  With Logbook Pro you are now in the modern era of flight logbooks.  To learn more including a job estimator, click here.

Check out Route Browser version 2


FlightCentral’s Route Browser version 2 is a fun add-on for the Logbook Pro pilot logbook program. Using the data you’ve already entered and complimented by a comprehensive airports database, Route Browser makes it simple through maps, charts, and reports to display your flights and calculate distances flown.


Tightly integrated with Logbook Pro, Route Browser is as simple to use as it is powerful. Complete customization and easy to use filters let you graph just the flights you want and in the colors you want.


Now Supports Google Earth

In version 2, Route Browser now works with Google Earth. With Route Browser you can turn your logbook data into a Google Earth display where you can revisit the terrain you flew over down to zooming into the actual airport! And because Google Earth runs on Mac and Linux computers you can share your trips with anyone!



  • Graphically display your flight history in maps, charts, and reports.
  • Spot errors in airport logging
  • Easily calculate distance flown

Key Features:

  • Easy Integration - Directly reads from your existing Logbook Pro logbook file - No conversions necessary.
  • Comprehensive Airports Database - Over 20,000 U.S. airports and 4,000 international airports make it easy to get started. Plus you can easily add your own anywhere around the globe.
  • Automatic Distance Calculations - Track not only how long you’ve flown, but also how far.
  • Simple Database Filtering - Easily view flights by aircraft type, tail number, date or by specific keywords in your remarks field.

Click here to download a FREE evaluation today.  Click here to buy now.

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