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Logbook Pro 1.10.43 Released
NC Software is proud to announce another FREE update to all of our Logbook Pro customers.  Version 1.10.43 is a critical update that should be installed at your earliest convenience.  Backup your existing Logbook Pro data file by clicking File..Backup and if desired store your backup (.BAK) file in our Online Backup service for safe keeping.  Then uninstall Logbook Pro from the Windows Control Panel and install the new version.  Data and Registrations are NOT affected by uninstalling and reinstalling.

Click here to download Logbook Pro 1.10.43.

To learn more about this update, click here.

For sales and technical support inquiries please visit our help desk.  We hope you enjoy Logbook Pro and we look forward to your continued feedback and suggestions for our future development.  Thank you for making Logbook Pro what it is today!  Thank you for being a part of our team.
Happy Birthday Logbook Pro - Celebrate #12 with us
Happy 12th Birthday Logbook Pro!!!
March designates another year that we've been bringing you the most popular electronic software logbook ever offered - Logbook Pro!  And we are just as excited that in all of these 12 years we have never charged you a penny for an upgrade.  All of these updates including the one we just released (1.10.43) have been free!  We can do this thanks to you, our loyal customers, for spreading the word and keeping our Logbook Pro community growing. 

We like to reward our loyal community.  We start by paying you for spreading the word through our affiliate program.  It's free to join, just sign up, get your links or banner ads and when someone follows your link or clicks your banner ad, YOU get paid a commission on whatever they buy.  Thank you for helping us continue bringing you Logbook Pro, APDL, and our online services and we look forward to many years ahead.

For our new customers that haven't taken the leap just yet, we still want you to be a part of our celebration.  For Logbook Pro's birthday party we are offering a 15% storewide sale through March 7th.  Use the coupon code happy12th at checkout and come get your binders, binder supplies, Logbook Pro and APDL software, Route Browser add-in, and more.  Be sure to wish Logbook Pro a happy birthday as you checkout and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Airline Schedule Importer Updates - Air Canada and more...
For our airline pilots, you're familiar with our powerful web based schedule importer.  We are excited after developing this system in how flexible it is allowing us to support just about any and every known airline schedule system.  If your trip format is not supported just let us know, send us samples, and we'll do all we can to add your trip format to our supported list. 

Thanks to one of our loyal customers we recently got our Air Canada filter updated among several others.  Here are the notes from an Air Canada pilot on what you need to do to import your trips.  And because of these tips we get from our airline schedule importer portal we are working harder to add these notes to our knowledgebase.  If you're having a problem with a trip format check the knowledgebase for tips and you may find you need to pull your trip data from an alternate system your airline offers.

We're happy to continue offering this service at no cost to you.  Thank you for your valuable feedback and continued updates to help us keep our trip filters doing the job in making your life easier.
Still using paper? Check out our Data Entry Service
Let us handle the transition from paper logbook to electronic logbook for you.  Send us your logbooks and we'll painstakingly enter, line-by-line, your entire flight log history into Logbook Pro.  Send us your actual logbooks or photo-copies, your choice, and we'll return a Logbook Pro data file to you ready to continue for the rest of your aviation career.

We have pilots ready and waiting to handle the work for you, all are US based pilots looking to earn a few extra dollars to help pay the bills in this tough economy.  Visit our web site where you can even get an estimate for the job based off of the approximate number of flight log entries you have.  Pay the $200 deposit online or you can mail us a check if you prefer and the deposit will be applied towards the overall job.

It could not be easier.  Click here to learn more and get an instant quote online and we'll get your job started ASAP.  Feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding our services.
Search tips for NC Software's web sites
Finding information is the toughest part of this wealth of knowledge before us on the Internet.  We have all become search masters in one way or another.  On the new NC Software web sites released this past June we took extra effort to make our content as searchable as possible.  I'd like to share with you the various ways of searching our web site and resources available.

1) On the main web site ( there is a search box at the top right.  This is going to search effectively our product offerings as our main web site is essentially an e-commerce portal.  Enter any search terms desired and click search or press enter.  For advanced search capability click here or click the advanced search link below the search box.

2) We have a separate help desk system we use for sales, support, news, and a knowledgebase.  It has its own search system as well.  Visit and enter any search terms in the box on the upper right and you'll search our support systems.

3) Our third system which is a great wealth of information in our community forums.  It too has its separate search system at the top right.  However, the community forums also has a little known feature which allows you to search within a specific forum itself.  Look at the image above and you'll see on the right side "Search this Forum".  Go to our newsletter archive and then click Search this Forum and you can search all of our newsletters for the desired topic.  In the example above I'm searching for all newsletter articles related to the Analyzer.

Everyone knows Google has probably the best search on the Internet, it's my favorite.  Did you know you can search a specific web site (domain)?  Simply enter " <search term>" in the Google search box, for example let's search the entire for Analyzer articles.   Enter: Analyzer

I hope this will help find the answers to your questions as we are faced with having to learn so much in this day and age.  Software can be complicated, computers can be overwhelming, but once you learn these tricks you can harness a little more to help you make the most of your software such as Logbook Pro.

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