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Logbook Pro Mobile for iOS 5.9.2 Released

We're happy to announce the release of Logbook Pro Mobile for iOS version 5.9.2. Most of you by now should already have this update installed, if not, go to the App Store app on your devices and tap Updates. You should see the update appear, download and enjoy. We continue to work hard keeping all of our software products up to date and incorporate your great suggestions, improve as we continue to build our high speed cloud infrastructure, and keep up with Apple's continuous changes, all part of what you get for your money.

This update is relatively minor on the surface but contains important updates under the hood. We removed the About screen and added a more flexible and comprehensive Contact Us screen as shown above. The bug report and feature request systems are improved to integrate with our systems behind the scene, and you have other convenient links for any other sites or resources you may like to browse. The My Account area received a slight face lift as well but also improved some of the in-app purchase functionality to make renewing or extending your Logbook Pro Mobile subscription fast and reliable.

We are working hard on Logbook Pro Mobile version vNext with some exciting new features coming out with our new Logbook Pro Desktop update. Stay tuned for details some of which are popular requests of yours.

If you have an iOS device and you're not using Logbook Pro Mobile yet, click here and download it to your device now. You'll enjoy our effortless cloud sync system and high speed app with a simple, fast, and reliable interface allowing you to log data in only seconds.

Logbook Pro Mobile for Android 5.0.0 Released - Major Update!

Android has come a long way and Google is doing amazing things. Android "KitKat" (4.4) is amazing and I absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy S4 that I carry along with my iPhone 5 - they are both awesome. But Android 4.4 is just full of goodness and I'm excited that we just released a major update to Logbook Pro Mobile - version 5.0. A huge architecture change with the greatest device compatibility and reach ever and now using our newer high speed cloud infrastructure that Logbook Pro Mobile iOS 5 uses. If you have not updated yet by all means, stop what you're doing, go to Google Play and install this update. You'll love it.

As you can see above we softened the "bright white" and went with a subdued color just like we use on the iOS side to reduce eye strain. We made great strides with Android performance making the cloud synchronization so fast you'll wonder how did it sync so fast! And the greatest change is the move to our new NC Software account sign in system. No longer do you have to find your Account ID and Username from our web site, just sign in with your NC Software account, the same one your Logbook Pro desktop is signed in to and that's it!

We complete revised several areas such as the My Account area, the About area is replaced with a new Contact Us screen making it easier for you to navigate the various resources and help us by porting your requests right into our development tools so we don't have to ask you to send us anything after your first inquiry. There are a few new Settings such as Default Aircraft Type and Ident if you wish to use them and various other enhancements. It's an exciting update but probably boring to you because it will "just work" which is exactly how we like it.

We have already started into Logbook Pro Mobile for Android vNext with some exciting new features coming with the new Logbook Pro Desktop update.

Again, if you are using a version prior to 5.0 it is important that you update now not only for KitKat compatibility but also to migrate to our new cloud sync infrastructure. Logbook Pro Mobile 5.0 is a FREE update part of your Logbook Pro Mobile subscription. One subscription All Devices.

This update could not happen without our loyal and passionate Android beta testers. They not only find the smallest of issues which we love to fix but come up with great ideas. Our thanks to our outstanding friends and beta testers that participate with all of our pre-release testing cycles.

Brand New Logbook Pro Mobile Documentation - Check it Out!

The mobile industry moves so fast and we are continually keeping up and one thing that seems to get behind is the documentation. I'm happy to announce today we just published our brand new Logbook Pro Mobile documentation with a brand new Logbook Pro Desktop documentation in the works. Click either of the images above to go to iOS (left) or Android (right) documentation portals. Within this new documentation we will also keep the release notes for each release instead of using the community forums as was done in the past. And this coming week we'll be recording brand new mobile video tutorials and embedding them directly into the documentation. With our new documentation platform it will allow us to keep up to date with the rapid paces changes much faster. Take 5 minutes and browse the documentation, we hope you like it and you may even learn a new trick with the software you weren't aware of.

APDL 7 for iOS FAF Gear Down- Last Development Update

I'm happy to report we are in the final stages of APDL 7's development with our last beta soon to get in the hands of beta testers. We'll then polish up the loose ends and finally get this much anticipated app in your hands as we know airline pilots are desperate for a complete FAR Part 117 solution. We thought we were on final a few times before and have gotten really good at going missed approach but the fact is FAR 117 is a complex solution and packing this into a solution that is intuitive for you and with our attention to detail to make sure what we provide you is correct and legal, it takes time. We started this project nearly three years ago and we are ever excited to be on final for real this time. We are happy with the solution we have produced for you after many iterations of trying to solve this puzzle. We've been keeping up with all of the changes with FAR 117 as the industry adopts this complicated reg and we'll continue to stay on top of it to ensure you are always armed with the latest requirements.

As mentioned before, you cannot add on FAR 117 to any logbook app, you have to build an app from the ground up designed for FAR 117. It is so different than anything anyone has ever done and with our lead engineer and pioneer of APDL, Paul Auman, you know you are going to get something great building on the years of APDL Palm & Pocket PC. We have more than just an app in the works as well, APDL is a "system" and we have great plans for building up the "APDL system" to meet the needs of airline pilots beyond the app.

For those that are just learning of APDL, it is a complete stand-alone logbook for iOS. APDL will be your companion as an airline pilot tracking your legality (duty, rest, etc.), pay, schedule, etc. etc. etc. The above screenshots are minimal intentionally, there is a lot you don't see and we will unveil this when the app releases. As airline pilots you are responsible in knowing FAR 117 in its entirety to ensure you are legal. It is not an easy task and if you look at what FAR 117 requires you to track, historically and forecasted, looking at a few limit values in an app is going to get you in trouble and APDL is going to protect you with the right way to handle FAR 117.

We know a lot of you are Android users but we had to make a decision up front and that decision was iOS first due to the airline adoption of the iPad over other devices. We know Delta chose the Surface Tablet for its pilots but the market just isn't there yet for that platform for us to invest our limited resources. When APDL 7 for iOS releases, it is only a beginning, we are not in any way done. We are going to get a lot (understated) feedback from you, the users in the field. Airlines are very unique as we have learned from our large beta team using APDL in the field now and there is little standardization when it comes various areas of an airline pilots life. We will do all we can to accommodate as much as we can. Only when we feel we are at a stable and feature complete point will we consider working on other platforms so if you're thinking Android is around the corner, it is not. Consider getting an iOS device to be your FAR 117 life line. I want to be up front with you and not keep you guessing.

This is our final development update. We thank all of you for your patience. We wanted you to know APDL is coming and have kept you in the loop as much as we can. We know you're tapping your foot but we can't rush this and it's comprehensive and worth the wait. We look forward to the big announcement as soon as we are ready and Apple gives us the green light.

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Logbook Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad 5.9.2
Logbook Pro for Android, Kindle Fire, and NOOK 5.0.0
APDL for iPhone/iPad (FAR 117 Airline Pilot Logbook) Coming Soon
Route Browser 2.2
Airline Schedule Importer 8.4.8
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