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Logbook Pro for Android

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The Most Popular Pilot Logbook for Android - FREE to try now
The most reliable, dependable sync - all via the cloud
Logbook Pro for Android brings you the most popular pilot logbook software to Google's Android powered devices.  Logbook Pro is the most popular, reliable, and accurate electronic flight logbook software for pilots used in the aviation community for over 18 years. Logbook Pro enables you to log your Certificates, Ratings, Medicals, Flight Reviews, Historical data, and Flights (actual or sim) and view detailed and extensive reports.  Import airline schedules and integrate your device's calendar for reminder notifications and scheduling deconfliction.
Logbook Pro for Android is FREE on Google Play allowing you to fully explore Logbook Pro for Android completely risk free.  New users can enjoy a 30 day free trial to ensure complete satisfaction prior to purchasing a Logbook Pro Mobile subscription.

Cloud Synchronization is our advanced Internet synchronization system to send and receive information between our servers and participating products such as Logbook Pro Desktop and Logbook Pro on devices such as Android. The "Cloud" is another term for the Internet. Using cloud synchronization we can sync to any hardware device whether it's a Windows PC, a Mac OS computer, or a device. All that is required is an Internet connection during sync, not required for general app use.

Synchronization to Logbook Pro Desktop is effortless and seamless and fully automated when enabled.  Go to your personal secure “Cloud Sync” portal at https://nc-software.com/sync and preview your pending synchronizations prior to syncing them into Logbook Pro Desktop. No messing with Wi-Fi pairing or cables; it doesn’t get any easier than this.  It is 100% reliable and you can even sync multiple times without the fear of duplicated information or lost information.
Features at a glance:


  • Advanced Google Material Design User Interface with toolbar, overflow button, and floating + button to easily add new information
  • Efficient user interface and pleasant user-experience
  • High contrast color scheme making data easy to read and less fatiguing
  • Track Certificates, Ratings, History Items (Medicals, Flight Reviews, etc.)
  • Track actual and sim flights
  • Auto Night and AutoFill
  • See when expiring events (History Items) expire instantly on your device
  • Calculate duration from OUT-IN or TAKEOFF-LAND times with the tap of a button
  • View powerful and comprehensive reports generated by Logbook Pro PC edition right on your device
  • Show currency status with colored marker flags indicating current or expired
  • View your details summary bar report
  • Analyze complete logbook statistics with both totals and percentages
  • View FAR 121 limitations with colored markers (requires Logbook Pro Professional Edition or higher)
  • View FAR 135 limitations with colored markers (requires Logbook Pro Professional Edition or higher)
  • Auto-enter the duration value in other time fields with a single tap
  • Customizable cascading time entries for Out, Takeoff, Landing, and In making flight entry quick and easy
  • New flight entries can default with prior flight entry data for rapid flight log entry
  • Customize the layout to declutter display showing only fields you need
  • Advanced synchronization with your My Sync portal at nc-software.com/sync
  • Fully automated synchronization both on the PC side and device side keeps your device and PC updated effortlessly
  • Device uses colors to identify current and overdue, synchronized or not.
  • Instant filter in each data area to show:  All Data, Not Yet Synchronized, Synchronized
  • Free form route entry allows a single entry for the entire day; no hassle with picking or searching for airports
  • AutoFill makes populating common time fields a breeze
  • Track multiple approaches of each type for each flight
  • Log "By Leg" or "By Day" allowing you to collate your entire day into a single flight log entry
  • Import Airline Schedules from your personal cloud storage at http://nc-software.com/schedule
  • Integrate with your device calendar
  • Password protect your app from unwanted access
  • High speed, efficient database design for reliable and responsive operations
  • Quick increment buttons to easily add/subtract values for fields such as landings, approaches, etc.
  • Extremely customizable with a plethora of options to make the app into what you need
  • Much much more as we're always adding new features and improving the app
  • Android powered device (phone or tablet) with a minimum OS version of 7
  • Logbook Pro Desktop
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