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We are not taking jobs at this time.


Let us do the hard work for you!

We'll take the hassle out of moving from paper log to Logbook Pro by entering all of your paper logbook data for you.  Simply send us your logbooks or photo-copies of your logbooks (see contract for photo-copy requirements) and we'll either add to your existing Logbook Pro data file or create a new data file if you're not yet a Logbook Pro user.  Please contact us if you have any questions prior to starting this service or paying your data entry service deposit by purchasing this item on our store.


We have pilots (all in the United States) that volunteer their services to assist you and help them make additional money for the effort.  We do not "off shore" this work.  After paying the initial fee for this service we will contact you to proceed with shipping your logbooks and receiving your contract to begin.  The data entry service only inputs flights, we do not enter other information provided in logbooks such as certificates, ratings, etc.


Purchasing this service pays the minimum charge for the service.  If the job prices out above the minimum service fee you will be invoiced upon job completion to pay the balance due.  To estimate the cost of your job please use our Data Entry Service Estimator below by entering your estimated line count from your logbooks then click Calculate.  The price break down for this service is as follows:


  • Setup & Administrative: $150
  • Lines 1-500 $.30/line entry
  • Lines 501-1000 $.28/line entry
  • Lines 1001-2000 $.25/line entry
  • Lines 2001 and over $.23/line entry
  • Expedited service fee add $500
  • If you opt out of having remarks entered we will discount your line entry fees 15%.  As remarks are the most labor intensive they take a lot more time to enter and serve little purpose in a logbook other than sentimental value
Service Levels:

Normal service for an average job takes about 4-6 weeks from the time the job is started.  This is dependent on the job itself based on how much data needs to be entered and whether or not remarks are entered.


Expedited service will shorten the time frame by approximately 50% based on the amount of data and whether remarks are being entered

Return Shipping:

Photo-copies that do not need to be returned will be destroyed after completion of the job.  For items that need to be returned, specify the desired ship method and we'll invoice for the shipping fees based on the service level chosen.  We use FedEx and require signature acceptance of the shipment unless waived in the contract included with your job. 

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Data Entry Service Estimator

Enter the estimated number of logbook lines and then click Calculate. You will see an estimate for the job with remarks entered and then the estimate to exclude remarks which discounts the line entry fees by 15%.

Total Lines:

Minimum service fee: $300


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