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Upgrade your existing Logbook Pro license to any higher edition instantly online.  Various license editions of Logbook Pro are outlined below.  No new installs are required, simply purchase and then click the Help...Upgrade option to enter the issued registration code.  Unlock features instantly and continue using your installed software and data.


In order for an Upgrade license code to work you must first have the base edition activated on your computer.  For example, in order to use a Standard to Professional Edition upgrade code your computer must first be activated with the Standard Edition license.

Standard edition:  Allows you to install Logbook Pro on one computer for the use of one pilot.  Some features are not available in this edition as described in the Professional edition below.  All PDA products sync to ALL editions of Logbook Pro.
Professional Edition:  Allows you to install Logbook Pro on two computers for the use of one pilot's logbook (file).  This edition enables the PC-to-PC sync feature allowing you to keep a Logbook Pro data file synchronized between two PC's.  FAR 121 and FAR 135 features are also enabled in the Professional Edition. AirlineApps.com Summary Report enabled.
Enterprise Edition:  Allows you to install on one computer for the use of unlimited pilots (database files).  Same feature set as the Professional edition listed above but allows management of multiple files so each pilot can open their data file for use.  Data files can be password protected for security purposes.  Each computer that uses the Enterprise edition must have its own license. 
All three versions are fully capable of sync with our line of mobile apps.
Logbook Pro cannot be installed on a server, i.e. network/shared computer.  Data files, however, can be stored on a network share and accessed by any licensed terminal (computer).
Logbook Pro cannot be installed on Windows RT editions of Microsoft Surface Tablets.

If you already have Logbook Pro installed then no further download is required.  Otherwise, you can download the software from the invoice generated from this order or from our download section of the web site. Purchasing this product issues a registration code only. 

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