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Don't get caught by surprise
Keep your Logbook Pro Desktop backups off-site NOW!!

In the event of a computer failure, stolen computer, virus, or who knows what, you could lose your entire logbook, career info, etc. when you least expect it and most need it!  Don't let this happen to you!  Create frequent backups from Logbook Pro using options under the File Menu.  It is also important to keep "off-site" backups of your data and using this service makes that easy simply by clicking File..Backup to Cloud.  Your Logbook Pro data is completely backed up and stored on our servers, backed up with our server backup systems, and available for you to restore at any time from the cloud backup portal or from within Logbook Pro using the File..Restore from Cloud menu option. 


We highly recommend keeping a history of backups, not just one.  When clicking File..Backup to Cloud the system will know how many backups are allowed in your cloud account.  The backup system will add your latest backup to the cloud storage until you don't have slots left your oldest backup will be removed to make room for the new upload.  It's that easy and it also makes your data available from wherever you may be.  The subscription level is the number of backup FILES you can store in the cloud at any given time.  You can send backups to the cloud as often as you like, there is no limit on backup submissions.


Already purchased a subscription?  Click here to access the Cloud Backup portal now.


Purchasing this product entitles you to use the cloud backup service for the specified term.  You can access the backup portal as many times as desired to maintain the number of backups based on the subscription plan purchased.  See the information below regarding the different subscription plans.


You can renew your subscription at any time.  If you renew prior to your existing term ends your renewal will extend the subscription expiration automatically.

Subscription Plans:

5-Backup:  Keep up to five backup (.BAK) files in the cloud at any given time.


10-Backup:  Keep up to ten backup (.BAK) files in the cloud at any given time.


15-Backup:  Keep up to fifteen backup (.BAK) files in the cloud at any given time. 

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