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Your Schedule ⇒ Cloud ⇒ APDL, Logbook Pro Desktop/Mobile, FFDO, CSV, TAB, iCalendar
Save time with automatic schedule importing

APDL for iOS includes Schedule Importing - do not purchase this if you are using or intend to use APDL


The airline schedule importer allows airline pilots and flight attendants to import airline schedules for over 200 trip formats as listed below.  Imported schedules are saved to your secure cloud storage until downloaded for use in Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation logbook (APDL) software or imported into Logbook Pro Desktop edition (1.11.x or later required), Logbook Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and NOOK tablets.


The schedule importer allows you to copy in your trip data and the system will process it and convert it into a format for consumption by a logbook to use or also offer export options such as to iCalendar, tab/csv exports, and FFDO formats. You can copy in your schedule data then it saves to your cloud account. You can then import this data into Logbook Pro Desktop (PC) edition or an app such as the iPhone or Android app. The app will load your flight log for you automatically and mark the flights as pending (in the apps) then you can fly the flight, update the times and clear the pending checkbox and sync to Logbook Pro desktop. 


Download trip data in iCalendar (.ics) format and then import into your favorite calendar system.  With trip data in your calendar your spouse or scheduler can see your trip schedule in with reminders set so you're sure not to miss a trip. Export schedule importer information to TAB or Comma (CSV) delimited files for use as needed.  In addition, airline crew participating in the Federal Flight Deck Officer Program (FFDO) can download custom formatted files which you can then copy and paste directly into your FFDO portal to upload your trip information.


Click here to try the airline schedule importer without any purchase required.  Login (create an account if needed) and then paste in your trip data and verify the processed trip information in the trip grid by expanding rows as desired by clicking the + button to the left of each row.  Test data is not stored, subscribe to persist your trip data for integrations or exporting. 


Affordable subscriptions are available in various term lengths to suit your individual needs.  Already purchased a subscription?  Click here to start importing your trips now.  


Supported Trip Formats:

  1. *Generic AIMS
  2. *Generic AIMS Monthly
  3. *Generic Comma Delimited
  4. *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  5. *Generic Crewtrac (FLICA DAILY)
  6. *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  7. *Generic Crewtrac New (Dated)
  8. *Generic Flica Calendar
  9. *Generic Geneva DD/MM/YYYY
  10. *Generic Geneva MM/DD/YYYY
  11. *Generic Individual Roster
  12. *Generic Merlot
  13. *Generic Moostro/Maestro (Dated)
  14. *Generic Netline (Monthly)
  15. *Generic PBS
  16. *Generic Roster
  17. *Generic Sabre CrewTime (Monthly)
  18. *Generic Sabre Crewtrac (Dated)
  19. *Generic Sabre FlightLog (Monthly)
  20. *Pilot Logbook DDMMYY
  21. *Pilot Logbook MMDDYY
  22. AeroMexico (Monthly)
  23. Aeromexico British Airways (Monthly Crewlink - Split)
  24. Air Baltic *Generic Netline (Monthly)
  25. Air Canada (Crewsware)
  26. Air Canada (Dated - KRUZ)
  27. Air Canada (Dated)
  28. Air Canada (Non-Dated Mainline)
  29. Air Canada (ReportLink)
  30. Air Georgian *Generic Individual Roster
  31. Air Midwest *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  32. Air New Zealand (Dated)
  33. Air New Zealand (Jetnet)
  34. Air New Zealand (Pre-Assign)
  35. Air Nostrum
  36. Air Transat United Airlines (Maybe Dated)
  37. Air Transat WestJet (Trip #)
  38. Air Wisconsin (Non-Dated)
  39. Air Wisconsin CSS
  40. Air Wisconsin *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  41. AirCanada Jazz WestJet (Trip #)
  42. AirTran *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  43. AirTran *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  44. Airtran *Generic Sabre CrewTime (Monthly)
  45. Alaska Airlines (Dated)
  46. Alaska Airlines (Monthly Roster)
  47. Alaska Airlines (Trip Info 2)
  48. Alaska Airlines (Trip Info)
  49. Alaska Airlines *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  50. Alaska Airlines *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  51. Alaska *Generic Moostro/Maestro (Dated)
  52. Allegany *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  53. Allegiant Air (Dated)
  54. Allegiant Air (Merlot Logbook)
  55. Allegiant Air *Generic Merlot
  56. Aloha WestJet
  57. America West (Maybe Dated)
  58. America West *Generic Moostro/Maestro (Dated)
  59. American (Monthly)
  60. American (Seq Format)
  61. American (TASC)
  62. American / Envoy Air (Actual)
  63. American / Envoy Air (Dated)
  64. American / Envoy Air (Sched)
  65. American Eagle *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  66. American xls
  67. ASA (ETrips) Skywest (Dated)
  68. ASA *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  69. AStar DHL (Non-Dated)
  70. ATA (Dated 2)
  71. ATA (Dated)
  72. ATI Go Jet (Open Time - Actual)
  73. ATI Skedflex
  74. Atlas Air (ECrew)
  75. Atlas Air *Generic AIMS
  76. Atlas Air *Pilot Logbook MMDDYY
  77. Avelo Skedflex
  78. Avianca
  79. Big Sky Airlines (Non-Dated)
  80. Breeze Airways *Generic Roster
  81. British Airways (Monthly Crewlink - Split)
  82. British Airways (Monthly Crewlink)
  83. British Airways (Monthly)
  84. Canadian North WestJet
  85. Cape Air (Daily)
  86. CargoJet Airways (Excel)
  87. Caribbean Sun *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  88. Cathay Pacific (Monthly)
  89. Champion Air Shuttle America (Dated)
  90. Chautauqua (Non-Dated)
  91. Chautauqua *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  92. China Airlines (Monthly)
  93. Cityjet (Non-Dated)
  94. Cobham *Generic Geneva DD/MM/YYYY
  95. CoEx Skywest (Dated)
  96. Colgan Air *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  97. Colgan Air *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  98. Colgan Air *Generic Sabre Crewtrac (Dated)
  99. Comair eMaestro (Dated)
  100. Comair *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  101. Comair *Generic Moostro/Maestro (Dated)
  102. CommutAir (Daily)
  103. CommutAir *Generic PBS
  104. Commute Air *Generic Roster
  105. Compass Airlines *Generic Netline (Monthly)
  106. Compass *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  107. ConocoPhillips Skedflex
  108. Continental (Bidline/Award)
  109. Continental Express (Non-Dated)
  110. Corvus Airlines Skedflex
  111. Delta (Closed Log)
  112. Delta (PAS-CSV)
  113. Delta (PBS)
  114. Delta iCrew
  115. Delta iCrew Mobile
  116. Denim Air B.V. *Generic Netline (Monthly)
  117. DHL (Non-Dated)
  118. Emirates (Dated)
  119. Emirates (Monthly)
  120. Emirates WestJet (Trip #)
  121. Empire Airlines Skedflex
  122. Endeavor (Comp Format) DHL (Non-Dated)
  123. Endeavor Air *Generic Sabre FlightLog (Monthly)
  124. Endeavor Airlines
  125. Endeavor *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  126. Endeavor *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  127. Endeavor *Generic Crewtrac New (Dated)
  128. Endeavor *Generic Sabre Crewtrac (Dated)
  129. Envoy Air (SEQ LOG)
  130. Envoy Air *Generic Comma Delimited
  131. Ethiad (Expanded)
  132. Ethiad Airways *Pilot Logbook DDMMYY
  133. Etihad Airways *Generic AIMS
  134. Eva Air
  135. Evergreen *Generic Crewtrac New (Dated)
  136. ExpressJet Skywest (Dated)
  137. ExpressJet Skywest (SkedPlus)
  138. FedEx
  139. Fedex (Flight Log)
  140. Fedex (Inquire) *Generic Sabre Crewtrac (Dated)
  141. Flynas
  142. Frontier Airlines FLiCA Monthly Report
  143. Frontier *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  144. Go Jet (Open Time - Actual)
  145. GoJet *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  146. GoJet *Generic Netline (Monthly)
  147. Great Lakes *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  148. Hawaiian Airlines *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  149. Hawaiian Airlines *Generic Sabre FlightLog (Monthly)
  150. Hong Kong Airlines *Generic Sabre FlightLog (Monthly)
  151. Horizon Air (Monthly)
  152. Horizon Air *Generic AIMS
  153. Horizon Air America West (Maybe Dated)
  154. Icelandair *Generic Individual Roster
  155. Indigo Airlines
  156. Iran Air
  157. Jazeera Airways *Generic Geneva MM/DD/YYYY
  158. Jet Airways
  159. Jet Story
  160. JetBlue (Bid Package)
  161. JetBlue *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  162. JetBlue *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  163. JetBlue *Generic Sabre CrewTime (Monthly)
  164. Jetstar Asia Airways (Monthly)
  165. Kalitta Charters (Dated)
  166. Kenya Airways *Generic Individual Roster
  167. KeyLime Air Skedflex
  168. Lakeshore Express
  169. Lan Airlines (Dated)
  170. Lan Airlines (Indv Roster) *Generic Individual Roster
  171. Lan Airlines (Roster Report)
  172. LIAT *Generic Geneva MM/DD/YYYY
  173. Lufthansa (CAS Monthly)
  174. Lufthansa *Generic Netline (Monthly)
  175. Lufthansa Go Jet (Open Time - Actual)
  176. Luxair *Generic Netline (Monthly)
  177. Lynx Aviation *Generic Crewtrac New (Dated)
  178. MALEV Hungarian Airlines *Generic Netline (Monthly)
  179. Malev British Airways (Monthly)
  180. Mesa *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  181. Mesa *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  182. Mesa *Generic PBS
  183. Mesa *Generic Sabre Crewtrac (Dated)
  184. Mesaba (Dated) Shuttle America (Dated)
  185. Mesaba ADOPT
  186. Mesaba *Generic CrewTrac (Dated)
  187. Mesaba *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  188. Mesaba *Generic Crewtrac New (Dated)
  189. Mesaba *Generic Sabre CrewTime (Monthly)
  190. Miami Air *Generic Moostro/Maestro (Dated)
  191. Mid Atlantic *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  192. Midwest Airlines *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  193. MyTravel (Non-Dated)
  194. National Airlines
  195. Navitaire *Generic Geneva DD/MM/YYYY
  196. North American Airlines *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  197. North American *Generic AIMS
  198. Northwest Airlines (Access Dated)
  199. Northwest Airlines (Flown)
  200. Northwest Airlines (Maybe Dated)
  201. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (Dated)
  202. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA *Generic Individual Roster
  203. Omni Air Intl *Generic AIMS
  204. Omni Air Intl Atlas Air (ECrew)
  205. PenAir (Monthly) Use UTC
  206. PenAir Skedflex
  207. Pentastar Aviation Tripsheet
  208. Piedmont *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  209. Piedmont Air Wisconsin (Non-Dated)
  210. PSA *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  211. Qantas Airways LTD
  212. Qantas Airways LTD (Roster)
  213. Qatar *Generic AIMS
  214. Republic Airlines *Generic Sabre FlightLog (Monthly)
  215. Republic Airlines JetBlue (Bid Package)
  216. Republic *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  217. Republic *Generic Sabre CrewTime (Monthly)
  218. Ryanair Crewdock
  219. Saudi Airlines
  220. Seaborne Airlines
  221. Shuttle America (Dated)
  222. Shuttle America *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  223. Shuttle America *Generic Sabre Crewtrac (Dated)
  224. Shuttle America *Generic Sabre FlightLog (Monthly)
  225. Silver Airways (AvioLinx)
  226. Skedflex
  227. Sky Regional (Merlot)
  228. Sky Regional *Generic Merlot
  229. Skywest (Crew Time Report)
  230. Skywest (Dated)
  231. Skywest (SkedPlus)
  232. South African Airways
  233. Southern Air *Generic AIMS
  234. Southwest (Non-Dated WBID)
  235. Southwest CrewBuddy (CrewZ)
  236. Southwest *Generic Comma Delimited
  237. Southwest *Generic Moostro/Maestro (Dated)
  238. Southwest *Generic Sabre FlightLog (Monthly)
  239. Spirit *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  240. Spirit *Generic Sabre Crewtrac (Dated)
  241. Sun Country
  242. Sun Country *Generic AIMS
  243. TAM Airlines
  244. Tran States (CSV)
  245. Trans States *Generic Crewtrac New (Dated)
  246. Trans States *Generic Netline (Monthly)
  247. TransStates *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  248. Turkish Airlines
  249. United (Crew Comp Raw)
  250. United (Crew Companion)
  251. United (CSS)
  252. United Airlines (Maybe Dated)
  253. United Airlines (Unimatic)
  254. United/Continental Final Pay (Monthly)
  255. United *Generic Comma Delimited
  256. UPS (Bidpro+ Use Zulu)
  257. UPS (CMS Monthly Use Zulu)
  258. UPS (Dated)
  259. UPS (Non-Dated IPA)
  260. UPS (Non-Dated Zulu)
  261. UPS (Open Time - Zulu)
  262. UPS (VTO/VTOR)
  263. US Airways (Dated)
  264. US Airways (Dated-Winbid)
  265. US Airways (Non Dated)
  266. US Airways *Generic Crewtrac (FLICA DAILY)
  267. USA3000 *Generic AIMS
  268. Virgin America *Generic AIMS
  269. Virgin America *Generic Crewtrac (Non-Dated & FLICA)
  270. Virgin Australia
  271. Virgin Blue Airways
  272. WestJet
  273. Westjet (Citrix)
  274. WestJet (Trip #)
  275. Westjet Encore
  276. Wizz Air *Pilot Logbook DDMMYY
  277. World Airways (Dated)
  278. World Airways *Generic AIMS
  279. XOJet CrewLog
  280. XOJet FltDutyAll

Purchasing this product provides access to your personal cloud trip storage and schedule importer functionality for the selected term length and removes non-subscriber restrictions.  While your subscription is active you will have unlimited access to the airline schedule importer portal accessed from your My Account/My Schedule Importer area and all available features.


You can renew your subscription at any time.  If you renew prior to your existing term ends your renewal will extend the subscription expiration automatically.
Subscription Plans:

30 Day:  For airline pilots not actively flying or employed but need access to the schedule importer to import prior data into their logbooks, this is an affordable option for temporary use of the schedule importer system.


1 Year:  Allows unlimited access to your personal schedule importer and cloud trip storage to import schedules and export for use with any of the supported platforms for one year.


2 Year:  Our most affordable subscription allows unlimited access to your personal schedule importer and cloud trip storage to import schedules and export for use with any of the supported platforms for two years.


Try before you buy:  The schedule importer portal allows you to test your trip importing but it will not save the information to your cloud storage nor can you download files for APDL or iCalendar.  All downloads and integrations require an active subscription.

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