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We appreciate the word-of-mouth advertising and the pride you have in our business and products. We want to give you something for sending business our way, we'd like to pay you a commission on every sale you bring us. Join our affiliate program which is totally free. We use powerful affiliate software that will give you access to our affiliate portal to generate banner ads for your web site or text links to send in e-mails or post on brochures, flyers, etc. You do not need a web site to become an affiliate! The powerful portal will also allow you to view statistics on your referrals and ad activity and even refer other affiliates and get a commission on their sales as well.

Requirements to Join:

  1. You must be able to accept payment by a United States check OR via PayPal (once joined you can specify your PayPal payment info)
  2. Fill out our affiliate application subject to approval
  3. After you are accepted into our affiliate program click here to login and generate your banner images, text links, update your profile, etc.

Terms and Restrictions:

  1. You cannot earn commissions on your own purchases
  2. Commissions are not retroactive. Commissions are automatically generated when a person follows your link or banner ad to our store and purchases within 30 days of that visit.
  3. Commission rates are as follows: 15% commission base rate. If you sell more than 10 orders in the calendar month you are awarded 25% commission on those sales. If you sell over 25 orders in the calendar month subsequent orders award you 25% commission on those sales.
  4. Commissions are paid at the beginning of the month after your commission payout crosses a $25 threshold.

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