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April 2003
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Version Status

PC 1.9.4
Palm 1.3
Pocket PC 1.3
Table of Contents:
1.9.4 Released (with PDA Companions 1.3)
As always, the gears are always turning at NC Software!  Taking customer feedback, good and bad, and molding this into a better software product for all.  Another FREE update to all registered customers, 1.9.4 brings us one step closer to the perfect logbook, but we're always trying to make it better, day after day!

Here's what's new and improved in the latest release:


  • Logbook Pro Explorer not retrieving type specific data with leading/trailing spaces in the Type definition
  • After hiding splitter in Spreadsheet Style Log frozen columns are remaining frozen
  • Help File updated in Pocket PC Companion section
  • Row Headers set to visible in Certificates, Ratings, History areas
  • Hours by Year graph not showing proper value
  • Lookback report updated to reflect exact information as shown on status bar popup and PDA Companion information. Addition is ability to select a date and generate Lookback data FROM this selected date, i.e. future views
  • Performance Enhancements across the board

PDA Companions:

  • {Palm} AutoFill not firing after changing a IN/OUT or Takeoff/Land time when set to auto-calc duration
  • Autofill firing between page changes in Logbook section. Now set to only fire after a Duration value is changed
  • {Pocket PC} Caption area in Logbook pages will reflect Date, Route, and Duration to help identify the current entry
  • Performance enhancements reviewed
  • AppForge Booster version 3.5 released, implemented in PDA Companions

A patch update is not available.  Backup your data (File..Archive..Backup), uninstall* the old version, download and install the new version.  Here's the link:


*Uninstalling will NOT remove data OR registration information

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Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook and Logbook Pro Join Forces


Announcing the joining forces of Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook Palm Logbook and Logbook Pro Professional Edition.  This package deal brings the airline industry the leading solutions in flight logging for the professional aviator.  Taking advantage of the airline centric Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook Palm Program and Logbook Pro Professional Edition for the PC, you can now arm yourself with the top of the line software packages for your flight logging needs.  Whether preparing for that up and coming career dream interview, or simply keeping track of corporate specific flight log requirements, this package is sure to meet your needs.  Read more about this offer and take advantage of this fantastic package deal at http://www.airlinelogbook.net today.

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Tip-of-the-Month "The Enhanced Data Navigator"

Figure 1. Enhanced Data Navigator

At the bottom of the four main data entry areas (Spreadsheet mode), a bar resides across the bottom of the screen, unless optioned to hide, which allows for advanced navigation abilities.  Called the "Enhanced Data Navigator" or "EDN" for short, this bar has more functionality than first meets the eye.

The functionality is clearly outlined in the Logbook Pro Help Documentation, accessed by clicking Help...Contents within Logbook Pro.  Let's review the functionality.

The buttons on the ends are to move to the first and last record of the displayed data, depending on the sort order specified.  The next button in, allows navigating the spreadsheet data entry area a "page" at a time, if in fact the number of rows exceeds one page, or "viewable area" of data.  The next (third) button in from the end is to move one row at a time, forward or backwards.  These are the basic record/row navigation elements, now let's look at some more of the advanced functionality.

On the left section you'll find a plus "+" and minus "-" sign on the button.  The plus sign is to create a new entry, the minus is to delete (upon confirmation) the currently active row.  When adding/editing a row, the button to the right of the plus sign will show enabled, and when clicked, will cancel the current entry or edit operation.  The next button over will force a save of the current row.  Saving is automatic in Logbook Pro, however, if you want to force an immediate save, click this button which looks like the floppy disk and pencil symbol.  As you navigate through rows of your data, the text in the center portion of the EDN will help identify where you are in your data.

The EDN has the ability to "mark" certain rows in memory so you can easily navigate back to them at a future time in the current session of running Logbook Pro.  Take for example you are looking for specific flights with a certain person as a passenger, or comment in the remarks.  Select the row that you want to mark then click the far right button of the left section, it looks like a thumb tack.  For each row that is "thumb tacked" or "marked," you can easily navigate back to the marked rows by clicking the button, second from the left in the right group of buttons.  If you have more than one row stored for marking, you will see a drop down list available to select the specific marked row to jump to.  Pretty slick!  To clear the stored marked rows, click the far left button of the right group, which is a thumb tack with a line through it.

Did you know there was an advanced search capability in Logbook Pro?  Yes, right on the EDN is a search engine.

Figure 2.  EDN Search Engine

Click the binocular button and the dialog as shown above in Figure 2 will appear.  Select the column to search on the lower right, then set the other options and click the Find Next button on the upper right of the dialog!

This has been a brief overview of the powerful Enhanced Data Navigator that rests quietly at the bottom of all the spreadsheet entry areas (Certificates, Ratings, History, and Spreadsheet Style Log).  Take advantage of the powerful user-interface and embedded functionality to navigate and search data within Logbook Pro.

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Common Key Code Issues
A day doesn't go by without a request for a key code replacement or a problem with a key code, so here's the answer to the most common issues related to key codes:
  • If you have an older style key code, i.e. one that has the word "-LogbookPro-" in the middle of it, you need to have the key upgraded to the new style key codes for use in 1.9.x.  If your software is already registered and you do an upgrade, the code will upgrade itself.  If however, you are starting off on a clean computer, you will need a new key code.  E-mail in a request to support@nc-software.com to have your key code upgraded.  You will need the complete key code that starts with numbers as the serial number in the Help...About is not sufficient for regenerating the key code
  • PDA Companion key codes are licensed separately for $29.95 each.  PDA Companion key codes are not transferable from Palm to Pocket PC and vice-versa.
  • PDA Companions need to be registered in two places: 1) On the PDA itself by clicking the Register button on the opening screen, and 2) On the PC software under the PDA Companions menu area
  • When placing your Logbook Pro order, PRINT the invoice AND save the e-mail that is sent to you at the time of purchase.  The key code information is on these records and must be saved for future reference in the event of reinstalls.
  • For lost key codes, proof of purchase must be provided to reissue the key code.  Proof of purchase can be a screen capture of a online bank statement and e-mailed, a scanned and e-mailed bank statement, or the statement faxed to 804-740-4097, and lastly, mailed to the address listed on the NC Software web site in the "Contact Us" section.
  • For more information, read the Policies link at the NC Software web site.
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MGO ent. Sale Continues - Custom Leather Binders

Take advantage of the ongoing MGO ent. sale of the premium custom leather binders for Logbook Pro.  Take $50 off the full-sized carry model (while supplies last) and 20% off the Premier model.  See the MGO ent. Web Site for details today!

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Recent Frequently Asked Questions
  • I have the Dell Axim Pocket PC.  I'm trying to install Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion but the dialogs don't match, what do I do?
    • Download the FREE Microsoft ActiveSync 3.6 update from the Microsoft web site and this issue will be resolved
  • I'm using a Handspring Visor and I get an error message when trying to install the Palm Companion software.  The error message is:  "DataMgr.c,Line:5304,DmWriteCheck failed"
    • This problem is due to an obsolete Operating System on the Visor.  Go to the Handspring web site and download the OS update
  • When trying to install Logbook Pro on my new Dell, the Dell Picture Studio / Dell Image Expert install dialog appears.
    • This is a known bug in the Dell software.  Go to the Dell web site for the free patch update
  • When I install the Pocket PC Companion, when the program starts it says it cannot find the database.
    • This is due to the installation steps not being followed properly.  Read the Help File for the Pocket PC installation and follow the steps very carefully
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