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June 2003
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Version Status

PC 1.9.4
Palm 1.3
Pocket PC 1.3
Table of Contents:
What's new at NC Software
It feels odd writing a newsletter and there are no new updates to talk about!  Logbook Pro 1.9.4 and PDA Companions (1.3) are stable with no reported issues.  This is a proud moment as the software has come a long way since it's birth in 1998, and version 1.x is still the leading electronic logbook solution and growing.  As the leaders of the industry are joining forces, we are proud to have three great companies joined with Logbook Pro in bringing YOU, our most important element, top quality products and choices, ensuring you have the best possible logbook solution.

Who are our partners? 

  • MGO ent. is our proud partner providing Logbook Pro customers fine leather binders for your hard earned flight data printouts.  Additionally, NC Software, Inc. is the sole electronic logbook partner with MGO ent. now forming a stronger and committed partnership
  • FlightCentral approached us about a year ago with an idea of linking in a neat utility to view flight routes overlaid on a map of the country.  We certainly took a close look at the software realizing we would be analyzing any product linking to Logbook Pro with a scrutinizing eye and magnifying glass.  FlightCentral has proven to be a solid product and successful partnership, with dedication in line with our expectations for our customers.
  • Auman Software LLC approached NC Software, Inc. in the March time frame offering to partner their leading Palm OS logbook catered to airline pilots.  Knowing Mr. Auman and the top notch support and dedication, we gladly formed our partnership ensuring the aviation industry has the opportunity to pair up the Professional Edition of Logbook Pro with their top notch Palm OS logbook solution, highly rated across the industry.  View and take advantage of this partnership as we knock off $30 from the total order celebrating the uniting of our popular software.  Go to http://www.airlinelogbook.com/logbookpro.asp to view the offer and purchase your software today.

Partnering with Logbook Pro brings you, our customers, choice and quality products ensuring your flight data is in good hands.  As our partnerships grow, this is a testimonial in itself showing the popularity and success of Logbook Pro.  Rest assured you are in good hands joining the Logbook Pro team.

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Tip-of-the-Month:  Formatting Graphs

Did you know there was another toolbar hidden in the Graph section allowing you to format your graph as shown above?  Yes, there sure is, click the "paint" icon just to the left of the Tips button on the graph main toolbar above the chart area.

Formatting actually begins on the graph main toolbar with the ability to show/hide grid lines, the legend, display item values above bar items, or percentages outside pie slices.  Additionally, the user can change the graph type from one of three choices: Vertical Bar, Horizontal Bar, and Pie charts.  The plot area allows special affects by changing the "Effect" drop down setting.

When clicking the paint icon, further formatting is available, as shown above.  The graph background color or the plot area background color can be customized as well as the font color for the text on the graph.

When settings are set for a specific graph, settings are preserved and automatically set when the same graph is viewed in the future.  This can provide not only the ability to format the graph, but provide a visual cue as to the information available.  For example, graphs by hours contain a light blue background and graphs by flights contain a light yellow background.  The options are endless, feel free to setup your graph displays to your hearts content.

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The Fight against SPAM!
Who isn't affected by spam these days?  As you have heard on the news, read in the magazines, spam is a serious issue and now it's affecting businesses more than ever for two reasons: 1) Businesses are overwhelmed by spam, causing delays in providing support to customers weeding out the spam from inquiries, and 2) Businesses are combating spam with powerful spam blockers, however, important customer e-mail sometimes gets tangled in the spam nets too!

We too use powerful spam blockers and we do NOT want to miss your e-mail.  Please use one of two methods to contact NC Software, in priority order:

  • Post support inquiries on our e-Community.  We answer all inquiries here first as we want others to learn from your questions, and our answers to your questions.  Additionally, other customers may have solutions to your reported issues providing other ways of answering your solution, and they may also get there first.
  • Fill out a support request at any of our web sites.  Submissions using our support request system bypass spam filtering and are guaranteed to get to a representative answering your e-mail promptly.

We are all combating spam.  Do your part by reporting spam and do NOT open spam e-mail.  If you have a HTML e-mail system, such as MS Outlook.  Close your preview pane, delete the spam messages, then show the preview pane again.  It is possible for an HTML e-mail message to send a "success" message back to the sender knowing the e-mail was opened, and possibly even the one sent to you, verifying you as a recipient. 

This article is not meant to provide solutions to combating spam, but we want you to know that we have spam filters enabled and we do NOT want to miss your inquiry.  Please follow the suggested methods listed above for contacting us.  We want to hear you, and see your e-Smiles! :)

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FinePrint 5 Available

The beauty of computers is choice...choice of how to do things, choice of hardware, choice of software and as a developer, we like providing you choices and options on getting the job done, in whatever way is most comfortable and flexible for you, our customer.

FinePrint 5 is a great utility that we even include on our Software CD's as it is so useful, it can enhance any software application that has a print feature.  FinePrint brings duplex capabilities to those that don't have printers with duplexers, the ability to put watermarks on the output such as "Draft" or "Confidential". 

How does FinePrint enhance Logbook Pro?  The print engine in Logbook Pro is very powerful in itself and if you have a powerful printer, Logbook Pro will certainly take advantage of those features, whether color or duplexing.  However, for those with our fine quality leather binders by MGO ent., people are always looking for options on creating unique printouts searching for that unique touch for that dream interview.  Some people have ventured to the more expensive, but very powerful Adobe Acrobat software to open PDF exports from Logbook Pro and manipulate them even further for powerful printing.  The other choice, and with options unique in itself, is FinePrint.

FinePrint allows for powerful layout control, including margins, gutters, duplexing, and more.  Try FinePrint FREE with their evaluation and register for a low cost if you like what you see.

NC Software, Inc. and FinePrint are in no way associated.  We are simply passing along a fine piece of software that may compliment your Logbook Pro software.

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MGO ent. Sale Continues - Custom Leather Binders

Take advantage of the ongoing MGO ent. sale of the premium custom leather binders for Logbook Pro.  Take $50 off the full-sized carry model (while supplies last) and 20% off the Premier model.  See the MGO ent. Web Site for details today!

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Recent Frequently Asked Questions
  • I hear version 2 is coming soon, do you have a release date?
    • I'm not sure where the word is coming from that version 2 is coming soon, honestly, it's not.  Version 2 is very early in the development stages and we have not set a date.  We are taking our time ensuring Logbook Pro 2 is feature rich, high quality, and worth the wait.  Version 1 is still in its prime and is no way obsolete or in need of a new major upgrade.  I know the talk of version 2 makes people think it's coming, but it's really a call for requests and what the customers want to see in the next version, so we can be sure and include everything we can.
  • If I buy version 1 now, will I receive a free upgrade to version 2?
    • As stated above, version 2 is quite a ways out.  However, when the time comes, all those that purchased a version 1 product within 90 days of the release of version 2 will receive a complimentary upgrade to the new version.
  • I want to buy the Professional Version, is the Pocket PC included?
    • As stated at the Logbook Pro web site, the PDA companions are licensed separately for $29.95.  The software is included with the main Logbook Pro PC software, however, a separate key code must be purchased and entered both on the PDA and the PC to release the evaluation limitations.
  • Is the Nokia Communicator supported by Logbook Pro?
    • No, both the Nokia Communicator and Sony P800, although listed on the AppForge supported devices list, are not compatible with Logbook Pro.
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Earn $10.00 per Logbook Pro Order - Refer-a-Friend Program
Did you know you can make money with Logbook Pro?  That's right, earn $10.00 for each Logbook Pro sale!  You can have Logbook Pro pay for itself with ease! 

Click the Refer-a-Friend menu link and print out the refer-a-friend form.  Print out many if you like and take to your local FBO, mail to your friends, whatever you choose.  When your friends mail in the refer-a-friend form and order via this form, YOU will receive $10.00 for every order.

Take advantage of technology!  Export your refer-a-friend form and e-mail it to all your fellow aviators.  They can scan their order and e-mail it to sales@nc-software.com and minimize the delay by taking the snail mail out of the loop and get their software as fast as ordering online and YOU get $10.00.

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