Logbook Pro Newsletter - April 2004 Edition

New Custom Binder Products

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.: Taxes are Done, Cleared for Takeoff, Proceed VFR...

Whew!  April 15th is behind us and now we can concentrate on the important stuff, reaching for the skies!  The weather is warming up (at least on the East Coast) and the skies are blue and the airport keeps calling "come fly..." so it's only fitting to do what we all love to do, fly!  Airshow season will be starting up soon, time to get the sun screen and cool shades and go to our favorite shows, hear the "sound of freedom" and enjoy the history of aviation.

We have some exciting news for the Logbook Pro community, new products that you all have been asking for.  One of the main shortfalls of the e-Logbook era is the capturing of signature items -- endorsements.  We have the answer to this problem with our new MGOent. Endorsement pages.  We've also added manual logbook pages for handwritten entries for the MGOent. binders which also fills a void in capturing flight data while on the road.  Read below for more information.  We're also excited to announce FlightCentral is throwing in something special with each purchase containing their nifty Route Browser mapping tool.  Read on to learn how you can get free stuff from FlightCentral.

We wish everyone a super safe flying season ahead.  Share the passion for aviation, take a friend flying, and keep the spirit strong!


Neal Culiner
President, NC Software, Inc.

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.: New: Handle Endorsements with MGOent. Endorsement Packs

One of the highest requested items, and frequently asked question is, "How do we track Endorsements with Logbook Pro?" 

We have the answer!  Our new Endorsement packs for the Premier and Old-World binders!  We now sell pages that fit in the back of your professional leather binders that can easily capture any endorsement or sign-off, easily allowing you to track the manual signature required items while maintaining the professional printouts offered by Logbook Pro.  We've also thrown in a few extra items to each pack such as Memoranda pages for note taking and Clear Vinyl Protectors for holding receipts, photo's, keys, etc.  Each pack includes four of each type, therefore you get:

  • 4 x Notes and Endorsements Pages

  • 4 x Memoranda Pages

  • 4 x Clear Vinyl Protectors

For those that don't have a custom personalized leather binder, click here to order yours today. 

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.: New: Manual Logbook Pages for Logbook Pro

Do you find it difficult to remember the details of a flight after returning to your PC at home?  Have you not taking the leap towards the Palm or Pocket PC Companion Logbook?  We have the answer to help you record your flight log details while maintaining your Logbook Pro flight log output in the superior quality Premier and Old-World leather binders.  Manual Logbook Pages are new for the Logbook Pro product line, specially designed for our popular binder solutions.  Take notes of your flight information while away, upon return, record the information directly into Logbook Pro.  Perfect for a hand-written backup that many still feel the need to maintain, a great solution for recording flight data maintained in your existing leather binder, and the perfect log for entering the data into Logbook Pro upon return.  Each Manual Logging pack comes with the following:

  • 40 x Manual Logbook Pages (left and right sides)

  • 1 x Front Cover Page

  • 1 x Identification Page

  • 1 x Annual Flight Total Page

  • 1 x Flight Summary Page

A great offer, a great item to have, we hope you enjoy the new products ensuring your logbook accuracy and accountability for every minute of your hard earned flight log history.

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.: Get your FlightCentral Pilot Book of Questions - FREE

With a purchase of any product including the exciting FlightCentral Route Browser add-on for Logbook Pro, you will now receive a FREE copy of "The Pilot Book of Questions" courtesy of FlightCentral.  After purchasing the Route Browser, you will receive the information on obtaining your free copy.

Almost every pilot has achieved their skills by a unique path and as such has absorbed (or rejected) advice from a variety of instructors and situations. Thus, whenever two pilots get together, there is the opportunity to continue the learning process and exchange the knowledge and experiences that are unique for each pilot. The Pilot’s Book of Questions is not a book of pilot test or skill questions. Instead, it attempts to ask questions that don’t necessarily have a right or wrong answer. Hopefully, each question generates discussion, debate, research and hopefully a better understanding of the myriad of issues surrounding piloting. The questions in this book are numbered and organized by topic. Follow-up questions, if applicable, are listed after a question in smaller type. Relevant references to the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) or the Airman’s Information Manual (AIM) may be included to provide additional insights. Questions cover a wide range of flying experiences and aircraft types. Although many of the questions can have a short “yes” or “no” answer, there is much to be gained by also asking “why?” or “how?” as a standard follow-up to each question. This book should be used by two or more pilots as a source of discussion topics and can help pass the time during a long cruise or waiting for the clouds to clear. It can help students gain more from their instructors than standard flight instruction typically covers. Used multiple times with pilots of different backgrounds and experience levels, this book can yield a broad range of opinion.

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.: Open Beta - Logbook Pro 1.9.6

For those that like to stay on the cutting edge, we are opening up the availability of our latest beta version of 1.9.6.  We still have work to do, features to add, but we also know you want to keep up with the latest and greatest and 1.9.6 is just that.  If you would like to download the latest version of Logbook Pro, click here.  Be sure to keep a backup of your 1.9.5 data (File..Archive..Backup) as the standard rules apply to any beta - test at your own risk.  We have been using 1.9.6 for months now without any problems, we just need to add a few more features, reports, and tweaks before we let it fly.  Download, use, report any issues you may find with this new beta available to all those willing to use it and test.

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.: Spread the Word - Spread our Logbook Pro Brochure

Help get the word out about Logbook Pro, download our updated Brochure today.  Print out the double-sided brochure and display on your aviation bulletin boards, your aviation web sites, etc.  For those that are part of the refer-a-friend program, don't forget to write your REFCODE on the brochure so you can get $10 for each and every sale made using your REFCODE.  Click here to download our latest Logbook Pro brochure and help spread the word.

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.: Electronic Refer-a-Friend Program ($10 per Referral)

One of the highest requested items over the years has been to move to an electronic referral system as the system of printing out referrals was too cumbersome and for the "I want it now" Internet delivery system, the delay in the ordering process was not acceptable.  We've listened and we are proud to announce our new high-tech refer-a-friend system.

Available only to registered customers, from within Logbook Pro 1.9.5 and later you will see a Refer-a-Friend button on the toolbar, as well as available from other menus from within the software.  If registered, you will be taken to a page where you can sign-up to receive your promotion code.  It's that easy!  Once your code is e-mailed to you, which is instantaneous on registration, you can then e-mail your friends, put it on our Logbook Pro Brochure, etc. and upon checkout, your friends will see a Promotional Code box on the payment screen where they can enter the code you provided.  At checkout, your account will be immediately credited with a referral and at the end of the month be paid for all referrals for the month.  It's that easy, click, get code, send out, make money!  You asked, we listened, we acted!  We hope you enjoy the new system and it makes it easier for you to spread the word on this great logbook solution.

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.: Tell us what YOU think about Logbook Pro

We love to hear what you think of Logbook Pro, our leading logbook solution since 1998.  Share your thoughts about Logbook Pro and how its helped you in your aviation experience.  Did you use Logbook Pro to help prepare insurance forms, interviews, or simply the dreaded FAA 8710?  Tell us how you use Logbook Pro and we'll share your comments on our testimonials page.  Click here to add your testimonial now.  To view other testimonials, click here.


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.: MGOent. Full-Sized Binder Clearance Sale - Just 5 Left -- Only $45 !!!

Only 5 left in stock, take advantage of MGOent's clearance sale taking $65.00 off their full-sized fine leather binder.

MGOEnt. is a company that provides practical items for pilots that are designed for their quality, endurance & craftsmanship. MGOEnt., with the help of professional pilots, has produced several superior Leather Pilots Logbooks. These logbooks have been designed to make the books easy to use and professional appearance for any occasion. Research by MGOEnt. ensures these books have the features pilots are looking for to log all their flights while meeting the requirements of FAA Regulations. The MGOEnt. Leather Logbooks are finely crafted to last a lifetime. Logbook Pro has custom report outputs designed specifically for the MGOent. binder series, perfect for keep sake or for that dream job. 

Naturally Embossed Lettering
Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 11", 1" Rings


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