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.: Completely Redesigned Interface

Logbook Pro 1.9.6 is now available with a completely new user-interface making flight logging easier than ever.  A completely new menu and toolbar system, Outlook style sidebar, and a "visual overhaul" from the ground up.  This is one of the most significant updates since Logbook Pro was released in 1998 -- and it's still a FREE update to all registered owners.  A new installer was written for widest compatibility and reliability.  Self-healing logic allows Logbook Pro to correct issues caused by interfering software installs, ensuring 100% reliability with your hard earned flight data.  View our update documentation and take the updated online tour for more information.

.: New "Split" Reports

Take the hassle out of printing with Logbook Pro's new "Split Report" system.  Duplex printing is now a breeze with or without duplex capable printers.  No longer is FinePrint required for custom print jobs, Logbook Pro has been overhauled to simplify printing of your flight logbook for any occasion.  Shine in your next interview with a professional printout from Logbook Pro bound in a personalized fine leather bindery by MGOent.

.: Office XP Menu & Toolbar System

Logbook Pro now includes the popular Office XP style menu and toolbar system.  Easy to find menu options with the high-contrast text system and increased color graphics.  Menus and Toolbars are dynamic reflecting not only the area you are working but the very column of data being entered.  Right-click anywhere in Logbook Pro for "smart menus" to help with tasks related to the area selected.  A new start bar and task bar are now available for easy program navigation and navigation of opened windows.  The entire layout is completely customizable allowing users to move items and dock to other areas, detach menus, and turn on and off menus and toolbars as desired.  The menu animation can even be changed to your liking from the View menu.  Customize Logbook Pro to tailor your individual liking.

.: FAR 121 Popup Alerts

Logbook Pro offers the most powerful currency and alert system available in any flight logbook system today.  We have further extended the level of alerts with a new FAR 121 alert system.  Click the Lookback button on the bottom status bar and a new FAR 121 section is available.  View the FAR 121 compliance in an instant with the click of your mouse, color coded for easy status indication.

.: New Custom MGOent Binder - Model #98-004

After months in research and design, MGOent. brings the Logbook Pro community the most versatile binder for all of your printing needs.  The universal full-sized landscape carry model, elegantly designed in the color #604-Terra, soft leather and personalizable with up to 15 characters customizable when ordering, this is the perfect binding solution for your needs.  Easily print any Logbook Pro printout for use in this binder.  We will be offering heavy-bond pre-hole drilled paper as well as endorsement pages and vinyl protectors as are available for the Premier and Old-World models in the very near future.  Click here to learn more about this new binder by MGO Enterprises.

.: Save/Load Analyzer Layouts

We've been working hard on making the Analyzer even better.  We know this is your favorite area of Logbook Pro and clearly the most powerful analysis and filtering system on the market.  Using the Analyzer, get your times in any form, or times related to other columns such as "Night Cross-Country" etc. with ease.  New in 1.9.6 is the ability to "save" the pivot-table layout to recall in another session.  We've even thrown in the option to preserve data with layouts to make snapshots of your data easy to recall and print at a later time.

.: Updated Palm and Pocket PC Companions

Everybody loves our Logbook Pro Companions, making it easy to go on the road traveling light, yet keeping up with flight logbook data as you go.  No longer do you have to try and remember what the conditions of the flight were, how much of the flight was a specific type of time, etc.  Drop a PDA Companion in your shirt pocket as you run out the door and keep Logbook Pro up-to-date with ease.  Upon return, drop the PDA in the cradle, synchronize it and in an instant Logbook Pro on the PC is updated with your flights while away.  The Logbook Pro PDA Companions have the same look and feel as the PC data entry areas making the learning curve for these devices simple to learn.  The PDA Companions support the widest range of handheld operating systems, from Palm OS 3.1 to 5.x to Pocket PC 2000 through the new Windows Mobile 2003.  We even top it off with a low price of only $29.95 Click here to buy a PDA Companion license today.

.: Complete Video Tutorials - Streaming Flash Videos

Do you hate reading documentation?  Do you like learning by example?  Check out our new streaming flash video tutorials, available from the Logbook Pro web site or from the new Tutorials menu in Logbook Pro.  Broken down in functional areas, see with each video how to get the most out of Logbook Pro and useful ways of extracting data for interviews, insurance forms, etc.  Videos are FREE to watch online, or purchase the Video Learning CD-ROM to get all delivered to your doorstep.

.: Refer-a-Friend Earn $10 for *each* Referral

We know word-of-mouth is one of the best advertising methods out there and we are also pleased to hear the raving reviews of Logbook Pro.  We don't want your efforts of spreading the word about Logbook Pro to go unnoticed.  Registered owners, click the Refer-a-Friend button in Logbook Pro and receive a promo code.  Give this promo code to your friends, co-workers, students, instructors, cockpit crew, and when they checkout, they enter the promo code and YOU get $10 for each and every referral.  Don't pass up the opportunity to get paid for your kind words, we want to thank you for helping to spread the word and invite others to join the Logbook Pro family.  Don't miss out, join the free and rewarding program today.

.: FREE Evaluation - No Time Limits

Don't you hate it when you install a program to evaluate, come back to it later to find out the evaluation period is over?  Did you know we don't put any time limits in Logbook Pro?  Our evaluation IS the full product only limited to 50-entries.  That's right student pilots, we want you to be prepared for your private pilot certificate and enjoy Logbook Pro FREE.  Once you hit 50-entries, no new software downloads are required, purchase an unlock code and continue using the very same software and data!  We like to keep it simple!

Download your evaluation or update today.

.: Buy Online - Secure 128-bit Encrypted Checkout

Buying Logbook Pro is easy and 100% automated.  No delay in getting your software product beyond the entry limits of the Evaluation version.  Visit our Secure Online Store and purchase Logbook Pro, an upgrade, PDA Companion, and a Leather Binder for the perfect logbook solution.  Check out our suites allowing significant savings.  View our Third Party add-on products such as the FlightCentral Route Browser and Auman Software's PDA logbooks for 121 operators.