Logbook Pro Newsletter - June 2004 Edition

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Time is running out...hurry to our Secure Online Store and secure your 15% savings on Logbook Pro today!  We are celebrating the release of the major update released on the first of June and want the widest possible audience to enjoy this most significant release since Logbook Pro entered production in 1998.  Logbook Pro is the most popular electronic logbook available with the widest range of accessories.  Additionally, our PDA Companions for the Palm and Pocket PC's support more devices on the market then any other provider.  Enjoy a rich selection of third party products from binders to FAR 121 logbook options, to the nifty FlightCentral RouteBrowser!  But don't wait, the 15% sale is ending in just hours!

.: MGO Enterprises Announces New Binder & Paper Products

As pictured at the top of this newsletter, MGO Enterprises (MGOent) now offers a Landscape Full-Sized fine leather binder custom built specifically for Logbook Pro.  The "98-004" model is a soft light tan leather, personalize if desired with your name or company, contains 6 - 1 inch rings for durability, and holds the new custom heavy bond, pre-hole drilled paper.  This is THE binder for a perfect output from Logbook Pro supporting all of Logbook Pro's reports to build the perfect hard copy logbook solution.  Look sharp in any interview with this professional solution now available for purchase.

.: Do you fly under FAR 121?

Did you know if you buy our combo deal with Logbook Pro Professional Edition and Auman Software's Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook for the PDA you get BOTH the Palm and Pocket PC versions included?  Save over $30 in our unique combination package and if ordered before June 30th (midnight Eastern).  Perfect for the professional aviator with FAR 121 requirements, leave the heavy PC at home and take a Palm or Pocket PC in your shirt pocket on your next trip.  Sync APDL into Logbook Pro and spend the rest of your time at home relaxing!

.: How to get answers fast

NC Software handles all technical support via rapid response e-mail and web forums.  As hackers continue to find creative ways to spam, it makes legitimate businesses harder to communicate with customers due to spam blockers, etc.  We are continually fighting spam and don't want to miss your important questions.  Here are a few tips on getting answers fast from NC Software:

  • Use our online forums to search for topics related to your questions, post new questions, and if you are an existing Logbook Pro user that knows the answer, by all means, feel free to reply to a fellow Logbook Pro customer in need of assistance.
  • Use the Support Request form from the Support Center to correspond with NC Software.
  • Avoid free e-mail accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Keep subject lines concise
  • Use plain text instead of HTML mail

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We know word-of-mouth is one of the best advertising methods out there and we are also pleased to hear the raving reviews of Logbook Pro.  We don't want your efforts of spreading the word about Logbook Pro to go unnoticed.  Registered owners, click the Refer-a-Friend button in Logbook Pro and receive a promo code.  Give this promo code to your friends, co-workers, students, instructors, cockpit crew, and when they checkout, they enter the promo code and YOU get $10 for each and every referral.  Don't pass up the opportunity to get paid for your kind words, we want to thank you for helping to spread the word and invite others to join the Logbook Pro family.  Don't miss out, join the free and rewarding program today.

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Don't you hate it when you install a program to evaluate, come back to it later to find out the evaluation period is over?  Did you know we don't put any time limits in Logbook Pro?  Our evaluation IS the full product only limited to 50-entries.  That's right student pilots, we want you to be prepared for your private pilot certificate and enjoy Logbook Pro FREE.  Once you hit 50-entries, no new software downloads are required, purchase an unlock code and continue using the very same software and data!  We like to keep it simple!

Download your evaluation or update today.

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Buying Logbook Pro is easy and 100% automated.  No delay in getting your software product beyond the entry limits of the Evaluation version.  Visit our Secure Online Store and purchase Logbook Pro, an upgrade, PDA Companion, and a Leather Binder for the perfect logbook solution.  Check out our suites allowing significant savings.  View our Third Party add-on products such as the FlightCentral Route Browser and Auman Software's PDA logbooks for 121 operators.