Logbook Pro Newsletter

October 2004


NC Software Welcomes Paul Kinzelman to lead Editorial Staff

NC Software is excited to bring on one of our most active Logbook Pro users and contributors over the years as our new editor-in-chief.  Paul, an avid and experienced aviator, fluent in regulations and a wealth of aviation knowledge, will manage the new "PIREP Corner" addition to our informative Logbook Pro newsletters.  In our industry, it is not only important to provide modern and accurate logbook software, but also ensure we, both users and developers, stay focused on our ever changing rules and regulations.  Read our next segment by Paul and we invite your requests for content for upcoming "PIREP Corner" articles.

PIREP Corner by Paul Kinzelman

Welcome to the PIREP corner, a new section of the Newsletter!

Neal has decided to expand the content of his newsletter a bit and include short flying-related topics and stories, and he invited me to be the editor! Apparently he was aware that I hadn't been in the military to learn not to volunteer for anything. We'd like to invite you to submit any topics to editors@logbookpro.com for possible publication in future newsletters. Humorous stories get extra credit.

Your compensation will be fame and adoration of your fellow pilots. We fashioned the "payment" in honor of the FAA, after their ongoing attempts to regard the mere logging of time as being "compensation" for the purpose of determining commercial operation.


So for the first topic, I'd like to give a heads-up to those folks who have not been following the news lately concerning the new sport pilot certificate and aircraft. It's been long in the making, and is in effect as of Sept 1, 2004.

The new certificate appears to me to be what a recreational pilot certificate should have been originally. Full details can be found on: http://www.aopa.org/whatsnew/regulatory/regsport.html

The significant change is there is no need for a medical if you are otherwise healthy (have not flunked a flight physical). The plane can weigh up to (and including) 1320 lbs (1430 with floats). In addition, a person can obtain a sport pilot certificate with only 20 hrs total time (15 dual, 5 solo).


One of the main items that has been on the FAA's hitlist lately is the subject of runway incursions. These deviations should be easier to prevent than deviations in the air, because on the ground there are only two dimensions involved, the speeds are so much slower, and you have the option to just stop if you are confused. And GA has been identified as being involved in more incursions than other forms of aviation.

There are a number of resources on the FAA, AOPA, and ASF web sites including self-paced tutorials, etc. Let's all take advantage of these programs and bring down these incursions.

Y'all be careful up there and down here!

Frequently Asked Questions
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    Answer:  Yes, we sure can.  Simply create a backup of your FlightLevel logbook and e-mail us your .BCK file and we'll gladly export the data for you.  We'll return a file which can be used with Logbook Pro's import wizard to import the data into Logbook Pro.  This process is available for registered Logbook Pro customers only.
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    Answer:  The Jeppesen FliteLog program is a proprietary format, although uses the same extension of .LBK that Logbook Pro uses.  FliteLog data files cannot be opened with Logbook Pro directly.  We cannot convert these data files for you, however, you can export your data to a comma delimited data file (CSV) and then use Logbook Pro's import wizard to import the comma delimited data.  For best results, it is recommended to open your CSV data file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel and format the layout as close to the Logbook Pro Spreadsheet Style layout.  After doing so, save the data to a TAB delimited text data file and import this .txt file using the Logbook Pro Import Wizard.
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    Reference: Click here for article
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    Answer:  We apologize for this as both the Name and Company fields require text to proceed with the installation.  These fields are not used for anything so enter anything as desired to proceed with the installation.  In the next update to Logbook Pro we have removed the Name/Company information dialog altogether.
  5. I cannot get my PDA Companion Key Code to work.  What am I doing wrong?

    Answer:  The most common issue is confusion between Logbook Pro's PDA Companions which are installed from within Logbook Pro's PC software and Auman Software's Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook (APDL) which is downloaded/installed from Auman Software's web site after purchasing from NC Software.  The APDL PDA software by Auman Software is for 121 FAR aviators and is not the same as Logbook Pro's PDA Companions.

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