Logbook Pro News Brief

Special Edition - February 2005

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Time is running out!!!  Upgrade your Logbook Pro Standard Edition to the Professional Edition at nearly 25% off the normal price!  Upgrade from Standard to Professional today and add a second PC for use with one pilot logbook for only $30!  Enjoy the PC-to-PC sync capability, FAR 121 Time Summaries, FAR 135 Time Summaries and most importantly, the ability to activate Logbook Pro for use on two computers for one pilot logbook.  Sale ends midnight eastern, Monday, February 28th.  Click here to buy now.

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 MGOent. Releases Two New Products

MGO Enterprises announces two new products for their premium quality custom leather binders:

MGOent. Logbook Pages for Manual Logging - now in WHITE (also available in Tan).  Perfect for the new Black Premier Leather Binders or a nice sharp appearance for either of the existing Premier and Old World Binders.  The manual entry pages are perfect for manual record keeping while away for those that don't have PDA devices for electronic record keeping.  Each package contains:

  • 40 x Logbook Pages (complete left and right)
  • 1 x Front Cover Page
  • 1 x Identification Page
  • 1 x Annual Flight Total Page
  • 1 x Flight Summary Page

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Endorsement and Memoranda Pages for the Full-Sized Carry Model Leather Binder (#98-004).  Custom pages for handwritten items appended to your Logbook Pro reports. Solve the issue of endorsements easily by adding these custom endorsement pages to your logbook to capture the handwritten endorsements for flight reviews, certifications, training, etc. In addition, take handwritten notes using the Memoranda pages.  Perfect for use with the new Peel & Stick Endorsement labels.  Each pack contains:

  • 4 x Notes and Endorsement Pages

  • 4 x Memoranda Pages

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