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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter September 2007 Edition

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Announcing APDL Schedule Importer version 7

NC Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of our next generation schedule importer - version 7.  Version 7 BETA is now available for your use on our new schedule importer web site.  Visit and check out our innovative new schedule importer supporting over 130 airlines and trip formats.

The new schedule importer now in public beta currently supports APDL Pocket PC edition, Palm support is coming soon.  Feel free to try it out regardless, you just can't download files yet for Palm consumption but can explore the new functionality regardless of Palm or Pocket PC use.  The new schedule importer offers an innovative "Auto" feature which is the preferred filter for parsing your trip data and converting it into a downloadable file which can be passed to APDL for importing your trip data.  The Auto feature will find the information in your trip data and parse it into trips, days, and leg detail.  You can paste in your entire month's schedule now -- no longer do you have to do one trip at a time.  You can select each trip and download the trip files for use with APDL.

Other new features give you full control over your data prior to downloading the files for your PDA.  You can edit or add trips, edit or add days, edit or add legs.  You have FULL control -- we give you the tools to make any changes to your data prior to compiling it into a file generated on the fly for use with APDL.  Download the file, save to APDL, and after starting APDL you'll be prompted to import the new data.  Fly your trip, update the times and sync to Logbook Pro and you're done!

Need a new filter for your trip format?  No problem!  No longer do you have to wait our traditional 45 day filter update cycles for new updates to appear.  With the new system we can add new filters real time so we can generate a filter within 24 hours and update the site using the new developer interface behind the scene.  It's truly innovative which will help reduce our support costs and increase our response to your changing company formats.

Let us know how the new schedule importer is working for you.  Tell us if it works, tell us if it doesn't work.  Try Auto first, if that doesn't work, pick a specific filter and retry.  Experiment with the day and leg editing features.  Submit a help desk ticket and send us your trip data if you need any help, but we are looking for feedback on the new system.  We are very excited to offer this new and innovative system that has been in development for over a year!  We're anxiously awaiting your feedback. And yes, APDL's Schedule Importer is still FREE!

Logbook Pro granted Trademark

NC Software is proud to announce "Logbook Pro" is now a registered trademark of NC Software, Inc. granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  This is a great reward and accomplishment in over 10 years of Logbook Pro's existence and service to the aviation community.  As we are a full time software company, not a hobbyist operation as most other logbook vendors, this is yet another step setting us above the rest giving you the confidence in that you've made the right choice with Logbook Pro, we are here to stay!

My thanks to the thousands of customers who have stuck with us over these 10+ years and watched Logbook Pro grow in countless versions, all free updates to date!  Your feedback is clearly what made Logbook Pro what it is today and with the stamp of approval by making the shelves of Sporty's Pilot Shop, we are proud to have accomplished what we have to date.  We can't wait for tomorrow, we have exciting things to come in 2008! (Okay Eric - turn off the music now!) :)

What do you want in future versions?

We want to hear from you!  Logbook Pro and APDL are innovative software products leading the revolution in changing flight logbooks from analog (paper) to digital record keeping.  We take pride in our creativity and innovation, however, there are many people with great ideas such as yourself and we want to know how we can further improve our software helping you with your aviation record keeping needs.  It is our job and goal to serve you, tell us what you need - we are at your service.

Click here to visit our forums and put your ideas in our feature database - the Wish List Forums.  We monitor these forums and transfer your great ideas into our developer database for implementation or further review.  Include any examples such as screen shots, PDF documents, anything that can help us understand your feature request.  If your post contains information you prefer not to publicize feel free to submit a help desk ticket with your suggestion and we'll take your suggestions any way you want to provide them.

Data Entry Service Slots Available

Do you have logbooks sitting around that have yet to be entered into Logbook Pro?  I know, it's hard to find the time and it takes a long time, but we have the answer; our Data Entry Service.

We have great volunteers (pilots) that have offered their time and services to do the hard work of transferring your paper logbooks into Logbook Pro.  In fact we have a surplus of volunteers and we want to find work for all of them, so send us your logbooks!  Many of these pilots are FO's or FE's looking for additional rent money, home improvement money, golf money!  They have a lot of time available and have done a great job in the numerous jobs we have already accomplished for customers like yourself.  Not yet a Logbook Pro customer?  No problem, we'll get you started with a new logbook and get you started with the modern way of flight logging using the best - Logbook Pro.

You can send us your logbooks or take your logs to Kinko's and have copies made and send us the copies, both will suffice.  Most people send us their actual logbooks and we only use FedEx or UPS and take great care with your logbooks to ensure their safety and return.  Send us a ticket via our help desk and we'll send you all the details including a contract.  We have staff available and we can even do rush jobs if you have an interview coming up and no time to get those years of flying into Logbook Pro. 

*NC Software does not profit from the data entry service!  All proceeds except return shipping pass through directly to the hard working volunteers earning money for their hard work.  So not only do they help you with getting your logbooks transferred, you are helping pilots in need of additional income.

 Seeking talented software developers

We are looking for those of you that are both aviators and software developers to take part in the exciting future of NC Software and aviation software on the cutting edge of technology.  If you meet the criteria below and you're interested in becoming a member of our team with a passion for developing exciting and futuristic software, send us your resume.

Who we're looking for:

  • 5+ years experience in software development (full time, part time, or hobbyist)
  • Experience in .NET technologies including Winforms, ASP.NET, and Web Services
  • Experience in Palm OS and/or Windows Mobile Development desired
  • Familiar with Source Code Control systems such as SourceGear Vault
  • Experience in Object Oriented Design, XML, and SQL Server
  • Work from home as sub-contractor, part time with ability to contribute 10-20 (or more) hours a week
  • Experience in team development desirable
  • Good writing and communication skills as well as working with fellow developers

With your resume send us a narrative about your history in software development, what you've developed, show any samples or screen shots or web links, and tell us what your interests are in working with our team currently developing the next generation of aviation software.

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