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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter February 2008 Edition

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It's that time again - Daylight Savings that is...

For our APDL users which use a time zone aware logbook solution, it's that time of year again and much earlier than before with the new time change rules.  Logbook Pro users need not worry, this only applies to our Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook (APDL) product.

Daylight Savings Time begins on March 9th at 2:00 AM (USA). For a list of changes worldwide click here. On or after March 9th, check "Daylight Savings is in effect" on the "Timezone Settings" preference page. If you are importing trips after March 9th, wait until you have checked "Daylight Savings is in effect". If you have a trip that starts before March 9th, import the trip and then switch to your Logbook Timezone and manually correct the times after 2:00 AM on March 9th.

Top 10 reasons to switch from paper to Logbook Pro

Are you considering making the switch from paper logbook to Logbook Pro and have yet to make the move?  Here are a few reasons that we think makes Logbook Pro a wise move considering today's technology and the complexities involved in being a pilot.  There are certainly many more reasons, but here are just a few:

  1. Accurate Flight Log with Edit Capability:

    With Logbook Pro you don't have to worry about white/green out, making negative corrections, or having utterly sloppy logbooks.  You also don't have to worry about remarks in your logbook that you may realize aren't the best for someone to see, i.e. "buzzed Penny Benjamin's house!"  Logbook Pro provides the highest accuracy of any logbook solution, electronic or traditional having been in production over 10 years.  It is the most mature and evolved software logbook ever!
  2. Indestructible Backup, Never Lost: 

    With a software logbook such as Logbook Pro you can't lose it!  With paper logbooks we have heard everything from house fires, stolen property, to simply losing it on a trip.  It is very sad to hear but once armed with Logbook Pro and disciplined backup strategies, your logbook is safe for life.  Keep a copy on CD media, keep a copy at a relative's place, keep a copy in your safe deposit box, keep a copy in your e-mail such as GMail.
  3. Time Analysis:

    Can you imagine getting totals as simple as how much C-152, C-172, 737-200 time you have from a paper logbook?  Now trying to answer questions such as how much Night Cross-Country do you have?  It is impossible without Logbook Pro!  Logbook Pro has an extremely powerful data analysis system on top of all of the reports and charts it comes with called the Analyzer.  The Analyzer can slice and dice your times any which way with total control of date filters, aircraft specifics such as show only Single-Engine Land time, on and on.  This alone is THE reason to move your paper logbook to Logbook Pro.
  4. Currency Calculations and Warnings:

    Are you able to really determine currencies and proper expirations from your paper logbook data?  Do you have to get out a notepad and start jotting notes, line through, re-calculate and then realize you are calculating it all wrong when someone important has to point this out to you?  You don't want to get in that situation or find out you're flying illegally!  Let the power of the computer help you!  Logbook Pro has the most advanced and configurable currency system ever produced.  Create your currencies in a logical manner that can even take into account your medicals and then warn you prior to a currency expiring so you can take action before it's too late.  Print out a color coded currency report which will show you currencies in the "warning zone" vs. overdue and even tell you why the currency is coming due so you can take action down to the specific problem item.
  5. Alerts for Expiring Activities:

    Logbook Pro will warn you about anything coming due that has a due date.  Items with due dates are logged in the "History" area of Logbook Pro and are automatically registered in the alerts system.  Alerts will be presented on startup of Logbook Pro for both History events and Currencies coming due.  The warning period is fully customizable in the Options area of Logbook Pro.
  6. Generate instant FAA 8710's, FAR 121, and FAR 135 Limitations Reports:

    Can you imagine trying to collect the data required for a FAA 8710 from a paper logbook?  It's impossible to do accurately, there is no answer other than Logbook Pro!  Now try doing the math for FAR 121 and FAR 135 limitations much less duty limits our APDL companion product offers.  The FAA and other regulatory agencies certainly didn't think of this when creating these rules and regulations as software logbooks didn't exist, thankfully we have the answer to your problem - Logbook Pro!
  7. Search & Filters:

    Logbook Pro offers outstanding capabilities for you to "shape" your data so you can see only what you need to see.  Date filters allow you to set limits on the data presented such as in the Analyzer, Reports, and Charts.  Use the custom logbook filter toolbar to limit data presented in the flight log area such as to a date criteria or specific aircraft.  The Analyzer has an abundance of filter capability by clicking the drop downs across the top row (anything with a down arrow) and even adds the ability to auto-calculate military conversions for those that get compensated for military flying when applying for airline jobs.
  8. Use your PDA - Sync it to Logbook Pro:

    We offer four PDA software products to cover your specific PDA platforms and type of flying.  Two major lines of aviation software for the PDA include our "Logbook Pro PDA Companions" for General Aviation and "Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook" for our airline pilots and specific to FAR 121 scheduled operations.  Each product line supports both Palm OS and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC).  These products allow you to log your flight activity while away from your computer running Logbook Pro and then sync your flying activity into Logbook Pro upon return for complete power in data analysis, reporting, and backup.
  9. It is the logbook of the Future:

    Logbook Pro has paved the path over the past 10 years in bringing archaic flight logs into the modern era of technology.  We continue to pave the road ahead while keeping up with the latest technology and harnessing the power for you to use with your flight logbook needs.  We are expanding in ways never imagined as we'll demonstrate in the next version of Logbook Pro due to release later in 2008 and continue to serve every need of the pilot and aircraft owner.  We have only just begun!
  10. One Logbook for Life:

    Rest assured with your purchase of Logbook Pro you have secured the only logbook you'll ever need.  No need to buy additional logbooks, no need for a special locker to store your stack of paper logs and hope they don't get lost, stolen, or burned!  Logbook Pro is your aviation record keeping answer for life!  We don't trap your data either nor do we have a software license that expires on you like other software logbooks.  You can export your data to various formats, import data, and you have total control and freedom to do as you see fit any time you want.  Logbook Pro is not a basement project, it is our full time job and we are continuing to expand our developers and support staff.  We are backed by Sporty's Pilot Shop as their only electronic flight logbook solution and that in itself is the endorsement by the aviation industry for excellence.  We are aviators too and proud you picked Logbook Pro and look forward to serving you for many years to come.
How do I transition from paper to Logbook Pro?

The biggest concern of most people switching from paper logbooks to Logbook Pro is the amount of time and effort it will take to re-enter "all that data!"  Certainly, you will get the most benefit out of Logbook Pro if you have your data transferred line-by-line from paper log to Logbook Pro.  However, just as when you move to a  new paper logbook from an old one, Logbook Pro has a mass carry-over capability to bring your data over in lump sums.  Read this KB article for details on how to do this.  Because Logbook Pro has full edit functionality you can always work on bringing your paper log data over line-by-line and then delete the mass carry-over entry later.

For new pilots it is imperative to start now with Logbook Pro so you don't end up having to transfer 3500 hours later.  Instructors, it is in your hands to educate your student pilots on keeping logbooks whether paper or Logbook Pro, so be sure to educate them on the benefits of Logbook Pro from the start.  Logbook Pro Enterprise Edition in your flight school will also allow you to oversee the accuracy of your student pilot's use of Logbook Pro as they learn the ways of keeping a pilot logbook.

For experienced pilots that just cannot bring themselves to the time and effort of transferring years of data, we'll do it for you!  We have a pool of volunteer pilots that take your paper logbook data and enter it for you which takes the burden off of you and allows our pilots in need of extra cash to pay their rent.  So you both win, NC Software does NOT profit off of this service, all money is pass-through to the laborers working hard on your logbook.  For details on our Data Entry Service please read the section of our Logbook Pro web site and then contact us for pricing and a contract.   

New Turn-Key Follow-On Printing Service

Turn-Key Follow-On Printing Service

Already had your Logbook Pro data professionally printed using our turn-key printing service and need a few touch-ups?  We are here to help and recently launched a new service called the Turn-Key Follow-On Printing Service.  We maintain your prior job details so we can easily add new flight log data and refresh the supplemental reports for you at any time.  For customers that have already purchased a turn-key printing service job simply purchase the follow-on service product from our online store and send us your Logbook Pro backup with any instructions.  This service offers both a normal (3-5 business day) service and an expedited (overnight) service response.  Let us take care of your printing needs and provide you the highest quality presentation of your aviation experience.

Visit our booth at Sporty's

Sporty's Pilot Shop Fly-In 2008

Come visit us at the Sporty's Fly-In on Saturday May 17th!  In the past it has been a great pleasure to meet our customers and I look forward to meeting those that come to visit us this year.  This year we have something special to show you.  We'll be giving the first looks at the new version of Logbook Pro which is slated to release mid-2008.  So stop by, enjoy Sporty's food and events and we'll see you in May!

Overnight Shipping Options for Cirrus Elite Products

FedEx Overnight Shipping Services

Need it yesterday?  That seems the way things are in today's fast moving world of short notice events.  Preparing for a short notice interview or didn't get quite enough paper for your Logbook Pro printouts and need more ASAP?  Have no fear, we can help you and now without requiring any special coordination as was required in the past.  During the checkout process when purchasing Cirrus Elite binders or binder accessories you'll now have the option to choose a FedEx Overnight delivery option.  We know there are times you "need it now" and we are constantly improving our services to accommodate your needs.  If you have any special needs on any order don't hesitate to e-mail us directly at and we'll promptly assist you.

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