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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter May 2008 Edition

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20% off upgrades through end of May

We're offering a special from now through the end of May to allow you to upgrade your licenses at a 20% discount!  To buy a software upgrade enter the coupon code "UPGRADEME" during checkout.  Don't forget as we can't discount you after the fact, remember -- enter "UPGRADEME" in the coupon box during checkout.

Why upgrade?

Standard Edition users (license codes starting with "01-01") can add a second computer for just $39 (before discount).  License two computers (i.e. home and laptop) for a small fee.  The Professional edition adds significant functionality such as the PC-to-PC sync system, FAR 121 features, FAR 135 features, etc.  But most of all the luxury of using your data on two computers, not just one!

Standard and Professional Edition users that want to upgrade to the Enterprise edition can do so as well.  The Enterprise edition allows you to create multiple data files (File...New menu) so you can keep your flight log data separate i.e. work vs. personal, military vs. civilian, etc.  But more importantly if more than one pilots resides in your household, the Enterprise Edition allows all pilots to easily use one computer for their flight logging needs.

After you have purchased your license upgrade there is no need to download or install any new software, you just need to enter the upgrade code into Logbook Pro and it will elevate the license level automatically.  Click Help...Upgrade to bring up the activation dialog and enter the upgrade code.  You must have the baseline edition activated first so if you're activating a Standard to Professional edition license you must first have the Standard edition license activated and then you can activate the upgrade license.  So don't lose your 01-01 code as you'll need that first and then you can use your 01-05 code for the upgrade portion.

I don't think we've ever offered a discount on version upgrades and probably won't again, so get this bargain while it lasts!  Click here to buy your Logbook Pro PC edition upgrade now!  Offer expires May 31st!

Misunderstanding User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista

A few inquiries lately have me concerned that people don't understand the purpose of User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista.  UAC is not a security system that replaces anti-virus or an anti-spyware product such as Norton Anti-Virus, Webroot's Spy Sweeper, etc.  So having UAC alone is not enough protection in my opinion against malware.  At the same time disabling UAC is not going to expose you to threats if you have security software such as listed above (what I use) and exercise common sense and discipline in what you install on your computer (i.e. e-mail attachments from unknown sources, etc.).  It is important to understand you should (again, in my opinion only) have security software installed and maintained to the latest version and definitions. 

What is UAC in simple terms?  It is a system that simply warns you when elevated permissions are required such as installing software.  It keeps your system from running under higher than needed permissions in an effort to prevent malware from installing or software from making changes to areas Microsoft doesn't think things should be occurring.  For example writing data to locations inside the Program Files location of your hard drive, the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section of your registry, etc.  However, many applications DO use these areas and therefore will trigger UAC warnings essentially driving you to turning it off.  Most software developers turn off UAC, I've had it turned off since the day I installed Vista in November of 2006.  It slows your computer down, on and on.  Simple things such as syncing software with Outlook is blocked as Outlook is not run as Administrator with UAC on.  Logbook Pro is not UAC compatible yet and you must disable it for both installation and use.  The next version of Logbook Pro due out near the end of 2008 will be UAC compatible.

Here are a few links to learn more about what UAC really is:

-Magazine article (MaximumPC)

Buying a new PDA/Cell Phone? Learn about device compatibility

We get A LOT of e-mails inquiring whether or not a cell phone/pda is supported.  We have a simple rule of thumb that will make it easy for you:  If the device is running Palm OS or Windows Mobile (AND) you can interact with the screen via a stylus, i.e. it has a touch screen, we support it.  Palm OS 3.x and later, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 - supported! 

Here are a few resources that may help you:

-Logbook Pro System Requirements
-APDL System Requirements
-Newsletter article:  Considering a PDA

As all of our software is available on a try-before-you-buy basis.  Feel free to visit our download portal and download any of our products to ensure compatibility and satisfaction prior to purchase. 

Ready to enjoy the luxury and ease of use of our low cost PDA logbooks?  It's a great way to keep your flight log up-to-date without ever using pen and paper, just tap the screen, make a few quick entries in your PDA/Cell phone and upon return sync that data right into Logbook Pro.

-Airline pilots - get your APDL license here
-General Aviation pilots - get your Logbook Pro PDA Companion license here

Common problems when installing software

I know computers may not be our friends from time to time, this "thing" is supposed to save us time isn't it?  Well installing software can sometimes be tricky, we try to make it as easy as possible for you.  The first thing is to ensure you have administrative rights on your computer.  If you are using a work computer or a restricted account given to you by someone else (your employer) they may not want you installing things.  Sometimes security software can interfere but quite frankly I've never had to disable it to install a software application but I realize it could get in the way.  But you can try that if you're having a problem installing software.

One of the most common problems today with installing software is Windows Vista's User Account Control (UAC).  See the article above for more information but in order to use Logbook Pro you must disable and leave UAC disabled.  Our next version of Logbook Pro, due out sometime near the end of 2008 if all goes well, will be UAC compatible.  Go into the Windows Control Panel and then User Accounts section and find the "User Account Control" option and disable it.  Reboot, leave UAC disabled if prompted to re-enable it and then install the software.

Another common problem is when you download a product from the Internet you are offered the RUN, SAVE, CANCEL option.  I highly recommend NEVER choosing the RUN option.  Instead, download the product to your hard drive and then double-click the downloaded file.  If you continue to have a problem try our web based installer as it operates a little differently than the normal installers.  Click here t to download Logbook Pro's web based installer.  After downloading this small file to your hard drive, double-click it and the installation will proceed.  Make sure you remain connected to the Internet.

Last but not least - make sure you have ALL available critical AND optional windows updates installed.  It is important to keep your computer up-to-date and failing to do so will just cause more problems. 

A quick note on installing PDA software.  A common question is how to install a PDA software product downloaded from our web site.  Do NOT copy what you download from our web site and try to run it on your PDA, that's not how it is installed.  Instead you should actually install what you download from our web site to your PC and then install on your PC.  Palm OS devices will install the software on next HotSync, Windows Mobile devices will start the PDA installation process automatically if connected during install.  So again, install to your PC, not your PDA, we'll do the rest for you.

Did you know?  Volume discounts available

Are you a student in flight school or military pilot training?  Are you a professional pilot among at least 10 other pilots?  Are you a member of a flying club?  Get a collection of names together, what versions of Logbook Pro you all want and send us an e-mail.  We offer volume discounts on orders of 10 or more licenses.  Save money by ordering in volume - inquire today and tell us how many licenses you need.

Data entry staff available - send us your logbooks (or photo-copies)

Still using the "scribe" method of flight logging?  Hopefully you're beyond chalk and slate! :)  It's time to get into the current era of flight logs and get your data in a modern accounting system for pilots so your data is ready for analysis, ginsu slicing and dicing for applications and insurance forms, and simply making life easier on yourself once and for all!  You never know what you'll need to do with your data in the future so prepare now, don't wait.  The transition from hundreds (or thousands) of hours from paper to electronic is no simple or joyful task but we have the answer for you, let us do it!  We are fortunate to have more than enough volunteers willing to make a few extra dollars to help pay the bills by doing the hard work for you.

Although most people ship us their actual logbooks you are certainly welcome to send us photo-copies if you are concerned about your logbooks being lost in transit.  The only thing we ask is that you attach the left and right pages so the staff can read across one complete line of data just as if they were reading your logbook.  If you send us photo-copies there is also no return shipping costs billed to you as we shred the papers when the job is completed.  For those that send in your actual logbooks, and everyone should do this anyways, make sure your name, address, and phone number are on the inside cover of your logbooks.  It's the standard "if lost or stolen, please return collect, etc."  If that box pops open in transit and FedEx needs to know who this item belongs to, it sure helps if your information is permanent within your logbook.  A small dose of common sense.  Okay, I'm putting this in my logbooks now too! :)

Send us an e-mail and we'll give you the full pricing details, contract, and answer any questions you may have.  You can even use our online estimator to see how much it will cost, but keep in mind how much time this would take you to do it and what value you put on your own time.  It can't be any cheaper and all of your money for this job goes to the hard working volunteers, it's simply "pass-thru" via NC Software.  We hope to gain your business via Logbook Pro sales, the volunteers need the extra money, it's a win-win for both of you.

P.S.  One person asked if we ship your logbooks overseas, to India for example - NO, absolutely not! 

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