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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter October 2008 Edition
Logbook Pro 1.10.37 Update Available

Logbook Pro 1.10.37 is a minor update free to all version 1.x customers.  It is recommended to keep Logbook Pro up-to-date at all times to ensure the most reliable and accurate flight log solution.



  • When printing a combined report in the split-reports the orientation in the printer settings was not being set to Landscape, it had to be manually changed with every print run
  • Menu option to buy Binders moved to bottom of Reports menu and out of Split-Reports/Old-World & Premier report menu area
  • Decimal rounding added for PDA data synchronization to prevent unnecessary number of decimals
  • Features added to tech support maintenance dialog for better troubleshooting
  • "Update" button at bottom of spreadsheets on enhanced data navigator removed as it is not required and there was a problem where a current entry may be removed if not completely filled out per required fields
  • Prompt to add binder transitions was improperly calculating and providing unnecessary warnings although no actions were taken therefore not causing any problem other than a nuisance prompt
  • Layout persistence system updated to save/restore data area layouts
  • Time converter (Edit menu) enhanced

Logbook Pro 1.10.36 users download and install the small patch by clicking Help...Check Web for Updates menu within the software.


All other users should uninstall Logbook Pro from the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs area (Programs & Features in Vista) and then download the full installer and install the latest version.  Uninstalling and Reinstalling does NOT affect your data or registration.


Click here to download Logbook Pro 1.10.37 now.

Video Tip:  Initial Setup and Configuration

Play Video
Play Video


For both new and existing users, watch this brief video that describes the initial setup and configuration of Logbook Pro.  Topics include the Options...User Info area, adding aircraft types in the Options...Aircraft area and the recommended method for customizing the flight log data entry screen.  Learn how to show/hide columns, resize columns, customize column captions, and organize columns in any desired order, etc.

APDL Schedule Importer to remain FREE

We're continuing to update our FREE Airline Schedule Importer portal keeping our trip filters updated, adding new trip support, and we just published the latest update to the web site - version 7.4.  Version 7.4 now allows up to 20 trips to be imported over the prior limitation of 10.  In addition for trip formats that include the aircraft information, i.e. N-Number, when exporting directly to Logbook Pro the available N-Number will be used in place of the default specified N-Number which is used when a N-Number is not available.


For the unforeseeable future we have decided to leave the schedule importer as a FREE service to our airline community.  We discussed in prior newsletters the potential of making this a fee based service to help cover ongoing development and maintenance costs.  Continue to enjoy this free service and streamline your flight logging process taking advantage of our unique and powerful capability to read your trip data right into our Logbook Pro and APDL flight log solutions.


We hope you will continue to refer our products and services to help keep costs such as this free.  Don't forget you can be paid for your referrals by becoming a member of our affiliate program.  You don't even have to be a Logbook Pro or APDL customer to join!  Click here for details and join today!   

Time Change Nov 2nd - APDL Users Please Read

Daylight Savings Time ends November 2nd.  APDL users importing trips crossing this time change please read the following tips:


On or after Nov 2nd uncheck "Daylight Savings is in effect" on the "Timezone Settings" preference page.  If you are importing trips after Nov 2nd wait until you have unchecked "Daylight Savings is in effect".  If you have a trip that starts before Nov 2nd, import the trip then switch to your Logbook Timezone and manually correct the times after 2:00 am on Nov 2nd.

Take advantage of our Services (Data Entry / Turn-Key Printing)

Data Entry Service:


Do you want to switch your flight logging system to Logbook Pro but you're facing the daunting task of entering numerous books taking hours you simply don't have?  We have staff available to do the dirty work for you!  Send us your flight logs or photo-copies of your flight logs and we'll take care of it from here!  Our data entry staff will transfer all of your flight log entries into Logbook Pro and we'll send you a Logbook Pro data file for continued use when done.  Already a Logbook Pro user but have old paper logs still not transferred?  We can take care of that to!  Send us an e-mail to and inquire about having us handle your data entry service today.  It's easy and when it's done you will be using the latest and most advanced flight logbook solution for pilots ready for any task you may be faced with.  Job interviews, insurance forms, indestructible backup, hard copy professional printouts, you name it!  With Logbook Pro you are now in the modern era of flight logbooks.  To learn more including a job estimator, click here.


Turn-Key Printing Service:


Facing an upcoming interview and you want to secure this job in today's grueling economy?  Don't cut any corners or take any chances, give this interview your 110% effort and get the job!  Let us handle your printing needs and we'll provide you a professional interview ready solution.  With over $100 of Cirrus Elite paper included in the service, this is a cost effective hassle free way of ensuring the best possible presentation giving you an edge over your peers vying for the same job!  Choose your Cirrus Elite Binder and we'll handle the rest!  Contact us today by e-mailing and take the worry out of your interview preparation.  We even have next day service available!  To learn more about this service click here.

Product Spotlight:  The Cirrus Elite Premier Binder


The Cirrus Elite Premier binder has the traditional look of a flight logbook. This binder has the premier brown leather with the gold print, gold corner savers, and gold rings. The front inside cover has handy pockets for identification or credit cards. This logbook comes in two different colors.



  • Dimensions: 10 inches long x 6-1/2 inches wide
  • Rings: 3/4 inch diameter x 6 inch heavy duty gold rings
  • Colors Available: Black (#300) and Brown (#100) soft premier leather
  • Option for personalization on front cover 
  • Holds approximately 80 sheets of pre-drilled/perforated paper
  • Desk models have identification and credit card pockets in front cover for convenience
  • 98-001 #300-Black Features
    • Gold Lettering with the option for personalization also in gold letters
    • Gold corner savers and heavy duty gold rings
    • Identification or credit card pockets on the inside cover
  • 98-001 #100-Brown Features
    • Gold Lettering with the option for personalization in gold letters
    • Gold corner savers and heavy duty gold rings
    • IIdentification or credit card pockets on the inside cover
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