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NC Software Acquires Auman Software’s Airline Pilot’s Daily Aviation LogbookTM

“The Unrivaled FAR 121 Pilot Logbook Suite”

WILMINGTON, DE – May 31, 2005 – NC Software today announced the acquisition of the world’s leader in airline logbook software, Airline Pilot’s Daily Aviation LogbookTM, to join the award winning Logbook ProTM line of electronic aviation software solutions.

Airline Pilot’s Daily Aviation LogbookTM (APDL) supporting both Palm OS and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile platforms since 2000 enables pilots flying under FAR Part 121 rules and regulations to closely track airline specific logbook events.   Airline pilots can import airline schedules using the free schedule importer supporting over 65 airline schedule formats.  The APDL Schedule importer seamlessly bridges the gap between aviation employer and personal flight logbook tailored to airline pilots’ needs.  Using APDL empowers airline pilots to closely track scheduled and actual flight time in various time formats, organize aircraft, crew changes, delay and mechanical information, on a flight-by-flight basis.  Calculate with ease FAR 121 duty limitations and evaluate FAR 121 rest requirements including both required rest and Whitlow crew rest.  Airline pilots using APDL can easily track expenses and calculate CONUS/OCONUS and IRS ME & I rates to evaluate the deductions in the pilot’s best interest.  APDL comes with a free synchronization and reporting utility “APDL SingleSync” seamlessly integrating APDL for Palm and Pocket PCs to the award winning Logbook Pro electronic software suite.  APDL is now the “standard” for all airline pilots in tracking airline specific logbook requirements.

NC Software’s award winning Logbook ProTM aviation logbook software has been serving the aviation community since 1998.  Logbook ProTM, now endorsed and sold as Sporty’s Pilot Shops exclusive electronic logbook software, has become the standard for flight logbooks in the aviation community worldwide.  Supporting all aspects of aviation, Logbook Pro provides software solutions for general aviation, FAR 121 & FAR 135 operations, and any aviation requirement with an extensive and customizable feature set unrivaled in the aviation community.  Logbook ProTM supports various users from PC to Palm OS and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile operating systems.   Logbook Pro is noted for its continued outstanding rapid response and personal customer service.  “We work with every customer as if they were the only customer is out motto,” said Neal Culiner, President of NC Software, Inc.  “We take pride in our software, not our bank accounts.  We enjoy seeing our product used by the aviation community and have yet to charge for a software upgrade in over seven years.”  Quality is NC Software’s number one focus ensuring the aviation community has an accurate and reliable logbook solution they can count on, for lifetime!

NC Software’s acquisition of Auman Software’s Airline Pilot’s Daily Aviation logbook allows NC Software to move to the next level in their aviation software enterprise.  Leveraging technologies such as the Microsoft .NET Framework allows NC Software to keep its aviation software on the cutting edge of technology making the flight logbook experience not only accurate and reliable but also enjoyable.

Airline Pilot’s Daily Aviation Logbook Version 6 Released
NC Software released its version 6 suite of Airline Pilot’s Daily Aviation Logbook.  Former Auman Software customers purchasing Airline Pilot’s Daily Aviation Logbook on or after June 1, 2003 will receive a free upgrade to version 6.  Customers wishing to upgrade to version 6 who purchased prior to June 1, 2003 can contact for a discounted upgrade.

About Auman Software, LLC
Auman Software, LLC, founded in 2000, is the leader in airline pilot software solutions based out of Dunedin, Florida.  Auman Software develops robust solutions for PDA devices such as Palm OS and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile platforms. 

About NC Software, Inc.
NC Software, founded in 1998, is the leading software company developing solutions for the aviation community based out of Wilmington, Delaware.  For more information please visit our web sites listed below:

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