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Windows 7 - we're 100% compatible
Windows 7

October 22nd has come and gone and the greatest operating system ever produced by Microsoft is now available to the world.  We've been honored to have the final release of Windows 7 in our hands for over two months for testing and to ensure compatibility with our software products.   We're happy to report our software is 100% compatible with Windows 7 and you'll enjoy the performance improvements, security, and broad range of software applications available only to Windows. 

Windows 7 follows the same design guidelines as Windows Vista with its User Account Control security and permissions system.  Be sure your Logbook Pro data file is NOT located in the old default location of "C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro" but instead is located in the new default location of /My Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 (/My Documents is termed /Documents in Vista).  If you have any problems you can simply disable User Account Control in the Windows Control Panel / User Accounts Area until you get your data file moved.  You can move the data file within Logbook Pro using the File...Move menu command.

If you have any questions about our software please visit our help desk and contact us if unable to find your answer in our knowledgebase or community forums.

Enjoy!  Microsoft's Windows 7 is awesome!
Time change this weekend (USA)
Don't forget to "fall back" (set your clock back an hour) Sunday morning as the time changes here in North America.  For a list of time changes click here.

APDL users:

On or after Nov 1st uncheck "Daylight Savings is in effect" on the "Timezone Settings" preference page.

If you are importing trips after Nov 1st wait until you have unchecked "Daylight Savings is in effect".

If you have a trip that starts before Nov 1st, import the trip. Then switch to your Logbook Timezone and manually correct the times after 2:00 am on Nov 1st.

How to order software from our store for someone else (gifts)

Play Video

It's nearing that time of year again and the holidays will be upon us before we know it.  Although the economy is still putting a pinch on us all we have affordable software and binder products to help make your pilot friends, family, and coworkers smile.  Click the play button above to watch a brief 2 minute video on how to purchase from our web site and license a software product in someone else's name.  By default when ordering software from our store the registration information is in the billing name.  Enter the name of the recipient (or business name) in the "License to" box and then click add to cart.  It's that easy.

We also sell gift certificates which don't expire.  Click here to view our gift certificates where you can specify the amount for your gift certificate and let your pilot recipient come back at any time later and purchase what they want and need.  You never know what a pilot already has or not, so gift certificates are great for those hard to shop for.

If you have any questions click here to contact us for prompt and courteous assistance.
FlightCentral releases Route Browser version 2.2
FlightCentral Route Browser (Google Earth View)

FlightCentral released an update, version 2.2, to its popular mapping add-in for Logbook Pro.  This update adds support for both Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well as other enhancements.  If you downloaded version 2.2 prior to October 16th and Logbook Pro's Add-In menu will not launch Route Browser, uninstall and re-download as FlightCentral fixed this issue and republished the update.

Click here to download Route Browser 2.2.  If you haven't purchased a license for this awesome add-in with Google Earth integration, click here to do so now.
Development update (Logbook Pro, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.)
We get a lot of questions (daily) about pretty much every product out there including iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, BlackBerry, Nokia, you name it!  I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know where we are in our development efforts.

First off, realize we are a very small company.  Each and every one of these platforms has its own operating system and therefore it's own programming language.  This makes it very challenging for a limited number of programmers to cover such a wide range of programming needs.  So realize we are doing our best but it takes time, a very long time, to write software applications.  We are not Microsoft with 2,000+ people on a development team.

Our main priority is Logbook Pro 2010, the next generation logbook for your PC.  This is also laying the foundation for all other platforms to come with our network and database architecture in place for this new system.  We are years into this development effort and it looks like mid-2010 for the release, but those of you know that have been hearing about version 2, and any other name we've called it, it will be released only when it's ready.  What we sell now is a rock solid feature rich product that serves its purpose very well.  We are working though to take what we've established thus far to a new level and up to par with today's Microsoft technologies.

We are also working presently on Logbook Pro iPhone edition.  Just as with Logbook Pro 2010, I refuse to tell you a date because if I do, I won't meet it!  It's the nature of software.  I prefer to release a quality, stable, well tested product rather than just pushing some limited worthless something out the door just to say we have support for it!

Palm Pre users, check these two links for information on using Classic to help you get your classic palm apps working.  Link 1  / Link 2.  I don't anticipate support for this until after Logbook Pro 2010 releases and subsequently our mobile web architecture.

Android and BlackBerry, probably mid to late 2010.  Android is new but we recently received some great news on the developer side for tools in developing for the Android, but it's low priority for us at the moment.  I use a BlackBerry myself and would love to support it but there's no rush, we want it to work with Logbook Pro 2010 first and foremost so we are holding off on this.

I hope this gives you a feel of where we are and where we're going.  We have a small but very active group of beta testers working along our side in the Logbook Pro 2010 development and testing process.  It is coming along nothing short of amazing!  I promise you will be happy with what we are producing!

For our MAC users, check out this new product brought to my attention recently which lets you run Windows apps without needing Windows.  It's called Cross-Over by Codeweaver.  Download the free trial and see if it suits your needs.  They even tested Logbook Pro for us and found no problems at all.  Very neat!
Check this out - iPhone logbook by 2nd City Software
iPhone Logbook - Flogger by 2nd City Software

We know you want an iPhone logbook and my friend George over at 2nd City Software has something really sweet you can try out now!  And it's cheap, you can get it from the Apple App Store for only $9.99!  Go to the App Store, search for "Flogger" in the upper right of iTunes and start having fun!

One neat thing about Flogger is that it can backup the data to Google Docs.  Google Docs is a spreadsheet application which is part of your free Gmail account.  So if you don't have a Gmail account yet, sign up for your free account and then enter the information into Flogger.  Log a few flights and then you can backup to Gmail's Google Docs.  As Google Docs is a spreadsheet you can then export that data out to a TAB or CSV file and use Logbook Pro's import wizard to import the data.

The interface is well designed and George has some great customizability in his product.  Be sure to give your feedback to George to integrate with Logbook Pro and hopefully he can make the effort even more seamless.  This should hold you over until we release our iPhone app coming soon!

Click here to visit the Flogger web site and see even more screenshots and learn more about this fun little app.