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Logbook Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are here
Logbook Pro for iPhone and iPod touch Logbook Pro for iPad
Buy Logbook Pro for iPhone and iPod touch on the Apple App Store Buy Logbook Pro for iPad on the Apple App Store

As you may have heard in our NC Software announcement last week (click here if you missed it), in early June we released Logbook Pro for the iPhone and about two weeks later Logbook Pro for iPad.  We are very excited and have been amazed by the sales numbers so it's obvious you like it too.  I know you have been waiting for a long time for this and sometimes good things come to those who wait, and these apps already exceeded our expectations having been on the market less than a month.  We're selling the new iPhone and iPad apps at the very same price we've been selling the Palm and Pocket PC apps the last 12 years - only $29.99.  You get a free "My Sync" portal account ( with your purchase, no subscription, no additional fees, we hope you like it as much as we do.

Logbook Pro for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are an extension of our Logbook Pro PDA Companion products we've been selling for the Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms for years with even more nifty features coming in 1.0.2 now being reviewed by Apple and we're considering schedule importer features in 1.1.  The biggest feature though is the effortless cloud synchronization.  No cables, no WiFi, no fuss -- it's so easy, so reliable, as we say on our web site "it just works."  It's a smart synchronization system too, you can sync, edit items on your device and resync and the synchronizer knows not to duplicate data, it updates the information on the portal so when you are ready to sync Logbook Pro PC edition you have accurate information at all times.  With the fully automated synchronization enabled both in Logbook Pro PC edition and on the device, it's completely hands off.  Add information while away on your device then when you start Logbook Pro on the PC the information is there!  Can it get any easier?

Logbook Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are Apple native applications.  They do not require an Internet connection except when synchronizing.  Unlike other iPhone logbooks, you do not need any web connectivity while using the software.  It will also detect when the Internet is available for automatic synchronization.  We planned, we designed, we delivered.

Interested in learning more about our new iPhone and iPad products?  Please see any of the available resources below including a complete video tutorial series allowing you to see the product in action prior to purchase.
Click here to buy Logbook Pro for the iPhone or iPod touch or click here for the dedicated Logbook Pro for iPad edition.  Already a customer?  We'd love to get over 500 reviews posted in iTunes, be sure to post your review after you've become acquainted with your new software.  Have a problem or a question, don't hesitate to ask, tap the "About" item on the home screen and you can reach us from directly within the software or as always on our help desk.

What's coming in 1.0.2 now being approved by Apple?
  • Buttons on right side of Date fields, when tapped will enter the current date (or date and time)
  • Done button at the top right when numeric fields are active.  Tap DONE to hide the number pad keyboard
  • Full control over the Flight screen layout.  Hide any non-essential field in the new Settings/Flight Log Settings area
  • History area now allows entering and editing of Due Dates
  • iOS 4 compatibility and improvements
  • Improved Internet testing for synchronizations
  • Improved tapping of Calculator and Copy Duration buttons
Summer Sale'abration now thru July 14th
We are celebrating the new product releases for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  As our sales have already more than doubled our goal in less than a month we want to give back to our community.  We are offering a 15% off storewide sale thru July 14th (midnight Eastern).  Use the coupon code fireworks at checkout.  Don't forget your coupon code as we cannot apply discounts after the sale.  This is the perfect opportunity to get your Cirrus Elite binder, turn-key print job, FlightCentral Route Browser add-on, and paper supplies.  Spread the word, be sure to tell your friends about this sale as this is a great time to make the switch from paper to Logbook Pro.

To enter your coupon code go through the checkout process and on the last page, the payment page, enter "fireworks" in the coupon code box on the right and then click Apply.  Scroll down to the bottom and verify your discount was applied.

Note: Sale does not apply to data entry service or purchases from the Apple App Store
Using another software logbook product?  We'll convert it for you FREE!
With the recent announcement of our Logbook Pro iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps, we have had an unusually high volume of sales.  Equally we have been doing a number of conversions from other software logbook products to Logbook Pro.  Did you know we do logbook conversions from other electronic software products FREE?

We will gladly convert your "other" electronic software logbook for you at no charge.  This is a FREE one-time service for new customers.  Simply send us a zip file of your current logbook data and we'll verify we can convert it, if so, we'll ask for your Logbook Pro PC edition registration code to proceed with the conversion and we'll complete the conversion for you.  We welcome you to Logbook Pro and hope you enjoy our wide range of software for general aviation and airline pilots, our Cirrus Elite binders, and other add-ons to make flight logging fun and useful.  Logbook Pro is the leader for ease of use, quality and support, data analysis and reporting, and free upgrades for over 12 years now!  It's time you made the move.

We have a Knowledgebase of conversions which is only a list of our most common conversions.  Contact us even if you're product is not listed and we'll gladly see if we can convert your data.
Did you know Logbook Pro has an Import Wizard that can import just about any comma (CSV) or TAB delimited file? If your logbook product has an export feature, most likely you can make the transition yourself. Click here for details on the Import Wizard which is functional even in the Eval of Logbook Pro.

Using a MAC?  No problem.  Click here for details on how to run Logbook Pro on a MAC.
Do you have your logbook printed? Get your binder now while on sale
NC Software has been partnered with Cirrus Elite for years and we are proud to sell their binders custom produced for Logbook Pro.  It's one thing to have an electronic software logbook but this doesn't eliminate the need for a hard copy printout.  In the event you need to present your logbook for review, a flight review, checkride, evaluation, or interview; Cirrus Elite binders are the standard for software logbooks.  Not only will the printout serve as a hard copy backup, and sadly we've done a few data entry service jobs from these very printouts, but the binders offer a great way to store your endorsements and sign-offs. 

Take advantage of this Sale'abration (coupon code fireworks) through July 14th to get your binders and paper products at a 15% discount.
New to Logbook Pro?  Check out FlightCentral's Route Browser

Now that you have your data in Logbook Pro wouldn't you like to have a little fun with it?  FlightCentral's Route Browser add-on for Logbook Pro allows you to visualize your flights and also integrates with the free Google Earth software.  Route Browser can also help you find errors in your data, analyze route information, calculate distances, filter information, and includes a comprehensive airport database.  Logbook Pro and Route Browser's analytical and filtering capabilities are unmatched.  Get this handy add-on on sale today using the coupon code "fireworks" at checkout.  For more information about FlightCentral's Route Browser, click here

Click here to download your free evaluation today.
Are you up-to-date?
Product Version
Logbook Pro PC Edition 1.10.51
Logbook Pro Palm Companion 1.10.5
Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion 1.10.16
Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - Palm OS 6.0.4
Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - Pocket PC 6.1.4
FlightCentral Route Browser 2.2
Logbook Pro for iPhone & iPod touch 1.0.1
Logbook Pro for iPad 1.0.1
Click here to download updates as required.

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