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July 2019 Newsletter
APDL 9.1 Released
Cirrus Elite Binder Spotlight
Help shape the future, be a beta tester
APDL 9.1 Released
Announcing the release of APDL version 9.1 now available on the Apple App Store. The only logbook for airline pilots - APDL gets a huge update with great functionality requested by our airline pilot community. Paul Auman who founded APDL in the early 2000's continues to lead the APDL team with his marvel and ingenious ideas with his intimate knowledge of the Apple iOS system. APDL has well thought out workflows designed by airline pilots for airline pilots to help in your daily and very busy lives as airline pilots.

APDL is the only product on the market with true CFR 117 calculations taking into account the complex regulations todays airline pilots have to live by. Integrated notifications keeps you up to date on your legality and schedule, schedule, equipment, and gate changes. Backed by NC Software's powerful cloud infrastructure and not tied by other broadly used cloud systems out of our control we can finely tune the cloud experience for extremely fast and reliable operations, backup, and cloud based operations such as APDL's data everywhere sync, advanced reporting, export, and schedule importing systems.

Version 9.1 Release Notes

  • New: ATC Flight Plan Route
    • Added Planned Route Widget in Status Board view
    • Show Planned and Actual Route in Weather Map view
    • Added Copy Route shortcut in Trip view to all Leg cells
    • Present notification when route changed
  • New: Expected Departure Clearance Time (EDCT) Support
    • Show EDCT in Current Leg widget in Status Board view
    • Present notification when EDCT changes
    • Use EDCT to set estimated out or off
  • New: Default Rest Facility
    • Added Default Rest Facility to Aircraft Type editor
    • Added Rest Facility to Aircraft Tail editor
    • Added Rest Facility Override to Leg view
  • New: Handoff reports through Safari to view on other devices.
  • Fix issue that may cause crashes shortly after launch
  • Fix negative values in yearly payroll summary
  • Fix condition in weather map timeline that shows a leg after the leg is deleted
  • Fix crash when setting Aircraft Type
  • Fix Problem Report Submit button covered by keyboard
  • Fix notifications not showing for APDL.net trips
  • No flights appear in timeline on Weather Map in some cases (no recent flying)
  • Fix alignment for alerts
  • Fix Legality Detail PDF report crashing app
  • Force Sync after loading trips via APDL Toolkit
  • Refresh legality after deleting duty
  • Improve Check Schedule failure message
  • Fix crash when Crew has all lowercase first name
  • Time in type not correct when time is 58 or 59 minutes
  • Legality Detail PDF has inconsistent times
  • Trip view shows flights with same number as both closed
  • + can't be entered in min credit field
  • Legality calcs run multiple times slowing down launch
  • Fix Acclimated location error
  • Disable Copy Route when there's no Internet
  • Remove spinner from Status Board Planned Route
  • Revise terminology and use of Aircraft Type vs. Aircraft vs. Tails
  • Various other performance improvements and enhancements
Click here and install now and you'll get your first 90 days of use, fully functional including schedule importing, FREE and explore everything about APDL for 3 months without any financial obligation and we'll show you the full cycle of airline pilot life, on us!

Available on the App Store

YouTube Videos of new functionality in APDL 9.1

Cirrus Elite Binder Spotlight
Cirrus Elite provides the highest quality binders for pilots coming in various sizes based on your needs. Binders are backed by outstanding customer service and offer various paper products from blank inserts for you to print on or preformatted for general log keeping. Cirrus Elite also sells endorsement solutions and other products you can check out by clicking here.

The Commander Series binder is one of our most popular as it's the highest capacity binder of the group. Perfect for high time pilots and career pilots. Holding approximately 250 physical pages it can hold just about any pilot's complete printed logbook and more.

Shop Commander Binders

The Full Size binder is another full format binder that offers a balance in size, capacity, and cost. Printing is easy on the blank inserts which are pre-drilled and have perforated tear away edges just like the Commander series binder paper products. Full size binders hold approximately 100 physical pages which will easily handle most high time private pilots logbooks.

Shop Full Size Binders

The smaller format binders such as Premier and Sport Series are ideal for private and student pilots in both form factor and cost. The premier is a leather product whereas the Sport series is a faux leather to save money but still have an outstanding binder presentation without sacrificing quality. Blank inserts are letter sized to go through any printer with tear away edges on all four sizes to easily fit into the smaller form factor binders. Logbook Pro has default margins already setup for printing by simply specifying the binder you own in Options > User Info.

Shop Premier Binders    Shop Sport Binders

Be sure to print out your binder to maintain a hard copy backup and also for presentation purposes to carry with you when flying. Use the preformatted pages to log your times if you're not using one our mobile apps to log at completion of flying.
Help shape the future, be a beta tester
We need your help in testing upcoming versions of updates and new products. If you are willing to actively participate in our newest releases helping test and shape functionality we invite you to join our beta teams. We take quality and functionality seriously and want to make sure when our updates and new products go public they are thoroughly tested. Joining our beta programs are easy by simply following the links below to join.

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