When your Logbook Pro data is ready for printing please create a backup by clicking File > Backup to File (skip password when prompted).


Please submit a ticket at https://helpdesk.nc-software.com. You will see an option to include an attachment, please include the .BAK file created after backing up Logbook Pro. Please include your turn-key service order number with the ticket so we can reference the details of your order for the printing service.  You will have the option to specify the binder style and paper color.


If there were any custom templates used in your prior job please let us know.  Also provide the last page number from your previous print job and the dates of the top 3 lines so we can check for a proper match-up.  We'll coordinate with you more prior to printing and again get print approval.


Thank you for your turn-key follow-on printing service order. We look forward to providing you the most professional logbook solution available!