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Please provide the following information with your support inquiry

  1. Registration code
  2. Computer or PDA Operating System information
  3. Software Product and Version (Help/About screen within the software)
  4. Nature of the problem (screen captures encouraged)
  5. Detailed steps to reproduce the issue

Before Contacting Us

  1. Have you searched our knowledgebase?
  2. Have you searched our Community Forums?
  3. Have you reviewed and searched the product documentation?
  4. Have you reviewed our Video Tutorials?

Priority of Support Methods

  1. Community Forums (we encourage use of our forums so others may learn from your question)
  2. Support Requests from Registered Customers (valid registration information)
  3. Support Requests submitted from the software product's support menu
  4. Support Requests submitted using the support ticket system
  5. Direct e-mail to tech support (
  6. Live Chat (left side of screen) when status shows "ONLINE" - click to chat
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