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Logbook Pro & APDL Newsletter December 2006 Edition
Happy New Year - 2006 in Review

On behalf of myself and the developers at NC Software, I'd like to thank you for an outstanding and record breaking 2006.  We have had an extremely successful year growing our community, our software, and our infrastructure for services yet to come.  As I reflect on the accomplishments of 2006, while hard to separate the ongoing hard work for new products coming in 2007, it's amazing how much we accomplished this year.  Much in part due to the inspiration and feedback from customers and readers such as yourself.  Your input, interaction, suggestions keep us energized and motivated for an even more exciting year to come.

I always enjoy reviewing the newsletter archive to reflect on our history, growth, and involvement in the aviation community.  We've witnessed numerous pilots getting hired on with airlines, signs of a rebounding economy and return to the skies for many furloughed airline pilots.  We hear feedback all the time on how Logbook Pro provided the tools to easily prepare for and shine in their airline interviews.  Over this past year we worked hand in hand with Matt and Brandon of Cirrus Elite Corporation after their acquisition of MGO Enterprises to add new products including the sharp black leather binders, white paper supplies, and bundled discounts to assist our new members to the Logbook Pro community.  Cirrus Elite Corporation demonstrated outstanding customer service and rapid delivery to our customers far exceeding our expectations.

This year brought a new Pocket PC version of Logbook Pro eliminating the hassles of syncing with ActiveSync and Pocket Access.  We removed the CrossFire licensing purchase requirement for our Palm edition of Logbook Pro and became an ISV partner with AppForge allowing us to provide higher quality PDA applications for our community.  We've taken APDL and the free Schedule Importer to new levels, supporting the widest range of devices on the market and increasing our supported import filters to nearly 100 airline and filter formats.  We added a new update system allowing you to keep your software updated much easier after removing the InstallShield Update Service we used previously.  We wrote a completely new API to seamlessly integrate APDL synchronization into Logbook Pro using the new PDA Wizard also allowing greater control by the end-user for importing APDL data.  SingleSync was phased out and replaced by the new PDA Wizard.

To continue improving our web presence, we added a new help desk with a searchable knowledgebase, ticketing system to allow you to review prior inquiries, and streamlined our web sites and online store for a better overall experience.  We increased our sponsorship of conventions, airshows, dinners, and fly-ins.  This year we added new services such as our Turn-Key Printing Service and Data Entry Service, just the tip of the iceberg in our new service offerings.  And recently, we moved our entire network hardware to a state of the art data center in Ashburn, VA quadrupling our network availability, also in preparation for our offerings coming later in 2007.

It has been a successful and productive year looking back.  With Windows Vista on the horizon and Logbook Pro v2 slated for mid-2007, it's going to be an exciting year for software.  As Logbook Pro has matured version 1 over the past 9+ years, we are excited to advanced our technologies to an all new level.

From myself and the entire NC Software team, we wish all of you a very happy and safe New Year!

Neal Culiner
President, NC Software, Inc.

New Data Center

It has been an exciting week as we had a wonderful opportunity to place our network hardware in one of the world's most advanced data centers, the Equinix IBX in Ashburn, VA.  As you may have noticed we were down for 2-3 days during the relocation of our equipment this week, although something we didn't plan on immediately following the holidays, but an opportunity we couldn't pass up.  As we are now sitting right next to Yahoo's servers,, and many many more big named internet providers, we are thrilled with what we can now provide our customers in network performance. 

With our growing services coming in 2007, we will settle for nothing less than the best we can offer, and that is what we now have, the best!  There are few wrinkles we still have to iron out as the changes propagate the Internet, so if there are intermittent outages, it's simply a few reconfigurations that we need to accomplish to finalize the move.  We hope you enjoy the faster speeds from our web site, faster downloads for our broadband users, and better network performance for our international partners.

New Affiliate Program - Join Today

Join our new affiliate program and earn commissions on referrals to our web sites.  No longer do you have to send out a promo code and "hope" your customers remember to enter a promo code to get your referral credit, it's now automated.  After signing up to become an affiliate you simply generate a URL to post on your web site, newsletters, flying club e-mailings, etc. and when someone follows the URL to our web site, we'll mark it as your referral for 30 days.  Anytime the visitor comes back and purchased within 30 days you'll then receive a commission on the sale.  In fact if you send other people to sign up as affiliates, we'll give you commissions on their sales too!  It's an easy system and after just a few sales you'll have your own software paid for and on your way to saving up for a Cirrus Elite Binder.  Joining is easy, click here to read the rules then sign up, that's it!  We'll review your application and in minutes you can have art work to post on your web sites to start earning commissions.  We want to reward you for sending people our way, please join the affiliate program so we can send you a check every month!

For our Refer-a-Friend partners, don't forget to join the new affiliate program and send out information as the old promo codes will no longer work after December 31st, 2006. 

Click here to read the previous affiliate announcement.

How to change the layout

We see many users logbooks and we see a lot of users scrunching down column widths to the bare minimum when in fact you should simply hide the column.  So this month I want to discuss layout options to help educate our users how to add, remove, resize columns in the data entry areas.

The Certificates, Ratings, History, and Spreadsheet Style logs are all "spreadsheet" or "grid" entry systems.  Just like other spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel, you can click the break in the column headers and then click and drag the column width as desired.  For example, in the log area, click just to the right of the DATE column header until your mouse pointer changes to a vertical line with right/left pointer arrows.  Click and drag (holding down the left mouse button) and resize the column as desired.  You can also MOVE columns around, reorder them by clicking and dragging the column header itself (not the right edge).  Place your mouse pointer over the center of the column header and then click and drag (holding the left mouse button down) and reposition the column as desired.

In the log area, you have more advanced display customization capability by either right-clicking and choosing the option to configure the display, or go into the Options...Flight Log tab.  You'll see a button on the upper right to get to the "Config Display" area.  As shown in the image above you can click the checkboxes to show or hide a column, a better option than shrinking the column width down to nothing.

Take advantage of our new services

Did you get Logbook Pro as a gift this holiday season?  Are you facing the daunting task of typing all of your prior flight logs into Logbook Pro?  Did you know we'll do this for you?  That's right, send us your flight logs and we'll do all the hard work for you!  Click here to learn more about our data entry services.  If you'd like to get a quick quote for our data entry services, use our online data entry service estimator..

Already a Logbook Pro user and ready to print a hard copy for an upcoming interview?  Let us do the work for you and we'll even include the Cirrus Elite Paper as part of the service.  Just send us a backup from Logbook Pro (File..Archive..Backup) and we'll send you a hard copy printout in return, as simple as that.  Click here/a> to learn more and submit your data file to have your data printed immediately.  We can turn around a print job in as little as 24 hours!

Pick your new binder for Logbook Pro

So now you got your software for the holidays and you're on your way to using Logbook Pro.  Now all you need is one of our fine leather quality binders to print your Logbook Pro data and place in a binder for an interview or simply safe keeping should your computer decide to take a long unexpected nap!  We have various models in various colors and textures of leather, see below.

98-004 Full-Size Terra Binder
98-001 Premier in brown leather
98-002 Earth Tone
Earth Tone
98-004 Brown Leather
98-001 Black Leather
98-002 Terra Leather
98-004 Black Leather
98-004 Full-Size Carry/Desk Model 98-001 Premier Model 98-002 Old-World Model
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Version Matrix
Product Version
Logbook Pro PC Edition 1.10.26
Logbook Pro Palm Companion 1.10.5
Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion 1.10.16
APDL-Palm OS 6.0.4
APDL-Pocket PC 6.0.5
APDL Schedule Importer 6.1.5

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